“is my wife bipolar or a bitch”

14 Feb


I can’t only imagine how many times Mogo asked this to anyone who was listening. 🙂

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  1. Mogo February 14, 2008 at 1:55 pm #

    Im’ma go with bitch 😛

  2. daisybones February 14, 2008 at 4:45 pm #

    What? You can’t be both? Surely a woman of your talents can manage to do both simultaneously;)

    • husband of a bipolar wife April 3, 2012 at 2:22 pm #

      daisybones your simple comment is really mind-blowing, it just opened up my eyes. Thank you.

  3. James February 16, 2008 at 1:24 pm #

    Shes likely both. Mine sure is. If I had only known then what I know now. Is she on meds? Mine is, and they sorta help. The part that sucks is bipolars can essentially do what they want, and YOU have to clean up after them. Its the most selfish disorder I have ever seen. THEY can run off, spend money, firt, have lesbo affairs, whatever, but YOU, the “normal” one, have to put up with it, fix the problems they create for themselves, take care of the kids and bills, and just suck it up till you cant take it anymore. If I knew this was what was going to happen, I would have never bothered with getting married. And sooner or later, I wont be married to her. She can have her messy life make her lesbo lover miserable, I will be GONE.

    • red apple February 20, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

      you are SO mean…she has a disorder and if you ever loved her you would support her and be there for her no matter what. Men like you can’t find a normal girl in the first place. Maybe you should change ur negative out look on ur life and your wife before you wake up one day and realize how alone you are and how your roudness and cold heart has ended u up messy then ur sick wife!!

      • Green apple March 26, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

        It seems you are as ignorant as can be to ever tell someone who has a wife who is stepping out on them and not being a true comanion in the right sense. It seems like you truely has issues of your own and don’t understand that being happy in life is what matters the most. If you have given your all to mend any issues and those issues are still there, its time to go your own way. Bipolar or not you as an adult and as a person know when you need help, bipolar is not an excuse to ruin your partners life…EVER

      • woman lover September 27, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

        you are a stupid ass fuckball! Women are good for three things only sex, cleaning, and making babies, and if they cant do that then they are worthless, they are very selfish selfcentered, moneyhungry, keniving, and most of all they dont know when to keep thier over sensitive mouths shut, most importantly if they fuck up and do something wrong it is never their fault in thier self centered heads, it’s allways the husband’s fualt not matter if he was even a thousand miles away at the time or trying to stop her from doing the stupid. Furthermore even if their kids do wrong and they get mad at thier children then the husband has to take all of that shit too untill he either leaves, kills himself, or his family, or he just doesnt want to be married anymore…….maybe someday everything will change and men and women will live in peace and harmony….untill then all men will believe that women are bipolar or bitches, or both

        • woman lover September 27, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

          all of my comments were to red apple

        • steve February 11, 2012 at 11:27 am #

          fuck yeh,you hit the nail on the head all women are bi-polar bitches and they are only happy when they are unhappy or when they are making someone else unhappy. s

        • mus September 13, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

          Woman lover, you are soooooo right

      • woman lover September 27, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

        my comment was to you! you dumb ass idiot!

      • Todd December 28, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

        You are sooooooo naive, or have something to gain from your twisted perceptions. The woman is using him like a friggin’ doormat. The behavior is malicious in that she chooses harm to others for her own gratification. Let the putrid decay be consumed by the carreon.

        • Maximus January 5, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

          im in an agrement with bitch. or more like,( insta bitch) just add water…..

      • ray January 18, 2011 at 3:20 am #

        Red apple. Im betting you have never dealt with this. It is grueling. Its real easy to tell others this or that. just wondering if you have dealt with this befoe. I am living with a wife like this other than lesbian stuff and its pure hell. Part of the problem is she doesnt want to get better, or go to doctor, or any of that. she likes having the upper hand. she knows with her illness she can sometimes get away with things on purpose and she does. not to mention she is negative, depressed, defensive, over 100 pounds over weight and cant even get our daughter to bed at night or up at decent time in the morning. I let her quit working but she still cant get anything done.

