Gift Me

23 Oct

I wish to climb inside of you

sweet, to be cradled my small body

warmed by yours, heated.

I’d shape my body as a walnut

round edges and soft youth

shrunk to where you can hold me

this body will raise unfettered

glorious as part of you

flesh blood and years.

Gift me this time. Gift me

your moments, hands held in quiet snowbanks

kisses on eyelids and fingertips

the squaling of your newborn hold me here

in your hot belly, tell me stories.

Give them wings, glued satin to their backs

your lovers, give them seasoned breath which

reeks of yesterday and gift them forgiveness for

breaking the heart that I wish to listen to


Bring me to you. Wrap me in

denim and petals from the wild tree you planted

that spring

scent me with memory and years uncounted,

carry me

let my small fingers pull from your lips

the aching wisdom I desire.


One Response to “Gift Me”

  1. slouchy October 24, 2009 at 10:35 pm #

    this was so evocative and musical.

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