Buy Nothing Month-First Weekend

6 Jun

Ah the weekend,  time of relaxation, contentment….

Unless you work a shitty job that makes you work on Saturdays, in which case your weekends are….odd.

I did pretty good, if you consider my boyfriend did the spending for me. Found me a booster seat for Viv for less than 20.00, for which pay day will repay. Grabbed all the bread at the outlet when I realized it was the OTHER store that took credit cards. Bought me the most delicious pizza for dinner on Friday. (Yes I love Panago. Even more, I LOVELOVELOVE their Tropical Hawaiian. Without the freaking fruit. LOVE IT. Seriously. Send me coupons, please. It’s likely a good thing they don’t deliver to my area of town.)


The money I spent was, sorta kinda necessary. We went to Scholars Choice since I never get there and wanted to look for ideas for Vivian’s birthday…and I bought her a snap bracelet watch. Which technically she needed, since I want her walking home alone next year, and need her comfortable with telling time analog. And a cheap pencil for Ros since, well….it was only 2.00 and I’m still trying to break the habit of needing to get both of them something. (And she loves the watch. It was time.)

So that was only 20.00 or so.

Sunday we went here and stopped in Alma for lunch, which was delicious Turkey Veggie Soup and THE BEST BREAD EVER. I even tried some of his seafood chowder (and was disturbed by tingly lips later so my quest to conquer my seafood demon might need to be cautious ones.) I bought lunch. Not because I had to, but I wanted to. I can’t deal with anyone, even my boyfriend, paying for everything. So, 15 bucks or so, but totally wonderful food, and totally worth it.

Keep in mind that I did not buy anything at the gift shop, nor did I buy anything when we browsed in Value Village or Homesense or any of the other places I drooled through other days. This was balanced by a driving need, or desire all Sunday to figure out how to afford to sell my house, buy cheap land on the coast and support myself. (I swear I’m going hippie, without the dreads and Patchouli. But look at this! Or this!)

It’s a dream, and one I think I can pull off sometime. I even drove again! (Can I mention how much I love that my lover can push me to try things without being overbearing or nasty? He just believes in me. So very cool.) But this dream, it gives me focus. Before I can even think of living out in the country I need to know how to drive. And I need to sell this house and save some money. And I need to have a plan for work.

A dream is a focus though. I finally feel like I can have a dream, and a real focus. Control.

It all comes back to that word. Control. If I can control spending, then I can control everything else. I can start to really plan, instead of living day to day as I have for too long. This weekend reminded me that yes, I can spend some money, but I don’t need to buy everything I see, and that it’s nice to have a little money set aside for when you find something you need.

Bad Thing this weekend? I spent some money, and felt bad not having more to spend when at the park. I hate not being able to carry my own weight.

Good things this weekend? Going to a national park, having fun for nothing more than the entrance fee. (which, if you care, is worth buying for the season if you go more than once. So I will be doing that next time. Also makes it more likely to camp there.)

Other good thing? Seeing this.

Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park, NB

One Response to “Buy Nothing Month-First Weekend”

  1. hodgepodge June 6, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    Yes, having a goal *is* important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind if you don’t remember what it’s all for.

    I’d say spending NOTHING is not realistic for you… As long as you’re tracking what you’re spending and can look at it in a month’s time to see where your money actually went, you might find that more useful than artificially spending nothing just to punish yourself for past transgressions. :p

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