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Pop Quiz: Finding Serenity

9 Mar

So I get my eagerly awaited Amazon order today, and I’m pawing through the luscious pile of books (yeah, I’m odd-bear with me) when I notice that I have two copies of one book.


I have two copies of “Finding Serenity”-it’s a book of essays about Joss Wheadon’s Firefly series, which I love. I figure what happened was that when the second volume went out of stock, I mucked something up and gave myself two copies of this thus far fun to read book.


Now, I’m a lazy girl. Just as the person still waiting for yarn (which I am going to mail out tomorrow I SWEAR, assuming I can still find your address.) Or the person waiting for the baby blanket for a kid almost a year old (I am nearly done-starting on the border this week!) I cannot be bothered to send this back to Amazon for a credit. That’s effort.

What I am willing to do if offer it to someone who wants it, and can follow simple instructions:

I’ll draw a name in a week’s time, on the day I get my next tattoo, March 17. All you need to do is leave me a comment on this post. Extra entry if you tell me why you love Firefly, or if you link to this post from your site as well.

That’s it. Nothing terribly difficult since as we’ve established, I’m lazy as hell. 🙂

I also now have about 40 books to be read. Good thing I’m currently unemployed.

Event! Yo Tito, It’s My Birthday! Entries & Winnah

7 Oct

I’m sorry this has taken so long-life is a little…well, life like lately.

So Entries:




Not a HUGE amount by any means. (Remember-you had to write a post and link to it in the original post) So I’ll just pick-I liked Gabriel’s because it reminded me of a time long lost-one that was fun, but that needed to stay lost because really, who can handle that kind of action all the time. 🙂

So email me your mailing address and a book of my favorites will make it’s way to you at some point. I take forever though-be forewarned.

Reminder: Event

24 Sep

You have until tomorrow to enter. See HERE.

Don’t make me sad on my birthday!

New Event! Yo Tito, it’s My Birthday!

11 Sep

I turn 30 this year. In two weeks actually.


Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal, not really. It’s just a number. If anything, the past is what eats at me, reminds me of all the time I don’t have left, all the things I want to do, places I wanted to go. But 30 is well past where I expected to be, and that alone is a good thing.

Historically, birthday’s have been shitty days for me. Wanting the attention of someone noticing. I had to remind my father of my 16th birthday, and then received running shoes. I was always reminding him to pay attention, to love me it seemed. So now, half of my desperately wants to be showered with gifts and affection, and the other half of me wants to disregard it totally.

So. That brings us to this month’s “Event!”-I want to know about the birthday’s that mattered to you, the birthdays that left their imprint on you, for good or bad. The ones where you remember who you invited to your house. The ones you got drunk at. Your first birthday as a mother.

The usual rules apply-write a post on your site, linking to this post. Comment on this post about yours. If you don’t have a site but want to enter, email me and I’ll post it here.

The prize? A book of poetry by one of my favorite poets. I’m just not gonna tell you who. 🙂

This Event! is open until my birthday, the 25th of this month.

Event! First Time for Everything-WINNAH!

29 Aug


This month’s prize is a box of assorted maritime goodies. No yelling is there are some tacky fun things in there as well. I reserve the right to be as tacky as possible. (And if anyone out there would like to sponsor the Pulsate Olympics at any time, let me know!)

I could use the randow draw macro I made in Excel.  Actually, I HAD to do that. I was going to try and “choose” an entry this month, but it’s impossible. You all had entries that touched me in many different ways. They were amazing, plain and simple. I can’t choose.

So macro it is.

And Dragon, you’re the WINNAH! (insert loud screaming here)

This month was incredible for entries. THANK YOU! And if anyone hasn’t read them all yet, please, go do so HERE.


Dragon, email me your address and I’ll send some stuff off soon. And, I’m sure something cute for the baby will make it’s way in the box as well. 🙂

Event! First Time for Everything-ENTRIES!

22 Aug

Well…either this month’s topic was fairly inspiring, or you guys REALLY want to make your own poutine!

Here are the entries, in now particular order.

If I missed anyone, let me know. I have a terrible habit of not checking my work. 🙂

And I encourage everyone to go and read ALL of these entries. There are some incredible stories here-I’m so amazed at what y’all wrote this month. Thank you for sharing these with me, and everyone else.

I’ll select a winner in a few days! 🙂 Get Reading!


Squee!!! My own Button!!!

14 Aug


Look what someone made me!

Isn’t it cool! And pretty!

Starting this month, if you’ve entered my Pulsate Olypmics, you are welcome to snatch this pretty for your site, linking back to my Pulsate Olympics page.

Now I just need to twist her arms into making me a month to month version.

Run on over and say hi to Mamaloo  at Momcast and tell her she KICKS REAR!

