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Mommy, I need to go poo!

27 Oct


Things are fine and dandy at 10:30pm when Vivian lets me know she has to poo. A few minutes later, she mentions that there’s a little poo in her panties.  I’m thinking a tiny bit that ran for the exit on her way to the bathroom.

I could not have been more wrong.

Apparently, 4 year olds who are asleep forget to pull their panties and pants all the way off before the commence crapping. I peeled her bottoms off only to hear a sick “slupt” on the bathmat. Then the smell hit me.

I don’t know what I fed her, but man, it was unhappy when it made it’s reentry into the world.

She kept looking at me like I would be mad, but how could I be? I remember being a little girl who had just crapped her pants, and how horrible I felt when my mother got mad. I couldn’t control it then, and neither could Vivian. When it comes, it comes. So we had a good laugh, I told her she was stinky, grabbed new bottoms and sent her on her way.

Mind you, I may just go scrub with bleach for awhile.

It’s funny. I finally feel like a mom right now. I passed one of my own tests with flying colors.

Wonder why I’ve thrown away my “feminist” label?

7 Sep

Go read this thread. There’s nothing like a good “breastfeeding women are gross and icky” argument to really make a woman feel valued and accepted.

Why is it that children seem to null and void a person’s feminism? Why do our issues as mother’s seem to have no bearing on women’s rights? Why is it ok to disregard THE LAW because it’s “only” breastfeeding.

I’m so annoyed and angry I could spit.

tired of the wrong words

28 Jul

Last night, knitting, trying to stay awake after a swim and a long hot day, watching CNN and pondering why dogfighting is seen as a worse crime than rape. Why it’s ok for the famous to be criminals. Wondering who our children can look up to-not who they will, but who they can. Are we asking too much to have rolemodels who are are least pretending to be clean living?

130 millions dollars, and you still need to breed and kill dogs for pleasure?

An entire chain of hotels that will someday be yours, and yet you feel the need to drive drunk, act stupid and mundane and so very ordinary.

Today I see Amnesty International has no choice but to support abortion in order to help end the disgusting cycle of rape and impregnation as a weapon. Our cunts are nothing more than battlegrounds for those know no better. Everyone will come from the woodwork to fight and denounce this change in policy by amnesty, but I don’t see these same people being at all concerned about the constant terrorism experienced by women living in a world where they belong to others. I don’t see any Cardinal’s rising up to tell their people that Dafur must stop now, to help bring the government to it’s knees until change is made.

But ah, the catch. They are colored, or women, or poor, or all of these things. They are nothing more than something you’d rub off your shoes after your morning walk. They dont count-the uterus doesn’t count the vagina, it doesn’t count and least of all that woman who was raped by 25 soldiers laughing and laughing who now carries a child who burns hate into her heart-she most certainly doesn’t know.

Do we have priorities any longer? Does any one thing matter over another? Is anything ever worse? Or is it all “special” in it’s own way?  Do we, as women, even matter yet?

We are not equal. We are not even vaguely the same in the eyes of this world. We remain chattel, less than some. We are tossed aside-dogs more meaningful-DOGS.

We are not dogs.

Poor Widdle Sex Offenders

11 Oct

I’m trying to find some sympathy here, I really am.

 Can you hear it? I’m trying SOOOO hard since this is such a SAD STORY.

Should I be sad and upset that KY is making sex offenders move their disgusting loser asses away from stuff like schools, parks, etc? Cause I’m not. Should I find it bothersome that their ‘rights” are being trampled?

Frankly, a small island in the pacific where they’d only have each other to eat seems about right to me.

The fact that these people, or creatures, are allowed to live anywhere near ANY of is bothers me. Can you imagine being a child who’s been molested who has to see their abuser if they go to the mall?

Wait, actually I can, and it SUCKS. It’s a horrible feeling.

Fucking whining….I can’t imagine being a lawyer and taking this case…ick…

Tolerance pfft….

28 Apr

There’s a thread at Blogging Baby that I refuse to continue reading.

The post was regarding some parents in MA suing their kids school because

wait for it….

GASP! They read a story about a prince who marries a prince to their children without warning.

Now personally, I don’t get the big deal. The fact that anyone gets their panties in a knot about this shit is beyond me. It’s none of my damn business, and quite frankly, it’s obvious that the “nuclear” family wasn’t doing anyone any favours, so I don’t get it. Why is it impossible for people to just keep their damn attitudes to themselves, and NOT sue people??

What’s the message these kids are getting? Don’t respect the viewpoints of others. Don’t respect gay and lesbian people, who might just be the parents of your friends. Don’t accept reality. Because honey, this IS reality, regardless of what your mistranslated, irrelevant books say. And what part of PUBLIC SCHOOL is not a given here?

What’s really got my goat lately is this constant whine of “we have to be tolerant of gays/lesbians/legion of things we don’t like, why aren’t you tolerant of us?”

For the same reason I’m not tolerant of Intelligent Design (snicker). Because it’s ASININE and a waste of my time and energy. I’m not tolerant of the KKK, or any other hate group. So why in the hell should I be tolerant of your misguided and shortsighted opinion? Why should I tolerate something that does equal hatred? When does the line get drawn in the sand saying somethings are just wrong?

50 odd years ago people began to stand up and say out loud that hating people based on race was wrong. Many people didn’t believe this, and wouldn’t tolerate this. Likely many unintelligent people still believe this. The reality is that this isn’t true. Period. We’ve established a society where everyone is equal. So would we sue the school for reading a book about interracial marriage? Doubtful. And in my mind, one and the same.

