Eden Fantasys Toy Review: Silicone Play Set

9 Oct

I used to be afraid of sex toys. Not like “OMG! They’re gonna eat me!” but more like “Shit, I live in a small town and I really can’t handle bumping into someone I know at the place with the “We buy used magazines” sign. I had this image of holding a large butt plug and turning around and seeing someone from HR.

Not thoughts for Sexy Time. Not. At. All.


Then I found an online store that accepted debit, and the world opened. Then I finally bought my first dildo, and then my first vibrator.

Much to my chagrin, the vibrator really wasn’t my friend. That much action, all at once made my clitoris want to pull up stakes and run for the hills. Sure, I could orgasm, but it was sorta like the difference between Coke and New Coke. Sure, it’s Coke, but it sucks.

So it was put in a drawer, and I continued to think about what I’d like next.

Then, the chance came to review for Eden Fantasys, and I lept at it. How awesome! I get to play with toys and all I need to do is tell you how much they either sucked, or rocked?

um, yeah?!

I have to tell you-my first visit to Eden Fantasys was a little overwhelming. The selection! It’s huge! They have everything classified by type, by size, material, safety…you name it. My favorite part though, would be the little FAQ’s sprinkled throughout the site, like this one on Types of Vibrators-if you’ve been buying sex toys for ages, you might know this stuff. But for a newbie, or someone wondering what the hell a Golden Bumble is, it’s great. It’s non threatening, clear and easy to read.

They also have a community blog, a forum and a ton of reviewers.

Am I fawning enough yet? I didn’t know this place existed, and yet, here it is, a nice change from the usual blah sex shops online. It just seems more fun, more friendly.

Enough with my prattle. I have a new love for the site, and wish I had a credit card. (Actually, it’s likely better that I don’t)

I searched around on the site for a bit, trying to decide. Go there an look-you’ll understand. Finally, I stumbled upon the play sets, and remembered that I had thought about buying one a while back, but was concerned about the value for money, and so I didn’t.

I dithered while trying to choose, eventually settling on the Silicone Play Set. To me, it seemed like it had a reasonable simple selection to start with. Nothing scary, just normal stuff.

I must admit, that upon opening it and seeing written “Everything you need to have a sex party in your bed!” I nearly put it neatly in the box and returned it. If anything can take the sex appeal out of something it’s trying too hard. The packaging was fairly standard for this type of thing otherwise.

The kit includes: 7 x 1.5 inch vibe, 6 x 1 inch vibe, mini massager, 4 inch textured silicone sleeve, 3 inch textured silicone sleeve, 3 silicone cock rings, 1 cock sleeve and samples of body paint, lube, toy cleaner, spanish fly and warming massage oil.

 Now, right off the bat-not drinking anything labelled “Spanish Fly”-I’m not a 13 year old, nor do I play one on TV. Edible Body Paint and Massage Oil-these can be fun, but not for me. The smells/tastes-too sickly sweet, and not at all something conducive to getting frisky. The lube and toy cleaner-appreciated. The lube-well, meh. We all have out favorites which are unlikely to be supplanted by something out of a kit.

The vibes however-those I looked forward to. 🙂

As I’ve stated, I’m not much for standard vibes, especially not directly on me. The 7 inch made for a lot of fun along with the sleeves for penetration, but otherwise, it really was just too much. I couldn’t really get the 6 inch to work-AA batteries were too big, AAA too small-I keep trying though! The sleeves do bring some adventure into life-just be careful where you leave them if you have cats and/or long hair. Silicone and hair=PITA.

My new friend however, is the “mini massager”.

Oh pocket rocket, where have you been all my life?

It’s no longer than my middle finger, but it’s just…it’s heaven. I don’t think that’s any different than any other mini you’ll buy, but if you’re a little overly sensitive to vibration, that little dudette is just right.

Cock rings are, well, cock rings. The one with a little tab for where his body would meet your clit-cheap and flimsy, and really just in the way. Not terribly impressed with that at all.

This kit isn’t pricey-it’s under $50USD, and gives a fair amount of variety. I would say it’s mostly worth your money, as a starter kit, but at the same time, you’d likely be just as well off buying a few quality pieces instead of getting all the peripheral items as well.

I’m happy to have it since it’s more variety, and I found a new friend. But I don’t think I’ll go in for a kit again. Most of the items seem cheaply made, and I question their staying power. But, as I said, this was under $50, so with that in mind, it’s a fair value.

If I had to rate it, I’d say 6 of 10. A good time was had at the very least. A few times. 🙂

4 Responses to “Eden Fantasys Toy Review: Silicone Play Set”

  1. Gwen October 9, 2008 at 10:02 pm #

    This reminds me that I’ve misplaced my vibrator.

    Can’t wait until one of my daughters finds it for me.

  2. Candy October 10, 2008 at 12:17 pm #

    I am still hand-operated. I really want one of these, but like you, am afraid to buy one. And if my husband ever found it, he’d freak out his shit.

    So…I dunno…maybe when I’m not at work I’ll have another peak.

  3. Eden October 11, 2008 at 1:30 am #

    I like a bullet or an egg myself. Try & get your hands on one of those.

  4. thordora October 11, 2008 at 6:58 am #

    Next toy up for review has bullets in it. 🙂 WEEEEEE!

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