My word, is that? It IS a meme!

19 Nov

Seeing as I’m hard pressed to write about anything today, despite desire to do so, when this meme at Kelly’s caught my eye, I thought “Why the hell not?”

Yeah. Writers cramp or something I dunno….

7 things about me in high school. (drum roll)

  1. I was numerous people in high school. Srsly. I moved around through high school, attending three schools, two of them twice. I started out in my small catholic one a “niner”, bullied, kinda weird/kinda geeky. Just, you know, in high school. Moved to a small mining town on Lake Superior. Was THE weird girl. Avoided a few fights. Started smoking weed in earnest. Managed to get “asked” the leave. Moved to mid-size city in Southern Ontario on my own at 16. Blur of LSD-I had a large assembly of acquaintances, a few good friends. Still weird. Moved back to home town and returned to small catholic school where I was “weird girl who’s done stuff”. Never popular, but the other weird kids knew who I was. As I was almost 5’9 and wore army boots with short skirts, people more than not thought I was going to eat them.
  2. I managed to do a LOT of drugs. And still pulled off A’s in some classes. School was never terribly difficult for me. Except for Chemistry, which I only took for interest and because I needed a credit, so the teacher passed me.
  3. Didn’t go to prom. Went to my grad. It sucked, full off too many things my mother wasn’t there for. I spent the night of prom smoking weed in a park with my oldest friend. Much more fun.
  4. I loved writing essays. Seriously. It took me forever to get into the groove with the damn things, but I was writing 5-7k essays in one evening and getting A’s on them. Once I had my thoughts lined up, BAM! I’d head to a friend’s house to use the computer and I’d get it done. I still have many of these BS essays somewhere.
  5. I was a drama kid. I’ve sung on stage in Hebrew, I’ve been a bird (good lord don’t ask) and a bunch of stuff I can’t even remember (But sadly, seeing Allison’s blood stained panties when she was sitting like a boy with a skirt on? THAT image, from like 1993 will NEVER leave my memory.)
  6. I actually used the “it’s not you, it’s me” line on a boy. When secretly, it was that he was fat. He was the nicest, gentlest, sweetest guy, but dude was as big as a house, and I just don’t dig that. So I guess in a way it WAS me anyway….
  7. I did my major project in Grade 13 on the sexual behaviour of my fellow students. At a catholic school who wouldn’t allow condom machines in the bathroom despite multiple pregnancies. Most teachers I spoke too seemed impressed with the set of balls I had, but nothing bad happened. Sadly, I didn’t keep this one.

I wasn’t popular at any point, but I guess I had a mythos that followed me around. I remember being bullied by MISSY POULIN, who said I looked like a boy. While she had a mullet and looked more butch than an autoworker…..other than that, my size and attitude usually kept me out of shit.

What about you? Who were you?


4 Responses to “My word, is that? It IS a meme!”

  1. Kelly O November 20, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    I was totally going to mention that acid was my favorite thing to do on the weekend, but co-workers read my blahg. Good times.

  2. Bon November 20, 2008 at 11:37 pm #

    anytime i look back to high school i’m struck with the realization that i don’t know WHO i was. i don’t think i did at the time, either. it was like this weird, stable endurance test for me between the volatility and insecurity of junior high and the escape (and volativity/insecurity) that was college. i did most of my drinking in junior high and most of my drugs in college…high school, as a result, holds few memorable moments. 🙂

    i was really internalized in high school, just kinda biding my time waiting to grow the fuck up. it was the only time i was happy to be a joiner – was on all the geeky committees like yearbook and student council and drama – but i don’t remember getting any great sense of belonging out of these memberships. i was just there, friend to many, girlfriend to none, a little on the odd side. and inside, i was working out how to be David Bowie’s concubine.

  3. Marcy November 21, 2008 at 12:02 am #

    I was a relatively new Christian, with the big cross and silly t-shirts that tend to go along with that, but I also took the time to ask questions and listen, really listen, to what my friends believed about various things and how they felt about life.

    Unpopular, weird, marginal, for so long, but in high school I started to find my own niche, people who I might like and who might like me.

    I did a lot of art, almost entirely drawing, lots of portraits, and some music.

    I was still rather hidden by my sister’s shadow, both in terms of self-image and in terms of how others perceived me.

    I’ve always been somewhat a “good girl,” even though I have a big rebellious, contentious, skeptical streak. In fact, in a way becoming a Christian was a little rebellious for me.

  4. March November 21, 2008 at 2:48 pm #

    I was not the “it” girl, but always was in the group that included her… I was the girl that knew everyone and talked to everyone, had a boyfriend who later on became a priest, so we were pretty calm people 🙂 lots of good friends, though none of them are in my life anymore. I was a bit of a nerd, loved calculous and trigonometry, so I’d be either tutoring my friends or just giving them my homework. I didn’t think I knew who I was, but looking back I probably knew better than I gave myself credit. already was in love with schedules and most definetely already an OCD.

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