        • Maximus January 5, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

          mine takes perks , morphine and somas. she is a walking Zombi.. everything is my fault, shut up is her favorite saying . just drop it is her second… ive been in this for six yrs, i spend every holliday alone , while she goes to her families house ,, where im not alloud to go
          talks real bad behind my back and lies to everyone who will believe her.. Narsicist, (SPL)?………


      • Jim March 5, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

        “Red Apple” above provides a great example of the way women think…

        Every GOOD man I’ve ever known has ended up married to some CRAZY woman who he thought was “passionately in love” with him at first, then he found out she was CRAZY.

        NO man should stay with a woman who cheats. Supporting her is OUT OF THE QUESTION. Just DUMP her WORTHLESS Ass and move on.

        • tk May 3, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

          I don’t know about the bipolar wife situation, but I have a comment about the women in general.

          I feel bad for them. Why? because of estrogen. as much as we think we have control over ourselves it seems that hormones have quite a bit of pull on people’s decisions. Women just have a bigger handicap it seems. They might say men have it worse b/c too much testosterone makes us stupid, but being stupid and being a bitch are 2 different things.

          A woman’s menstrual cycle seems to dictate what she needs during the month. Sometimes she wants a caring guy, sometimes she wants something different. Simply fickle.

      • rager March 9, 2011 at 11:36 am #

        mean lol you obviously dont have to deal with a bipolar person. LIFE IS MISURABLE with a bipolar person let me just say unless you are dealing with one stfu u dont know what your talking about

      • richard November 1, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

        I noticed you didn’t mention a story about your wife . Quick guess here but you’re single , right ? I’m sure it’s easy to judge from the outside but the truth of the matter is we only get one life and we shouldn’t have to be miserable especially when the other person seems to think there are no consequences to their actions.

      • Bob November 22, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

        Since Redapple cannot even spell correctly, and is speaking with thinly veiled malice, this person cannot be trusted. Redapple, go back to your corner.

      • becky March 11, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

        no, i agree. no one should have to put up with what a bipolar wife can create…

      • Trev August 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

        I live with the exact same thing as James and I couldn’t even begin to describe the level of misery that is my life with her. He has hit the nail on the head, aside from them never being wrong and never willing to see themselves as the problem. I can’t wait to leave and if it wasn’t for my kids I would have been gone a long time ago.

      • SickOFit November 23, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

        I think you must be one of those bitchy, bipolar wives yourself. Why the fuck do people have this mentality that they are not to be responsible for their actions. It’s not his fault she can’t manage her life. Why does he have to put up with the messes she creates. You support the mentality of an abuser. There’s always another reason why their poor behavior should be acceptable to all those they hurt. The entitlement mentality of our society sickens me. My advice to him.. dump her, or move somewhere, like the middle east, where you’re allowed to slap the shit out of her when she acts up.

      • sexydork@hotmail.com January 16, 2013 at 4:14 am #

        1. You don’t know how to spell.

        2. You don’t know his situation.

        3. Seems like you are probably one of those categorized as: “Both”.

      • Rick Ash November 11, 2013 at 4:21 am #

        You’re so f*cking stupid. Apparently you didn’t really read what the man described. The oaths of marriage are sacred BUT, once he has pointed out to her the end result of her actions, she should NOT perform the same violation of the vows. Quit playing Ann Landers, get back on the couch and tell your husband you want supper at 6. C*nt..

    • F.D. Head September 1, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

      Don’t wait dude. Fuck her life, move on. I wish I had.

  4. thordora February 16, 2008 at 2:38 pm #

    No james, you don’t have to put up with it. You can walk away. No one would blame anyone for walking away from a bipolar who can’t or won’t change. Mine would have left me if I didn’t.

    You’re important too.

    • james August 9, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

      I agree; divorce her, get full custody of the kids, and get your kids a better motherly role model. If she has problems, and is not getting “fixed” despite medication, she might be taking advantage of the situation. Don’t hurt yourself, and more importantly, don’t hurt the kids. Get out of that.

    • stan January 22, 2012 at 7:32 am #

      Wow, its easier than it is. My wife is bipolar and maniac depresive somedays I can’t take it. I am stuck for ever and dwelling life!

  5. bipolarbear February 16, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    I know my husband asks this very question to himself, but then he lets me know that I’m being bitchy, and am I feeling all right? I stop and think, and usually it’s no, I’m not all right.

    • Robert July 6, 2010 at 9:53 am #

      So you are bitchy? OR you are a bichy bipolar?

