Ah spring, boring life update time

29 Mar

Spring, with lovely smells of clean warm air, lovely days to come….dog poop, and the inevitable spring cold.


Figures. The mania (or whatever the hell it is) finally ends, and not only is my period here, I have a raving head cold.

Just one of the many reasons I remain an atheist.
On a good note, my faith in mankind was restored by a LOVELY lady from Freecycle leaving me 5 dogma free books on Dinosaurs yesterday. Vivian went absolutely nuts. And I felt better knowing that not everyone is a raving moron. Took the day off, thinking it would be the nice day. It was 7 degrees.

Today it’s about 15. Sunny. And LOVELY.


I’m number 2 on the list to see the diagonostician. Thankfully. Because the more I just sort of “surrender” to this whatever it is, the worse it seems to get. I’m getting so bloody paranoid. I don’t like it. I feel like I’m actually losing my mind slowly, and it’s worse when you can feel it happening. It’s always been my pet fear-going nuts. In fact, I resisted treatment for many years because I was deathly afraid of being committed. Because I know just how wacked out my head it. I just know how to play the game with these people. Then I wonder if I AM sick, or I’ve just read too much.

Man, I hope my kids aren’t blessed with this. Got my referral for my tubal though. So hopefully, I can get off the pill and reduce my butt, since lord knows it’s growing despite any effort I make. I hate looking in the mirror now, and I’m too exhausted to care most of the time.

Today, I looked. It wasn’t pretty. Any idea how I can expand the day to fit exercise in, while I attempt to stay awake from lack of sleep?

But it’s sunny, and my Octavia Butler books should be here soon. Could be worse.

Oh yeah, it can be. My MIL’s mammogram found some spots. Here’s hoping it’s nothing. While I believe the Dorf could learn from the experience, I do not wish THAT kind of experience on anyone. Poor woman, she just lost her job, my FIL lost his job, both after a number of years…..what a shite year.

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