Happy Girl!

10 Sep

Happy dance of joy for the safe arrival of Bon’s little girl. I know no pertinent details, since her husband posted, and not her. But the most important thing is she’s here, and she’s perfect.

My own uterus dances with hers. 🙂

Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a great mood today-just happy. And I’ve let myself just BE in this place. No over thinking, no wondering, no pondering on things I cannot change or fix. No letting myself butt in and ruin any of it. Stay busy, stay focus, and remind myself that the sky is blue, the leaves fall from the trees, and I have two darling daughters who deserve that smile on my face more than claims of a broken brain.

Dented I think. But not broken.

Maybe I could hear the words spoken not out loud, but inward, the plea for a healthy daughter, a lovely daughter, a birth that would be calm. Maybe there was a pause today, a simple moment held for her, and I caught it, and suckled some on it’s wonder. Maybe the wind blew over the strait, bringing adrenaline, fear and joy, bundled together in that odd same way we’ve all felt, all of us, as mothers.

For whatever reason, I have been happy, calm and sated today. And when I saw that she was again a mother, I cried a little, envisioning that small girlchild in her arms, so wanted and hoped for, and I felt even more peaceful knowing that sometimes, things go exactly as they should.

Enjoy your babymoon Bon. You deserve it so.

(I used to sing this to my girls when they were babies-they don’t let me anymore..)

2 Responses to “Happy Girl!”

  1. Hannah September 10, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    I know, I’m so happy for them. I had no idea how much tension and worry I was holding for that wee girly until I found out she was safely here… and then it all came out in one big rush of tears and joy.

    And I found out via your Facebook status, so you got to break the news… I’ve never been so happy to see a Facebook birth notice in all my life.

  2. sweetsalty kate September 10, 2008 at 10:24 pm #

    I don’t think I breathed all day. 🙂

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