Lamer than Joaquim’s beard.

2 Jan

I’m lazy, and irritated by new software not doing what I want DAMMIT.

So the year in review meme it is. Cause I’m lame like that.

January: “I used to like it. BEFORE it snowed for what seems like weeks, and I have to shovel it out tonight since we’re having stuff delivered tomorrow.” Last winter, the snow, OH the fucking snow….

February: “We have entered a new territory with Rosalyn. She’s bridged the gap between sweet innocent toddler and small devious child.”  Heavy on the devious still. And nekid. She will NOT wear clothes!

March: “My new header? Courtesy of Suburban Mum, who, frankly-RULES. She also made this in a few colors. Vivian was campaigning for the purple one, but I like the orange for now.” She made me some headers, which I might go back to using if I can figure out where I put them….

April: “This year, this April marks 19 years without my mother. With her, but not with her.” This year is 20. Hardly seems so long, or so far.

May: “On the bus I pass a bridge with that unfortunate year chiseled into it’s side.”

June: “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work, perseverance, dedication, harmony.” See! It’s not all doom and gloom!

July: “The sun is back out!” Ah yes, the post where I said I’d stop writing soon, which if I had half a brain, meant I was starting to go mental manic for the summer again. How lovely. (and dudes-how SAD is it to be excited to see the sun in JULY…)

August: “They hate me.” I think I can actually chart my insanity on my blog. How novel. And August sucked ASS. Just saying.


In the new hole

dug free of the past

they dig and dig

for dinner, for dinosaurs

for cats.

October: “My anxieties are getting out of hand some days-before I talk to my shrink about it next week, anyone have any experiences with meds/therapy that could be useful to me?”

November: “I’m not even American and I’m excited.”

December: “Have more music. )

2 Responses to “Lamer than Joaquim’s beard.”

  1. crazymumma January 2, 2009 at 9:58 pm #

    A memorable year.

    May the next one be memorable as well in lovely ways.

    I have been without my mum for…..hmmmm. near on 20 years as well.

    it sucks. sorry for you. sorry for me.

  2. March January 3, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    any year in which we learn in spite of the sour tastes we might have had is a good year…
    I believe this year will be better than last, simply because we have learned something.

    here’s to a year full of soulful conversations with long distance friends…

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