  6. James February 16, 2008 at 7:28 pm #

    As much as I would love to just walk out of this mess, we have a son who is in HS. Hes a great kid. Knowing the laws of my state, it’s a long road till I get custody. He has many of her traits, and I pray he doesnt get her psyc issues. Leaving them together is a recipe for ruining his life, unless I am there to keep him on track. When she gets uppity and decides that she wants to be with her ‘friend’ more than us, then she can walk out. She still has the ability to make my life miserable if she thinks I wronged her. I would prefer that she believe she walked out on us. What I am confident of is that she would be trying to get back in with me in a matter of weeks/months, and when that comes, I will be long gone. Mentally/emotionally I have already moved out.

    • tiredofthebull April 3, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

      I’m in the same place – mentally and emotionally gone!! I don’t know what to do – I love her very much but her biploar has taken over and there are days I feel like I’m more “crazy” than she is. I cant take this and I WONT put my daughter thru this. If I could afford to leave I would leave today – I can’t and because of that i feel hopeles. It’s like I’m stuck and have no where to turn. How can I love someone so much and not want to be with them. I hate this!!

    • F.D. Head September 1, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

      Fucking lock the door behind that fat cunt. I wish I had.

  7. thordora February 16, 2008 at 7:45 pm #

    I’m so sorry James. I wish there was something else, but you can’t force someone to get treatment.

    And I can’t blame you in your situation. Just know that it’s not your fault-any of it.

  8. James February 16, 2008 at 8:50 pm #

    Thanks..whats gonna be fun is that her ‘friend’ is coming for a visit, and staying at our house. I was not consulted or asked about this, just that shes coming. So the two of them will be here while I am at work. I have been assured that its all gonna be G rated, above the board behavior, but I know better. She has a doc, and her doc says this woman is not good for her, but my wife ignores everyones pleas to stop. Im tired of yelling at her over it. The only thing I am confident about is that when the visit is over, shes not going to have one of us, and at this point, I think its going to be me thats gone from her life.

    What makes me sad is that Im not sad about it. I just want it over with.

  9. Jenn February 26, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    James you are obviously very upset. I cant say that I blame you, being a partner of someone with bipolar is not easy. This ride can get really tiring, and if you are done you are done. I guess my concern is that you are putting your wife in a position that you can point a finger and blame her for the fall of your relationship. By allowing this “visit” to happen and proclaim that as a result the relationship will be over, is taking the easy way out of it for you. Rather than sitting down with your wife and talking about the problems and coming to the decision together. I wouldnt blame you for making the decision to end the relationship, you are in a very difficult position and the trust has been broken. For both your wife and yourself I would suggest talking about this situation and coming to a decision together rather than blowing up as a result of this visit. I would say to put a stop to the visit and deal with the issues at hand with maturity. Good luck, I hope all the best for you and your wife.

    • tiredofthebull April 3, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

      Have you lost your mind!! It’s not taking the easy way out – it’s setting boundaries and untile james does he is doomed to live the same life day after day. I’ts not about pointing fingers – it’s about making sure that the loved ones of those with bipolar stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Sounds like James is on the right path but society says he should stay with his wife “not matter the price”. I disagree!!

    • Just Saying September 14, 2012 at 5:08 am #

      Good god. You have never been married to a bipolar person in your life. First of all there is not sitting down and coming to a conclusion together. That only works if you sit down willing to tell the bipolar person that you are the problem and that you fail in every aspect and that they are perfect in every way. Then they would agree and you could move on. If you said that you have a fault but would like them to admit they have a fault you better have a suit of armor on buddy because if that bitch hears that she could have a slight imperfection while approaching a mood swing you might as well kiss your balls goodbye.

  10. James March 7, 2008 at 11:09 pm #

    The visit happened, but only lasted about half what it was supposed to. It was not as bad as I had imagined. Apparently they didnt quite hit it off as lovers, but did manage to be friendly and enjoy their time together. They have decided they are better as friends than lovers, and have plans for a return trip to visit in a few months. Since this woman left, I have found more of my wifes sexual advertising for lesbian girlfriends on her computer. She assures me its more to find bi friends than it is a means to get sex. What I know is that if she has to hide it from me, its a concern. Every time she does something like this, even if it doesnt come to actual infidelity, it drives another nail into the coffin or our marriage. Im just tired of having to look at everything she does with a suspicious eye. Moreover, she sucks at hiding this stuff, so its never that hard to find!

