Since I’m wrapped up in memory…

21 Feb

My memory keeps lingering back 15 years or so today…not sure why, but I have a stab in my heart thinking of years that went too fast that I can’t get back. They seemed so long then.

There are posts brewing for this, for when I can breathe enough to think through them.

The Tear Garden brings me back to a time when anything was possible-when the world was as open as the sky and all I needed to do was reach up and snatch down a star. I miss those times, and wonder what happened to that girl who believed so easily in so much. It was so short those days….

Tear Garden, Skinny Puppy, Legendary Pink Dots-it just takes me back to a singular time and place, in seconds I’m there, and I can almost smell the dew on the early spring grass.

What songs, or musicians does your heart sing to?


One Response to “Since I’m wrapped up in memory…”

  1. Jenn March 2, 2008 at 8:40 pm #

    Enigma,Enya, reciently a Sinead Oconnor ambiant mix I downloaded off the internet. Music speaks to my soul. It is present in all of my memories, the good, bad and loving. There is such a wide range of music for any emotion you are dealing with.

    One of my best memories was when I was 18. I was working at a summer camp and we were sleeping with our campers on the beach for the night. We had pulled our mattresses and gear down to the beach, when all the campers were asleep I was laying warm in my mattress with Enya’s In memory of Trees playing softly behind me the water lapping gently in front of me and the night sky was so clear the stars so bright, and as if that alone was not perfect enough we had stumbled upon a meteor shower. The night was as close to perfect as it could have been.

    If I could travel in time I would grab my partner in her difficult moments and transport her to that night and just lay there with her and share those moments of peace and clarity.

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