Toy Review-Juli Ashton’s Pink Pocket Rocket

8 Jul

The following is a review of Juli Ashton’s Pink Pocket Rocket, courtesy of Eden Fantasys. As per usual, for the sake of the sanity of the people who know and claim to like me in real life, I offer this escape valve if you wish to run away-just make sure you aren’t eating as you read, as I cannot guarantee that there won’t be choking.  (Take that for what you will.)

Moving on…

I love pocket rockets. I have no shame in sharing this information with nearly anyone, my glee is so unrestrained. I have a trusty tiny white one that cost maybe 10.00, and it never fails. I call it my sleeping pill sometimes as it’s a quick and easy way to an orgasm, and urgo, sleep.

So, I thought, hey! What would be better than one pocket rocket? TWO pocket rockets!!!

And it’s pink!

Now, apparently Juli is a porn star-I’m going to take Eden Fantasys’ word for it since honestly, I’m not one of those people who “follows” a porn star’s career, or their merchandising. It comes as a kit, with the rocket, as well as textured jelly sleeve. It tells me that it’s “special feature” is a “pornstar mold”, but I’m at a loss to determine if that means a: she’s put her patented porno mold on it, i.e. penicillin b: some part of her is candy pink and has little nubbies or c: she secretly has jelly antennae.

Honestly folks, I have no idea.

Spec wise, this cute little thing is only 4 inches long, and only needs one AA battery so it’s pretty damn portable, hence the “pocket” part of the name. (the website incorrectly states that it needs 2 batteries. I just checked. It most certainly only takes 1) The jelly sleeve is, for lack of a better term, rather adorable, looking rather like a bunny or smushed mouse or something, having what’s termed as “fluttering clitoral teasers”.

So I was fairly excited to play with this little lady.

I tried it first on my own, in an attempt to get to sleep. In light of my “interesting” clit, I knew that it could go one of two ways-freaking awesome, or no.

I moved around. I thought all my happiest happy thoughts. I turned the fan on. I turned it off. I went pee.


The thing is, I like my cheap little pocket rocket because it manages to bridge the gap between “HOLY CRAP!” and “Is it on?” for me. As I’ve stated before, I’m very much like Goldilocks when it comes to rubbing one out, and if the porridge is too hard or too soft, it’s not gonna happen.

For me, Juli’s pocket rocket is just too much action. It’s like having a hyper and horny bunny rabbit in your pants. Which, if you need that sort of stimulation, is PERFECT. This toy works great-there is nothing wrong with the intensity, and to be honest, at first it’s fantastic. But for me, things start to be numbed out before I get to happyhappy play time. It’s just too much of a good thing.

I also tried it with the sleeve on, and while it was novel and ticklish and all kinda of fun, that’s really all it was, just some fun. It didn’t enhance or detract from enjoyment levels in any major way, just made me giggle a bit. Since I don’t much care for jelly toys, I considered it a throw away after use since my damned hair will just inevitably end up wrapped in it anyway.

I did decide to give it another go during play with a partner. This time, it was better. As part of a play session between two people, it actually did contribute quite well to the situation, and managed to get me off. However, considering it was not the only stimulation, I still wasn’t terribly pleased since it was just too much vibration and made me feel like I was walking on glass at one point.

Not really the association you want while getting it on.

Would I buy it? Unlikely. Since it retails at 39.99, for occasional play with a partner, it really wouldn’t be worth the money. If you are one of those women who need a stronger vibration in order to climax however, I would heartily endorse this little lady. She does what she says she will-after all, the box does say “Incredibly Powerful”-and it is. I just don’t enjoy this much power.

Like most pocket rocket’s, it’s a hummer, so if someone is in the same room, they may hear it. Otherwise, it’s fairly quiet-I turned it on while speaking to someone on the phone to see if they could hear it, and until I pressed it up against the speaker, they couldn’t. So you can likely keep this one a secret if you need to.

Thank you Eden Fantasys for providing this toy for review. 😀

And damn. Now I want some of that pink elephant popcorn….


3 Responses to “Toy Review-Juli Ashton’s Pink Pocket Rocket”

  1. hodgepodgeandstrawberries July 8, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    “It tells me that it’s “special feature” is a “pornstar mold”, but I’m at a loss to determine if that means a: she’s put her patented porno mold on it, i.e. penicillin b: some part of her is candy pink and has little nubbies or c: she secretly has jelly antennae.”

    This made me laugh until I very nearly peed my pants. The whole review was bloody brilliant, but this bit cracked my shit UP, yo.

    Noted. I will not get this one. But perhaps the $10 one you keep mentioning.

  2. Cynthia July 8, 2010 at 12:28 pm #

    “Incredibly powerful” you say? Intriguing. My current go-to toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand – I think my antidepressants mean I need a jackhammer of a toy if it is going to work.

  3. din 7 16 connector specification February 1, 2015 at 2:34 am #

    Regards, Size. Power Handling. Weight.

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