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A little yum yum

19 Dec

So, a WHILE ago I received an order from Creative Wanderings, which happens to be the business of Jen at Spaghetti Harvest. I’d been meaning to do a post to rave about what I received, and I kept forgetting.


So since last night I used a couple of the products again, it is time for me to say GO BUY HER STUFF!


The one soap I got, “Autumn” is like a big ole bowl of cinnamon hearts in your hand. The lip balms are yummy and actually leave your lips moist and protected for more than a minute (I’m a licker off girl). The body butter was fragrant and felt nice without making me feel clammy. The kids soaps with the bugs were a HUGE hit-Vivian insisted on using them until she got the bugs out.

So, please wander over and buy yourself something nice. It’s totally worth it, and better than that crap you’ll get from your husband for Xmas. 🙂

A Tale of Two Tarts

14 Dec

My BBM person, Brilynn, exposes the secret evils of mincemeat here.

She made my morning, yet again.

Take a moment to browse her site. But DON’T do it when hungry. Me and a box of cookies can attest the the drool inducing powers of her site.

Three’s a charm, right?

8 Dec

This completes the triad of comfort for the week.

Ann’s daughter is dying.

Many of you already know this kind and eloquent lady who always manages to say something nice, regardless of the circumstance. We should all be so dignified and composed, and big hearted as she. For you, and for anyone new to Granny, I urge you to offer some support to her as well.

We’re so very sorry Ann.

I’m so sorry

7 Dec

GeekMama has lost her baby.

Please go make her feel better. One of her less than subtle coworkers made her cry, and I think she needs a few shoulders.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Go!

3 Nov

LaLa needs some help. Her little boy (ok, not so little-he’s 14) needs to be wished Happy Birthday tomorrow-so come on, help out a fellow displaced Ontarian.

Go visit LaLa here for details.

Personally, I think she’s ungrateful

30 Oct

I know I’D think I was an ungrateful wench…

I have a confession to make. About 2 weeks ago, a lovely package arrived, wedged between my storm door and back door.

It came from Massachusits. It was round, and hard. It was from this weird lady I know.

It was THIS.


I LOVE getting mail. I LOVE surprises. And color me surprised to find this along with the promised postcard from Max the wonder pooper.

I did a little happy dance around my kitchen. She sent me Fluff! Little ole me!

It was the nicest thing someone had done for me in awhile. And I REALLY appreciated it. It’s the little things in life that I love

And I know it’s taken me awhile to post this, I know. But I have a warm spot in my chest everytime I see the Fluff in my cupboard.

And a little surprise for you was dropped in the mail today Karrie.

Rita’s Mom has got it goin ON!

27 Oct

In honor of Nat’s recent return to the land of post partum weight, run on over to her site to read about her MILFY victory at the grocery store.

We should all be so lucky to be handed a can of corn in a corny kind of way.

MILF Goodness found HERE.

Baby Coffee!

14 Oct

Because I’m bad, I hadn’t noticed that Baby Coffee had arrived, but I did recently notice, and wanted to give Tom a “shout-out” since his blog is a consistantly good read, and well, his son is TRES cute.

 Go have a look for yourself, and say Hey Daddy!

Spilling Coffee