    I dont want to put my wife in the position of her ruining our relationship, but what happens time and again is that she ingores my advise or direction, and the resulting mess is mine to clean up. I do that for a living in a professional setting, I dont need to come home and do more for free, when she knows better.

    My final conclusion on whats going to happen is that when/if she decides to push me to my limit is really not that much in my control. She will do what she will do: meds and docs and husbands be dammed. Its simply not much fun to live in a perpetual state of readiness to move out. And worst of all, I know that no woman will ever have me at such a disadvantage. I could be a great husband to some woman who wants one, but she has all but ruined my taste for getting involved with another marriage.

    • tiredofthebull April 3, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

      James – I feel for you man. I understand completely what you are going through. It’s not fun living in a “perpetual state of readiness to move out” and, even worse, wanting to leave every day. Bipolar is not fun and it definitely is not easy. You havent put your wife in a postion of ruining your relationship, you are holding her accountable for her actions – two very different things. You and I have to live our lives in a manner that is healthy and “normal” for our healths sake and the sake of our kids.

      I also know I could be a “great husband to some woman who wants one” and it’s my chief sorrow in life. I’m 43 and I feel as if I’m dying inside. I am trapped and don’t know where to go.

    • Matt April 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm #


      You are a total pussy and should be ashamed of yourself. You’re wife, cheating on you in front of yoru face, with a homosexual affair no less, is plane disgusting. That you did not leave years ago makes you a total “wimp” and “pussy”. You will always be a pussy and deserve every bit of misery you live. A real man would have left and not looked back.

      I don’t mean to be harsh but I can’t slap you over the internet and it’s just… hard to hear you be such a fucking bitch.

      • Bob November 22, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

        Matt, you are a nasty, mean person with poor advice and your foul language does not help. You are blind to see that he wants to help his selfish wife, and that is love. Evidently you do not know what love is. You are so totally selfish and cold.

  11. wild in Florida April 7, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

    I can identify with you even though I don’t have a wife that is bipolar but a woman who sleeps on my couch and has for going on 2 years. I made it clear that I want her out but now the play is on for my boyfriend’s (of 8 years) sympathy. He has told me he is tired of hearing me “bitch” about her BS.
    Selfish is not even coming close to the deviousness and the lying. She was told when she moved in here that I couldn’t handle a feather pillow in the house and the whore snuck one in. I have an ear infection because of it and she still has not removed the pillow. Boyfriend says I am just “making it up”
    If I had a way to leave…..I would. Not getting the emotional support is draining me.

    • Bob November 22, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

      Wild in Florida, your boyfriend is a pig who is getting his milk from two sources. He does not care as long as his selfish desires are met. If this were a marriage it would be called bigamy. It is true that men hate nagging, but you have a legitimate reason to complain. Dump the maggot. He is a user.

  12. josh April 27, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    I know what you are going through! My X fiance that is still my girl friend is bipolar a rapid cycling bipolar to be exact. Or so these shrinks say. Not sure how you diagnose someone with a couple visits and a survey, and then put them on mind altering medication. But any way, we have a young daughter together and we have lived together for 5 years. My life has been hell the last 5 years, Yet i’m still here? Why? I love her and think we can make things work, And I don’t want my daughter to end up like her. I feel if I leave she for sure will. That and I am scared that if I leave she will treat my daughter like she treats me and I care to much about her to be happy myself. I’m not saying she does but with me not around who else can she freak at. That being another point to ask you James, does it seem like she’s only bipolar with you and not anyone else? My girlfriend doesn’t treat her family or friends like that. She’s the same with sex, she was on sex chats and talks and going out and cheating on me. Even had the disrespect to do it to me on my birthday, with my best friend, when I was passed out in another room. I woke up and caught them. Had a feeling something was wrong. As for now she’s still on some sights and talks about it. I tell her that if it happens again I’ll be gone. hasn’t happend since but it seems like an empty threat, as I am still here. I work all day come home and cook and then clean after. Makes for a long day and not much time to spend with my daughter. We see councellors and they are really good! We can communicate there, but when where not there we can barely talk to each other. Not sure how your other is but mine throws things at me like mirrors and phones, and glasses once even a knife, and it wasn’t a butter knife. So scared ya, confused ya, angry ya, dipressed ya. I have lost alot of close friends as they do not want to be aound me because they think they will have to be around her and don’t want to have to deal with if she has a freak out. Life hasn’t gotten any easier I know life isn’t suppose to be easy, but I had no idea it would be like hell, or so as hell is described.