I’m a little peeved because I’m so sick of being asked to tolerate people being shortsighted, and basically stupid about piddly things like sexual preference. Do I care if Bobby has two daddies? Not really, so long as his daddies love him and take care of him. Is the secret fear maybe that gay families can do it better? That there is no monopoly on parenthood? Why do I now live in a world that requests that I be tolerant of even those beliefs that are dangerously wrong?


Ah spring, boring life update time

29 Mar

Spring, with lovely smells of clean warm air, lovely days to come….dog poop, and the inevitable spring cold.


Figures. The mania (or whatever the hell it is) finally ends, and not only is my period here, I have a raving head cold.

Just one of the many reasons I remain an atheist.
On a good note, my faith in mankind was restored by a LOVELY lady from Freecycle leaving me 5 dogma free books on Dinosaurs yesterday. Vivian went absolutely nuts. And I felt better knowing that not everyone is a raving moron. Took the day off, thinking it would be the nice day. It was 7 degrees.

Today it’s about 15. Sunny. And LOVELY.


I’m number 2 on the list to see the diagonostician. Thankfully. Because the more I just sort of “surrender” to this whatever it is, the worse it seems to get. I’m getting so bloody paranoid. I don’t like it. I feel like I’m actually losing my mind slowly, and it’s worse when you can feel it happening. It’s always been my pet fear-going nuts. In fact, I resisted treatment for many years because I was deathly afraid of being committed. Because I know just how wacked out my head it. I just know how to play the game with these people. Then I wonder if I AM sick, or I’ve just read too much.

Man, I hope my kids aren’t blessed with this. Got my referral for my tubal though. So hopefully, I can get off the pill and reduce my butt, since lord knows it’s growing despite any effort I make. I hate looking in the mirror now, and I’m too exhausted to care most of the time.

Today, I looked. It wasn’t pretty. Any idea how I can expand the day to fit exercise in, while I attempt to stay awake from lack of sleep?

But it’s sunny, and my Octavia Butler books should be here soon. Could be worse.

Oh yeah, it can be. My MIL’s mammogram found some spots. Here’s hoping it’s nothing. While I believe the Dorf could learn from the experience, I do not wish THAT kind of experience on anyone. Poor woman, she just lost her job, my FIL lost his job, both after a number of years…..what a shite year.

In sickness & health

28 Feb

No one told me that the worst part about having kids is when YOU are sick.

Man oh man what I wouldn’t give for a motel room by myself right now. And possibly a bottle of Mylanta.

For some unknown reason, I have a belly that revolts at the sight of food, and the capacity to sleep for three days straight, with a roaring headache to boot. No fever of course, so no point in going to see a doctor. I’ve missed two days work, which I can ill afford.

So having screaming kids around, especially one who wears a “Fire Chief” hat and has been taught by the Dorf to say “My ass is on fire!”, is not cool right now. I just don’t feel up to it.

Of course, the one good thing is having Vivian fall asleep on Mommy in the LazyBoy. Ah, warmth.

I never thought I’d long for the day when I could suffer alone, quietly. I can’t even go to the bath room by myself.

So that’s where I’ve been. Sick, and in the bathroom.

At least the windows are protected.

Life’s a B movie, it’s stupid and it’s strange.

15 Feb

So the Dorf and I, despite two days of bickering and general annoyance, ventured out into the wilds of this place last night. I needed to hit the dollar store for Nat’s gift basket, and wanted to get out. It was a nice night anyway.

So we hit a few stores, and then we see flashing cherries in the distance. I wanted to wander up that way anyway, so up we go.

We get to the lights. We figure, oh, the way people drive around here, it’s likely just a silly accident, broken lights, etc.

Then we see the firetrucks. Then we see the tarp draped over the Neon. We see the firefighters standing around, staring, not saying much, the photographer for the paper looking almost quilty that he must be so close. There’s not much left of the Neon on the drivers side. It’s crushed. It’s obvious that the person died instantly, if not soon after the crash.

When I realize that someone has died there, I turn away, immediately saddened. Then I look around at the mass of people standing around, staring, for no better reason then they have nothing else to do.

SOMEONE DIED HERE. Is nothing sacred? I begin to go off, talking loudly about how I imagine that it’s someone’s son or daughter in that car, and how would they feel. No one listens. I almost get run over by someone driving through the detour. I yell and gesticulate at them. No one notices. Aside from the ghouls distasteful watching the proceeding, no one is really seeing anything. They stand and they stare and they talk about their day as someone’s mangled body sits waiting in a crushed car.

I could feel bile rising in my throat. We left quickly.


19 Jan

Apparently, fraud deserves more punishment than say, rape or child abuse. How many times do we read or hear about someone abusing their child getting 6 months probation.

Apparently, a real jail sentance requires putting a severed finger in food.

Anna Ayala got nine years. Her husband, Jaime, over 12 years. Apparently, a senior VP at Wendy’s asked the judge to “send a message that consumer fraud is a serious crime that demands a severe penalty.

So they’ve been used to set an example. I see. We don’t want anyone trying THAT trick again. Oh, and they’ve been ordered to pay 21 million in restitution to Wendy’s.

Remember that poor little girl that police all over the world were looking for due to the disgusting pornography they found on the internet? Her “father”, Matthew Mancuso, received 15 years on federal pornography charges prior to the charges regarding raping his daughter. Apparently, attempting to defraud a company is almost as serious as child porn.

What’s wrong with this picture?

MIL Quote of the Day

9 May

“The first time I had a yeast infection, I wanted to scratch it with a potato brush.”