Crimson and Clovers: Toy Review

29 Nov

So…this is another one of those posts that some of you might want to not read…in which case, run off here and buy me something cute. Namely this one. Cause it’s awesome.

I had been looking for clover clamps for awhile, something that, in this small city, shouldn’t have been impossible. Difficult perhaps, but not impossible. But after hitting 3 shops here and in another city, and coming up empty handed, it became evident that perhaps what I was looking for was a little outside of the norm.

Now, I don’t particularly think so, but as someone who likes the more painful side of sexuality, my idea if normal might be more than a little skewed.

Of course I have clothespins, and my boyfriend was nice enough to get me a pair of screw clamps, but if you’ve ever played with clover clamps, and you like them, you’ll understand the difference. It’s like the difference between ice water and tea. Might quench your thirst, but it’s just not exactly what you had in mind.

So I decided I’d give the Fresh Jaws clamps from Eden Fantasys a try. Selling for 19.99, I had my doubts about quality, but figured why not. I couldn’t find anything locally approaching the intensity I was looking for anyway. Prior encounters with clovers left an impression of solidity in my mind, something I figured would be a lot more than 20.00.

Oh me of little faith.

Now my initial impression upon receiving these was “jebbus with the packaging Batman.” A big round plastic package for a tiny pair of clamps.

Giant Package. And inevitable skank picture.

I don’t like a lot of waste, and it’s a HUGE peeve of mine with sex toys. Even when the quality is there, I find there’s just too damn much packaging.

After I wrestled them out, I let them settle in my palm. I wasn’t able to just get silver, but had to choose between pink and blue. (Seriously? They had to be colored? I felt like I was picking out baby clothes or something.) I chose blue since it was slightly less irritating to me, and it ended up being a neat icy blue  anyway. At first I thought they looked a bit flimsy, but since I had promised the boyfriend I’d wait for him before playing with them, I threw them into the tickle trunk for later.

They were worth the wait.

There’s not much to say about them that you wouldn’t normally say about clover clamps-they have a delicious bite that only gets better when the chain is pulled, and the stay put. (I find most other types of clamps don’t necessarily stay on, which can be VERY irritating at certain moments.) After numerous play sessions, these clamps are rapidly on their way to  being my favorite toy-they are anything but flimsy, standing up to rough play, bus rides and the bottom of my toy drawer.

I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone who’s just exploring their kink-at mid range for intensity, it would be too much for the occasional player. But if you’re accustomed to a certain level of input, these are a good start. (Especially when someone starts yanking-if you aren’t familiar with clovers, they tighten when the chain is pulled. Depending on your personality, this can be a good or bad thing) Personally-I love them, and wish I would have searched out my own pair sooner.

Item provided for review by Eden Fantasy. Thanks guys!


3 Responses to “Crimson and Clovers: Toy Review”

  1. Barb December 2, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    Oooo! I didn’t know you were kinky too! Cool!

    • thordora December 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

      yeah, it’s a problem. 😛

  2. Eden December 5, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    If anyone thinks they’re a little much, you can clamp them onto clothespins for a while and it’ll lighten that initial pinch (the tug still tightens, natch).

    I’m just sayin’. 😉

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