  13. some guy May 7, 2008 at 1:01 pm #

    My wife is a bitch too
    she is always having issues and falling out with everybody.
    If you have known my wife for any length of time,she has been mad at you.
    She thinks that everybody is wrong and if you disagree with her you are trying to change her mind, and (guess what) she is mad at you for a long time…
    I wish i could leave,we have 2 Girls and leaving them with her would be a disaster she would destroy both of them and the would be mad at the world too
    Im an idiot too for marring her but now im stuck for 18 years (at least)
    i have always been happy till i married her
    i cant keep any friends with her around,my own family loves me to come around WITHOUT her
    i wish i would have stayed with my ex(who still loves me)…better yet not be married at all

    • another some guy April 5, 2010 at 4:33 am #

      i hear you brother. you have described my situation to a tee. I’ve got another 15 years to go. Talk about a marathon. But i love my kids enough to not quit. Life is not about achieving happiness. It’s about pursuing what is noble and true. If happiness is a byproduct, good for you. Hang in there for your kids and find ways to take care of yourself without betraying your integrity and values. Me, I write, I read, I stay in shape, and I love my kids all the more to make up for their lousy mother.

      Good luck my friend.

      • isweariwillkillher January 28, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

        yes! better yourself and ignore the fucking bitch of a whore!

  14. Unhappy man May 7, 2008 at 9:13 pm #

    Ahh yes, it is nice to see that there are other people who have lives that suck as much as mine does putting up with my wife and her craziness. My wife has added eating disorder issues and so I have to watch her dumbass eat lettuce for every meal and my shirnk says that I can not do anything to help her. Why could I not just turn back the clock and not get into this terrible situation. On top of this, I feel that I need to stay because her mother is dying of a terminal illness. This means that I get beat down everyday and just take it because I want to help her. Well its time to leave.

    • Douglas J Sunday January 30, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

      Thea truth Thea real truth. I study quantum physics a little more then eight years. I found in my research that in realty that we walk these planet that moves 155 miles per hour in space and that we all stand upside down in real life. You walk outside or drive you my see the deferents or not but its real, I have a very long health problem-s believe me. I have transplant plus cancer and i think positive every day and that my friend is the short story, I hope you all see.

  15. Wife's a BItch... May 11, 2008 at 5:23 am #

    What seems to be common is the woman, on becoming a Mom, ascends to her throne, (moaning and bitching about her pains which turns into a constant verbal beating that she is better than I ) then does a power grab in the name of Motherhood, using the children as emotional blackmail, knowing that the devout (read soft gullible) father dare not risk the sacrifice of the children to her, and therefore feels immune and powerful (possibly for the first time in her miserable life) and proceeds to vomit and spew her indignity, self-righteous rage over the household, like a bloody kotex flung across a white wall, as if she were some sort of holy martyress, putting up with our foul-smelling transgressions that we do only to spite and vex her more. And as this pitiful charade wears on, the love turns to hate, the verbal abuse can no longer be beared, and the cycle is continued. It doesn’t help that we live in a one bedroom apartment either. But ultimately the walls are built in our hearts and minds. So does it save the child? To see this sick-biotic relationship? The children suffer the parent’s ills. Such is life.

  16. thordora May 11, 2008 at 9:30 am #

    Yes, cause we all know that men are saints and have nothing to do with any situation.

    Regardless of my own illness, my husband has played into it, and made things worse. The difference is we BOTH admit our culpability and move on, instead of slinging mud at each other.

