Eden Fantasys Review: My Friend, The Doc

26 Jan

Warning for the tender hearted and people who have met me in real life. This is a review of the  creatively named Double Penetrator by Doc Johnson. This may be TMI for some of you. I won’t feel bad if you go here instead.

But, for those of you with hardy constitutions, those who are perverts and those just too damn curious, thanks for sticking around!

When the call went out again that Eden’s Fantasys was looking for reviewers for sex toys, I thought, well damn! I’m single again. I could use something new. Granted, I tend to fall more towards the 10.00 pocket rocket than the 60.00 complicated vibrator end of things, but still. You never know until you try.

I happen to like anal sex. A lot. But I’ve noticed it’s a love/hate thing. I really hate how so many women I meet have been turned off it by men who just could NOT wait an extra 10 minutes for things to warm up. Too many stories about entire errogenous zones ignored. I also am a woman who likes the idea of all inputs filled, so to speak. So I began searching their VERY large stock for something that would fit the bill.

I read the reviews, and decided to go with this guy. The negative comments seemed few and far between, and the reviews are quite detailed, so I ran with it. Plus, it was not hot pink or purple or some other random bizarre color. Keep sex toys some flesh color, please. So long as it’s human. Perhaps the fruit fly has a neon cock, I don’t know. I’ve never seen one.

First-kudos on packaging that a: didn’t have a couple on it, dressed in something polyester and making the Paris Hilton face. I could open it, and I wasn’t snickering as I did so. The shipping box was also totally plain, so not interesting questions from my elderly father who lives with me. (Not a conversation I EVER want to have-this comes in handy with kids who read in the house as well.)

Once I got the little sucker out, I wiggled it. (Come on, I’m a child. Bear with me) It was flesh like, not too big, not to small. The insertable meant for your ass did however remind me a bit of a tapeworm-it’s very long, and very thin. I frowed at this. If it’s so small I cannot feel it, then what exactly is the point? The vibrating part is meant for your vagina I “think”.

I like this toy. I’m a fan of rotating it so you can use either insertable where you want, once cleaned. (No UTI’s please) The vibrating in the main member is nice-it’s not crazy blender vibrating, but a nice hum that does add to the proceedings, even with my body’s usual lack of response to such things.

However-maybe it’s just me, but the part meant for your ass? Pointless. So tiny, so bendy…sigh. I want to test this with a partner because seriously? EFFORT to get it where I wanted it. Ahem. While the main “cock” is nice and firm, with the vibrating unit and all, the other part? It’s like trying to fuck silly putty! And I’m a pretty bendy person myself!

There comes a point where you wonder “is an orgasm worth this much effort?” And I found that place with this toy. Now, this did not keep me from continuing further by any means. It just annoyed the shit out of me. I would not recommend this to a single person for that reason-you’d be better served with a butt plug and a vibrating dildo.

I DO think this would be fun with someone else to facilitate the entry, since most of us don’t have super long bendy arms. And since once you add in some lube, you’ve got slippery silly putty you can’t grab properly, it really would be best to have at least ONE other free hand.

I’m not saying I don’t like this toy-I do. I think it’s solidly made, relatively easy to clean (some of the “realistic” features make it a bit of an effort to be totally comfortable with how clean it is) and fun to use, once you get there. It’s the journey that’s the effort with this one.

I did really like that the “main” cock wasn’t bloody HUGE. As we’ve all told men in the past, HUGE isn’t always good. It’s big enough to be felt, but not to the point where it’s no fun anymore. And once I did manage to arrange things, this little sucker gave me one of the better orgasms I’ve had by myself, thank you very much.

Would I buy it, or something similar? Definiately if I had a partner, probably if I were on my own. It’s functional, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried it again. It did get easier once I figured it out, but it’s still not a cake walk. And really, if you don’t mind the extra tiny flailing limb, you can use just the main part on yourself as well. Think of it as a multi purpose sex toy of you will.

Thanks to Eden’s Fantasy for providing the toy for testing and review. A good time was had by all, or well, me I suppose.


4 Responses to “Eden Fantasys Review: My Friend, The Doc”

  1. Kelly January 26, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    With my current status being “alone”, I think it’s time to start stocking my grown up toybox… and now I know to skip this one. It’s always nice to read a review by a real person, rather than porn stars or random reviews by people I don’t “know”.

    • thordora January 27, 2010 at 10:17 pm #

      It’s not a bad toy-it’s just…rather awkward in same regards. But then, if the rear part was TOO hard, that could be problematic…

      honestly, my favorite is a ten dollar little pocket rocket. But then, I have a VERY finicky body.

  2. Stephanie January 28, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    I’ve learned that the odd colors (and use of animals, smiley faces, etc.) in sex toys have to do with law in the country of manufacture. They can’t like dildos that look like actual cocks. That’s why they’re hard to find.

    “It’s like trying to fuck silly putty!” made me LOL so hard the dog came to see what was wrong.

    I’m frankly a little disappointed that I don’t have more backdoor toys to sell. I only have one that’s specifically for that purpose (“Red Rover”), although we do have some smaller peen-shaped vibes that would be sufficient. But they seem to be getting away from those in favor of the top-drawer vibes. When I mention “back door” in my shows, half the people make a face. At one party I did say that there are two kinds of guys: (1) don’t go there and (2) please go there but don’t tell anybody. 😉

    Remind me to tell you about my fave toy for the back door. It comes from JT’s, natch 😉

    • thordora January 30, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

      I always forget that plastic penis are illegal in some states. You people are weird.

      And remember fooling around with a guy in high school with the SMALLEST DICK EVER (come on, we all did at some point) it was like playing with that-a floppy skinny baby dick. ICK.

      Is your toy company not carrying rear entry men because it’s worried about “the average housewife” thinking it’s hardcore or something? Cause I know LOTS of women just cross it off automatically. It’s so weird…

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