Eden Fantasys Review 2: The Silcone Insatiable G

10 Nov

I have determined that I am G-Spot deficient.

In an attempt to rectify this, I had requested, for review, the Silicone insatiable G.

Now, from the outset, I though it looked pretty damn awesome. Insertable, vibrating on 4 different settings, removable bullets…buttons not on the machine, but on a tether so I didn’t need to do advanced yoga just to use it.

I was very excited to use it when it arrived, and I do believe I used it the same day, if not the very next. Or maybe it was both. I can’t remember.


It’s not so big that it’s obnoxious, but not so small that you’re afraid it’s going to roll out from under something when the kids wake up at up 6am. It’s more like a gadget-and dammit, I love me some gadgets.

What I really like about the Silicone Insatiable G is that the insertable is not HUGE. While there are days that a girl wants to feel possessed by the spirit of Long Dong Silver, it isn’t really an everyday thing. It’s a nice, average size-full, but not in a turkey dinner way. It’s smooth, so a minimal amount of lube is needed.

Now I had high hopes for the vibrating part of this. I suppose if you don’t have the most insanely finicky clitoris in the world, you’d be fine.

But it was like trying to get comfortable wearing someone else’s underwear. It felt good. It felt nice. But it just didn’t do the trick. There are 4 settings-a straight ahead thumping, a variable thumping that’s slower, an ascending thumping, and a straight vibrate. Of all, the ascending was my favorite, but….

Have you ever had someone pull out, or away JUST as you were about to orgasm? It was like that.

I’d reach and reach and reach just to have absolutely nothing happen.


I’d try the other settings to the point that I felt like Goldilocks. This one is to hard, this one too soft. It was frustrating, because I liked the toy. The sensations were fab-they just weren’t going anywhere, and I’d eventually let out something along the lines of “hrrumph”, roll over, and use my trusty hand.

I did like the fact that it was on a “remote” on  long cord. It made it a lot easier to switch between settings without feeling chimp like. It was a good length-not so long that it tangled in things, but no so short that I felt crimped. Loved this aspect.

In my opinion, if you have finicky clit like I do, this toy is best used for foreplay. It does rev a body up. It just, kinda leaves you hanging.

And those removable bullets? I can’t figure the damn things out. And I don’t dare pull on them. I gave up.

Is it a good investment? I can’t really say. Did it find my G-Spot? Heh. I’m beginning to think I don’t actually have one and the entire thing is a myth. OR I have the awesomest orgasms already. (Which might be the case, since I cum in color. My favorite? The sapphire blue/shiny white ones.) I really didn’t notice any extra internal stimulation.

I think if you don’t have a body so bloody cat like in it’s preference for how it gets off, this little guy would work just fine. I enjoyed it, I just can’t come with it.

The description at Eden Fantasys says “With a wide range of pulsating combinations and dual motors, this toy is assuredly “designed to hit the mark with unparalleled precision.” ”

Methinks my mark is somewhere in Thailand.

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