Your Kiss? How about The Kissa?

16 Apr

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a drool hound for glass sex toys. I mean, look at this! Since companies started pushing them, I’ve wanted a glass dildo. They’re so pretty, and simple and they don’t have that smell.

You know what I’m talking about.

So when the chance came up to review the Kissa, I was totally game, since Eden Fantasy also has such a fantastic selection of glass toys.  The Kissa is a new vibrator from EdenFantasy, and I let out a little “squee!” when they said I could try it out.

The Lowdown:

www.edenfantasy.comOh sweet lord she’s purty.

She’s glass, 6 inches, 4.5 of which are insert-able. Personally, I would have preferred longer, say 8 inches. But then, I’m tall and I have short arms.

The Kissa is very light, at 0.4lbs  your arms aren’t going to fall off or anything using it, but not as tiny as a pocket rocket if you like a little more in your hand. Noise wise-really not too bad. The vibrations aren’t loud enough to rock the bed or anything-like any vibe it can get loud when up against something, but it’s fairly quiet. Instead of the usual screw cap to change the speed, it has a handy little button to cycle through the 3 levels. However, these levels don’t go from lullaby to screaming meanie! like some. I liked this-my clit didn’t burn out in seconds. But if you need something a little stronger to get you up the mountain, The Kissa may not work for you.

This toy is highly textured, so not a personal choice for insertion. However, if you do like a lot going on that way, this is totally for you. Being glass, temperature play is highly recommended, and lube makes a world of difference. And it’s hypo-allergenic, so for anyone who has problems with certain materials-this would be perfect.

It’s easy to clean with soap and water-make sure to pay attention where the cap screws in for fluids. After one use I could foresee a buildup if you aren’t as careful about clean up as some-remember to clean the thread while removing the battery for storage. The nubbies on the tip, while fun, can be a pain to clean if you wait long enough for anything to dry. So perhaps, keep an extra toothbrush handy?

The Kissa comes with a handy pouch-which is great on two fronts. It keeps it from banging around the drawer, AND is convinient if you have kids like mine who root THROUGH the drawer and then ask their father why Mommy has handcuffs.

Yes. This happened. Apparently the pink Brontosaurus is into bondage too.

The Short Version

Would I buy it? Hells yes. At 29.99, it’s a great intro to glass toys, and a pretty great midrange vibrator. So I totally recommend this little lady. (and yes, I’m a girl, she’s pretty. I dig that.)

The Kissa was provided for review by Eden Fantasy, and my lady parts are indebted to them. 🙂


One Response to “Your Kiss? How about The Kissa?”

  1. Stephanie April 22, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    TT discontinued its only glass toy, which I purchased in 2005. I LOVE that toy. Glass has so many advantages. This one is pretty & priced right. I might have to check it out.

    One big advantage is that if it touches other toys in a drawer, they don’t melt 😉

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