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Yes, I’m like a small child with “special needs” sometimes

20 Mar

When it comes to food, I’m a little picky. I’ve been called strange and toddleresque in the past, which doesn’t bother me.

Simply put, I have texture issues, along with the standard “it smells weird, looks weird, tastes weird” issues that most small kids have. Hence the title. (Am I smart tonight or what?)

What icks me out? I flat out cannot stand tomatoes, mushy cereal, pudding, cookies or ice cream with hard crunchy things, raisins, chicken on the bone, cooked ham, vegetable juice. Ripe bananas.

I have day to day issues with rice. I’m currently fighting my melon resistance, and I’m winning-however, I’m not ready to give up my watermelon hatred just yet. (It’s like eating sandpaper I swear)

Sometimes I get that look when I’m out to eat and order something minus the everything. Like nachos. I hate having anything more than green onions and cheese on them, but I hate feeling like a 4 year old when I ask them to hold the nasty, icky, mushy out of season tomatoes. So I ask them to leave them on. And inevitably find myself grossed out and flicking tomato guts around the dish.

I regularly get attitude from people that is along the lines of “you should just eat it”, but why should I? So what if I’m picky? So what if my food preferences are rather….extreme in nature? Sure, between my texture issues and no meat most of the time desires, I’m left with some rather strange options sometimes. But I’m ok with that. It’s the people around me who usually have conniptions.

I know I’m not the only one with weird things I will or won’t eat-so spill-what’s your strangest?

Things to keep in mind

16 Oct
  • Just heard a track off the new PJ Harvey album. Want.To.Cry.WANTWANTWANT (This song isn’t it, but man, it’s good too….)  It’s been far too long since I’ve listened to Polly Jean.

  • Changed my template. Fairly obvious I know. I think I like it. I think.
  • I’m fairly wordless lately, and I don’t know if I like it. I feel devoid of thought almost. Some of it is being so busy at work-some of it is also that I’m overwhelmed with thought I think-fascinated with a couple of concepts I need the time to work through.
  • Day Two of Lithium has now ended. So far, so good. Obviously the Epival wasn’t working, since Mogo commented that I seemed more normal off it than on. Trying to eat better, sorta succeeding. We’ll see how long this lasts.
  • I’m tired. Tired tired tired. Don’t know how to wake up it seems.


30 Sep

With the kids gone, and a long lost friend on her way, with the pine sol in the air and the momentary break to sip some Coke and let the floors dry, I can imagine back to when I had no kids, and everyday was much like this one.

Doesn’t seem like much to aspire to right this minute. Damn floor will be clean though.

I’m excited, no, to use the cheeseball dialogue of my youth, I’m fucking STOKED to see my friend Tess after almost 15 years. She calls and immediately we can chat, the intimacy of being teenagers together resurfaces, and the giggles start.

oh giggles, wherefore art thou giggles? I’ve missed you! I’ve missed having frivolous friends around me who are a joy to be near, who light up the street with their genuine desire to be good people, their simple happiness. How I’ve missed my old friend, she who I never meant to lose touch with in the first place.

Many people in my life I left behind on purpose. Ok, let’s say 99% to be honest. They were parts of my life that I didn’t need anymore, didn’t want, or in some cases, just couldn’t bear to look at. But not Tess. She was a steady reminder that some people aren’t your friend because you have dope, or because you have tits, or because you can stay out late. She was a friend because she was a friend.

And how much better can life get than that?

Gloomy Sunday

21 Jul

Hey look, it’s raining! AGAIN.

le sigh.

Figures it would do it the weekend we decide to rent a car to do stuff. So much for the beach or berry picking.

In 2 hours or so, we’re leaving for here. I’ve neglected to mention to Vivian where we’re going. She’s going to crap her pants when we walk in the door.

After that, we’re going to the Joggins Fossil Center. Going there depresses me since the entire area is economically depressed, but as a woman who wanted to be a paleontologist growing up, it’s absolute coolness. The girls will love it. I cannot wait until they are old enough to seriously take to Joggins, one of the neatest things around these parts. Everytime we’ve gone it’s freaking raining, which makes fossil hunting a little, boring…

 (and oh my good FSM, there is a creationists tour of Joggins.HAHAHAHAHA…)

Basically what we’re doing is the better part of the Glooscap Trail-there are “trails” to drive in New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia that are named and have specific themes-this one revolves mainly around geological finds since it’s going through fossil and geode country. It’s a pretty neat idea for day trips in the area.

So that’s our day-you doing anything interesting today?

Ticket to Ride

14 Jul


 We decided to go check out all the old cars at the car show yesterday (Atlantic Nationals). AWESOME. As someone who sorta has always dreamed of rebuilding a car, it’s cool to see some of these. And odd to think that my father remembers when all of them were new cars. So much more character than today’s sedans. And there was a very very sweet looking Shelby just sitting there…le sigh…



At least Vivian is inheriting my love for flames. The best was the car painted black with SPARKLES in the paint. I want that car. Vivian really liked the one that was completely hot pink. It was a bit much for me.



 While walking, we met Chico. I feel very very sorry for Chico, I really do.


 Then came the waiting for the bus. As much as I love to not have a car, the transit system in this city would make even a diehard dirty hippie wish for a car. They are never on time. If they would just change the schedules to match…


 It ended up that we had missed the one we needed, so we went for an extra long ride. Both little ladies nodded off. Rosalyn did so in a slightly more ladylike manner.


And Mommy got a sunburn. Good times. But hey! The sun is out!



Canada Day-Rained OUT :(

1 Jul

We decided to go downtown to experience some good Canada day fun, but in usual Canadian fashion, it rained, as it does most Canada Day’s (and Labour Day’s) thairos.jpg

During the first rain delay, we decided to go to one of my most favorite restaurants, the local thai place. Which, with small children who aren’t used to behaving in restaurants, can be a joy. The food rocked my mouth as usual, but I was eating too fast to notice.

Rosalyn enjoyed the skewers and the fake flowers however. Vivian enjoyed seeing how far she could drive her mother. thaiviv.jpgThe waitress told me I was lucky I could take my kids there since most kids don’t like their food. Like that matters to kids who, if the decide not to, won’t eat anything.

 We ventured out again after picking vermicelli off everything, seeing how far we could get before it rained again. Turns out that isn’t very far at all! But the girls got balloon animals that Rosalyn didn’t want and Vivian made explode, Vivian beat some kids up in a bouncy castle, had some older kid yell at her for wacking them with balloons and got a puppy painted on her face.










Why do puppies always end up looking like strung out rabbits when painted on faces?vivpup.jpg


Rosalyn was happy just to maintain control of the umbrella throughout. There’s nothing like being denied cover by a 2 year old to make you humble.





So we missed all the fun stuff like Chinese dancers and music that we really wanted to see. Vivian got her first experience in an outhouse which thankfully wasn’t as smelly as I figured, but we still had to talk about the stuff IN the toilet.

Then it REALLY started to pour, so we called a cab and ran home like sissies.


How lame is my lame?

11 Jun

I got one of these yesterday, and it gives me a little jolt of happy when I use it, responsible adult happy.

Mine’s a nice aqua color though….

Good FSM, has it really come to this?