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Blankie for Francis

20 Feb

It went in the mail the other day…here’s a glimpse Jen…only took 4 months. 🙂

Blankie for Francis
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Sewing: Day One

10 Jan


um, how do I put this….I believe I am sewing inept.

I’m not a person who is used to things being hard to learn. With the exception of math past Grade 10, I pick shit up quickly.

The Sewing Machine (henceforth to be named Lucifer) is my arch nemesis.

It took me forever to wind the fucking bobbin since the manual didn’t mention anything about holding tension so the thread didn’t wind everywhere BUT the bobbin. Then trying to figure out the threading on the easy threader, with movable parts that they don’t mention move!!!


Finally, I managed to get it to work, but for some reason, the bobbin thread kept disappearing-might I have it wound to tightly? How do I get it to sew properly? How long will it take me to learn the correct speed to run it at? How do you sew edges without being totally fucking paranoid about your fingers?!

I need to buy a few books. My reaction to difficulty is always “buy books.” However, since I doubt Mogo will lend me anymore money, I’ll have to wait awhile.

I’m totally excited though! For the brief time in Fabricville, I was overwhelmed! And I cannot wait to learn how to quilt!!!

So those of you who do sew-what is important for me to learn first? When I was teaching myself knitting/crochet, I knew I had to learn various stitches and techniques before I could do other things-but I have no baseline for knowing what that is in sewing. My mother sewed, but she was really talented, so any memories I do have are of stuff I know I can’t make yet.