9pm, sunset pink

14 Jul

Spun, gentle as sugar on

this cone you hold between fingers like

daggers, this sky sits.

As the first breath of any newborn squalling

must color it is alight


I can taste the hover on my lips

the dance of honey a touch

of lavender on the wind to calm. Soothe.

Deceive in wisdom and perhaps

baths in a radiance we can’t

replace with words.

If laughter became gumdrops. If

tears became the endless, aching blue.

If the air grew wings and nested

restlessly, upon my silvered tongue.

Then I could make it seen, this glory this

rapture in ourselves.

This place we call home.


One Response to “9pm, sunset pink”

  1. sweetsalty kate July 14, 2010 at 11:52 pm #

    Thor, you are so talented. This is gorgeous.

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