  17. denise May 12, 2008 at 12:03 pm #

    I understand and feel SO much for all of u on here. God is this site gr8 for venting and support. I have read every post… and it s making me think about things in a more reasonable state of mind, and not a state of mind of someone in love, lonely and very very depressed…. I started dating a guy a couple of months ago (we knew each other in high school)… we’ve had this amazing fairytale story, and unbelievable things in our lives… parallel lives that no 2 other ppl could share…. we even work in the same industry and grew up in the same town in europe as kids, before high school in the us….. But then he turned nasty, VERY NASTY, i could not recognise him!! …At first he told me he wanted 2 marry me and have kids with me, and I was “the one”… THEN got abusive and disappeared. He went overseas, did not contact me until he came back… I thought I’d give it another go… then again!! He was perfect and we were in love, and then the next moment he woke up and said he could not see me anymore, we are not good together…. He has disappeared again, and i have not seen him for about 2 weeks. Last time was a little ovr 3 weeks… This time, who knows? a couple of weeks? months? never? ….not knowing kills me!! I have been in bed depressed for three weeks, i am so drained of energy, even walking to the shop 2 grab something 2 eat (no energy 2 cook) tires me out!! After reading ur posts I think 2 myself that I should learn from ur experiences and listen 2 wat u say… I do not want to be a single mother, and saying “if only I could turn back time” “if only I had gotten out while I could” “if only I had not married him” ….but then the other little voice comes in and says “no, u love him, it will be hard, but try” …I need 2 b strong and take ur advice. I have already been destroyed 2 times in only a matter of 2 months!! I don’t know if i am strong enuff 4 constant abuse and disappearing acts?? I hope i’ll be strong enuff IF he does return, but I can’t be so sure. Is it true that they usually always return? Thanks for reading 🙂

    • tra la la September 6, 2009 at 10:45 pm #

      he’s obviously married to the “other” overseas woman and splitting his sales calls with you… for fun. don’t get yourself preggers!! i am 40 and single and seen ALL men’s tricks. i’ve heard it all, oh there’s no one like you, you’re beautiful, i want your kids, blah blah blah, when he needs his car insc paid or just get laid. where is he at the holidays though?? if he’s not spending every minute with you, falling all over himself, fixing your car, saving your hamster, buying your mom flowers, and commits within a year, lose him fast!!! btw, i still have hope there’s someone out there that’s normal…. sigh.

      ps-if anyone knows what psych disorder this following description is, please puh-leez let me know. My mom and ex both have it. it’s so wierd, it’s like they are twins. all the symtoms are exactly the same! i’ve been trying to figure it out for 40 years, but they won’t get diagnosed! ADHD, BPD, BIPOLAR, NARSISSIST, sadist, WHAT???! they think there’s nothing wrong with them, that it’s the victim. Nasty mood ALL the time, shrieking at anything, waving arms, provoking you, judging you, insulting you, criticizing you, finding fault with everything in life, dream crushers, having a huge yelling scene and acting like nothing happened 15 minutes later, answers before you finish sentence, binge like over eating, grandiose self-centered selfish, cold, no empathy, mean, vindictive, obsessed with looks, cannot stand fat people, have tics like picking or ocd moving things in place, not affection- ate, (male, wild sex then nothing after he finds fault in everything about you), (woman,no sex for dad,frigid), control freak, their way without logic no matter what, impulsive (shopping), cannot decide on anything- takes days, sometimes they give up deciding all together even if they need a new phone or sink whatever, fidgeting constantly, wake up at rooster hours in morn, pass out early at night, do not do hobbies like sports or puzzles, incessant talking over people at people among people to themselves all day and night, needy, have to have constant audience, constant activity, eat fast, talk fast, do fast, no tolerance, no patience, once in a while they fool others and act all sweet usually for favors, if it’s toward me the target -it’s nice to me for 1-2 days max then the screaming at the lambs begins again…. help. it’s like the arguments get them high. it makes me sick.

      • shaun February 18, 2010 at 3:17 pm #


      • jess September 10, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

        They are perfection secers i know that sounds wered but i am one and i feel disapointment with everything because i want it to be perfect but i have alot of flaws and i cant stand when i dont look good it drives me crazy so just try to show them the buety in the things they do wrong show them that what they are not perfect in is what you love about them the most sorry for my wrighting i have a learing disorder all so