Event! hello….gonna enter? Ever?

9 Aug

Now really.

I know many of you are currently suffering from “blogstipation” and really do need something to write about. You’re bored. You’re sweaty. You tired of summer, or wearing shorts and flip flops.

So why in the HELL haven’t you entered the August Pulsate Olympics? hmmm? There’s no judging involved-I pick randomly who wins. You don’t have to write a novel (around 400-500 words is usually pretty good). You just need to do the following:

  • Write a post about the first time you did something/had something/got something/etc. Or use an old post along this theme.
  • Add a link to the original Event! post on YOUR post.
  • Leave a comment about your post.

And that is IT. No hard work, nothing difficult at all. Just write, and possibly win a box of goodies from me.

Unless you just want me to spend the money on myself…..

ETA: If you don’t have your own site, let me know, and I can post your story for you. 🙂

New Event! First time for everything

6 Aug

I can remember a lot of firsts. The first time I realized that I had a place in a larger world, that I fit in a larger context. The night I lost my virginity. The first cry of my first daughter. My first period. The first time I ate chocolate mousse.

Firsts, to me, are indicators, sign posts. Places I’ve been, places I’ve seen. Places I will go, like when Vivian starts school, or Rosalyn gets sent home for beating up boys for the first time.

So for this month, the hazy lazy month of August (which also happens to be when the birthday of my firstborn-she’s FOUR on the 11th FOUR!) write about your firsts-the first time you wore heels, make up, the first time you knew you’d found your partner for life, the first time you ate something disgusting (scallops, I’m looking at you)

You can write a new post or use an old post, so long as you throw in a link to this post or the site, and leave me a comment linking to your post in the comments of this one. I’ll leave this month’s contest open until August 21, my original due date for Vivian.

The prize this month? A box of stuff I actually like about the Maritimes, possibly including some fricot, saltwater taffy, poutine mix, and maybe even some Acadian goodies. Mostly a surprise, since Vivian was a surprise after all. 🙂

So get writing, and linking!


19 Jul

So my handy dandy friend Excel and it’s side kick

 RAND came through for one lucky lady…


Get yrself some spa!

Send me your address lady-o!


One Last Day

18 Jul

to comment and win a 50.00USD GC for SpaFinder.

All you need to do is comment. You don’t even have to be witty. Just comment. Type words. SOMETHING.

Wonder over to THIS POST.

Event!What the hell is that smell? WINNAH!

20 Jun

Oh gods of excel, we implore you, tell us who shalt be the winnah….

(insert drum roll, random roars of lions and beating hearts here.)



Email me and I’ll give you the widdle coupon code for your freebie.

As well, anyone else I missed, there is a coupon code for 5% off anything at Creative Wanderings if you entered, so email me if you want it. 🙂 Say thanks to Jen for sponsoring this month, and thanks to all for playing. Jen’s stuff is awetastic (I know, cause I’ve tried it!), now’s the perfect time to try it!

And stay tuned next month for a perfectly canadian prize.

Event! Entries!

19 Jun

So, here we are with everyone who entered. (On their sites, on in the comments somewhere on here.)












We’ll be drawing for the winner of the Gift Certificate to Creative Wanderings sometime today! OOH! EXCITEMENT!

Stay tuned!

(If I missed anyone, or I haven’t sent you your coupon code for 5% at Creative Wanderings, just email me and I’ll take care of you. 🙂 )

ok you bastards, enter the Event! already…

14 Jun

Remember this months Event!? About smells, and where they take you?

The prize is a cool 20$+shipping to spend at Creative Wanderings. And yet, I don’t have many entries…

hmm…..are we lazy? At a loss for words? Do we not want the prize? The prize rocks!

It’s still open til June 17, which is why I’m reminding you, all of you (even new you’s). I know we’re all busy and have stuff to do, but come ON! FREE GIRLY GOODIES!!! How on EARTH can you pass THAT up people?

I mean really….you even made Jen CRY. You’re heartless people. Just heartless.

ETA-I forgot to remind you that just for entering you get a code for 5% off, good until July 15. What’s there to lose?

Just a reminder…

7 Jun

You still have time to sniff out an entry for the June’s Pulsate Olympics! This month’s theme is “smells that take you places”, basically.

Full entry is here.

The best part? The prize is 20.00 to spend at that beautiful place known as Creative Wanderings. Mmmmmmmm. I wish I could win!

All you need to do is write your entry, linking back to the original post, as well as Creative Wanderings before June 17.

So get going!

Event! What the hell is that smell?

1 Jun

One of my favorite things about my house are the bushy lilac’s. Around this time, they are just blooming, and the smell covers my yard, and fills up my kitchen. It doesn’t last for long, never does. But it reminds me of many things.

Walking up Center St. on my way to school. The corner of that house with the blackberry bushes where the old lady lived with her cats and crumbling stones. The first heady days of warmth and t-shirts. The sun. The glorious shining sun, firm in my eyes.

My past is tied up in the scents within it. Charlie perfume-my mothers arms and neck. Poppy seed cake-my mother’s warm kitchen. Sawdust-my father’s confident, measured eyes working. Vanilla-the girl I hated in high school who always wore it, the nauseating smell of sugar cookies filling the hallways.

Lavender Baby Lotion-the first dew like days with Vivian, slathered for sleep.

Every step I take is rich with moments, a melange of days and nights I can barely articulate. The smell of Pillsbury Cookies made me halt in tears a year ago, thrown back into a kitchen filled with deep red bricks and my mother trying to be serious as she ate half the dough raw. My time, my past, my now is so wrapped up in scent. What will my daughters remember? Will patchouli be their memory of their mother, or Oil Soap, or old books? What will be my legacy in scent? How will I live on in memory?

Other moments of my life are alive in scent, somewhere in my head. Good or bad-they are associated with something, crossposted in time and smell. And it’s incredible to me how one sniff can rush back so many moments instantly.

The topic for June’s Pulsate Olympics is “What the hell is that smell? ” Stories about the smells that remember, the ones you’d like to forget, the moments your nose hit that diaper when you knew you shouldn’t dare. The lives tied up in scents, the love for your partner forever bound to pumpkin pie or toilet cleaner. Tell us about it.

And the prize? This month, the Pulsate Olympics is sponsored by Creative Wanderings, who is offering a 20.00 gift certificate to our winner! (Free shipping too!) Creative Wanderings is the brainchild of Jen at Spaghetti Harvest. (I have to admit that I am a huge fan of her stuff as well-especially my favorite soap Autumn, which is like having a giant bag of cinnamon hearts in your shower. mmmmmmmmm.)

So write up your post, linking to this post as well as Creative Wanderings to be entered. I’ll accept entries until June 17, and will draw for a winnah on June 20.

Get smelling! And writing!

ETA: As a special treat, Jen is also offering a 5% discount to participants ordering anything between June 1 & July 15. Once I receive your pingback (or comment with your link) I will email the coupon code. 🙂

Event! WE has us a winnah!

30 May

Awhile back I asked for less than perfect moments. That didn’t result in too many entries, and eventually, it devolved into a very amusing comment thread that I’m still enjoying. (Saving up the curtain rod trick for future reference)

I just used my handy dandy RAND function to figure out a winnah!

and zee winnah is….

Jhianna over at Queen of the Marginally Bright!!!!

So darlin, just email me your mailing address, and I will get  “You’re not the boss of me!” out to you in the next week.

And stay tuned since the June Event! will be SWEET!

One Last Chance at the Event!

28 May

and all you need to do is comment here.

Closing comments on that post and this one tomorrow night. Winner gets

 You’re not the boss of me! Adventures of a Modern Mom.

Ok you, even you in the back.

23 May

I want some comments. Today is comment whore day I’ve decided.

Remember this? Where I said you could win a book JUST by commenting? IT’S STILL OPEN. YOU could still win.

Even if you comment on this post. You don’t even really have to tell me a story, although the ones listed so far on the other post are excellent.

I’m lonely. Don’t make me beg…..

It’s raining. Again.

19 May

I still have this cold. It’s dug in like termites I swear. I sound like an old lady who smokes filterless camel’s. Although I would welcome a productive feeling smoker’s cough right about now.

It feels like it’s been raining forever. I know it hasn’t, but when you’re stuck at home with small children feeling like hell and needing to do some work, everyone watches too much TV, and I end up feeling like mother of the year. What did mother’s do without TV? Cause today, it’s my BESTEST friend.

I have nothing to talk about today, so it seems like the perfect time to do a hated meme as tagged by Oh the Joys.

What do I love about myself? (hahahaha someone has a sick sense of humor this week.)

  1. I make pretty kids.
  2. my ability to navigate. I AM the map queen. Unless my FIL is driving. Which is a problem unto itself.
  3. I get everything I want. Eventually. It’s kinda cool actually.
  4. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  5. I can make really REALLY good bread. I’m a great cook actually.
  6. Within 3 listens I can sing any song word for word. (unless it’s crap, then my brain doesn’t listen)
  7. Chaos follows me. It’s a niche, if nothing else.

Who shall I tag…….

Not So Pregnant, What’s your name Mommy?, By hook or pointed stick, Magdalena’s Revenge, Me, Molly and the Moon, Sleepless in Cologne, Solo Mom. And anyone else that feels like bragging on themselves.

And a reminder. Just leave a comment to enter the Pulsate Olympics this month! That’s all! No real effort required! Really!