  18. Kevin May 31, 2008 at 1:34 am #

    Wholly cow I could write a book on this blog. I’m currently getting ready to divorce my wife of 17 years. We have been together for 21 years. She has been bipolar the whole time with super mood swings, cheating , lying and feeling sorry for herself. Always someone elses fault. We have two children ages 19 and 17 and I swore I would fight it for the kids sake. I suppose I was selfish as well for wanting to be with my childen and protect them. I have had good times with my wife, but often wonder if hers was a show. I could go into detail about all the affairs and the divorces she has contributed to, but I will not. The straw that broke the camels back is when my children seen their own mother with another man up close and personal and she still had the nerve to say it wasn’t true and they were lying. They didn’t see what they saw! I’m done, relieved, hurt ,sad, but feel like a bus has been lifted from my shoulders. I no longer have to make things appear OK. I no longer have anger in my heart. Stress and anger put my in the Hospital Cardiac Unit once for three days many yaers ago. No heart attack just heart arithmias. I’m OK now. Yes they had heard mention of previous affairs from family members, but never in their face so to speak. I have talked with them and told them to not hold anger in their heart. It was my own fault for staying. She is their mother and has contributed alot to their well being. She still loves them even thougth her actions were not appropriate. They will be living with me and I look forward to a new life. Please, any one going through this, man or woman, be true to yourself! Be truthful to others and you will gain much more respect! How many times have I had that stare from someone who Knows. TOO MANY!! Maybe now I can regain some of my self esteem. Rock bottom and climbing!

  19. thordora May 31, 2008 at 9:01 am #

    It’s a horrible illness when untreated that can destroy people. I’m sorry that she was never able to find a place where she was willing to fix things. I’m glad you’re moving on. I know my husband would have if it had gotten to a bad place. We were well on our way.

    I’m glad that you also know she loves her kids-she does, in her way. It’s so hard to understand that divided mind she likely lives with. You sound like you’ve tried.

    I hope things get better for you now. I truly do.

  20. Tony June 2, 2008 at 5:56 pm #

    When your in a relationship with a bipolar wife or bithch you feel that your all alone. I can relate to all the fellas. I’m an idiot for getting arried not knowing what I was getting into. She snaps at the worst times. On our way home from a Maui vacation she goes off on me on the plane instigating a fight. What can i do at 36000 feet? I stepped off the plane with bruises on my arms. I hate her for it. There’s something new everyweek. I even got stuck doing Anger management defending myself during one of HER tantrums. Monday starts a new issue, and i have to hear every story she’s been pissed about, and how much she hates me, my family…and who works, just me. Yea, she takes meds. Do they work? NOPE! I still hear a bunch of crap. I would love for her to leave, or find someone new. Ruin someone elses life. Unfortunately, we have a beautiful 3 year old son. I don’t want to hurt him. He needs me, and not her yelling at him all the time..What else can you do? Send her to shrinks? I don’t want to be married to her anymore. If I try to leave, she’ll probably come after me to either hurt me, hurt my job, or something to get at me. I try to love her, but it gets ruined when she runs her mouth. I can’t keep being the one to blame..what do i do?

  21. denise June 5, 2008 at 12:43 pm #

    Tony, I really feel for you, and I know wat it is like 2 b stuck… altho I do not have a child. First of all, I did want to say that a man can be just as bad as a woman. I was dealing with my boyfriend until recently. He was verbally abusive all the tme, threw tantrums, blamed me for everything, I had to watch everything I said and did -and still did everything wrong!! It was a terrible feeling to always be on edge and walking on eggshells 2 not get yelled at or put down. Anyways… I think u have already made ur decidion, LOUD and clear. U have said that u do not want to be with her, and you want to “not be married”. I understand you have a son, but you also have to think about ur wellbeing. This is obviously easier said than done… but I think u shd leave. You will still be able to see your son, and you will be able to then be happy again and live a normal life. Your son will adapt to the change, children always do. My parents were divorced and my brother and I adapted. The only hard thing was not being able to see my father bc we moved overseas… so just make sure you get to see him on weekends 🙂 If she tries to go after you and hurt you or ur job, u will just have to be strong. I doubt she can do much to ruin your job, and if she tries u can always tell ppl that she was doing watever she was doing bc she didn’t want u to divorce her. Ppl will just think she is a crazy woman!! Men always think us women are crazy at the drop of a hat, lol. As for your son… if he stays with her, just make sure u see him on weekends… and wen u do, if he is unhappy ask him if he wants to live with u, if he says yes, tell her. Then… take him 2 a shrink, and if the shrink says that he is unhappy and shd live with you, u have it documented 🙂 Just running ideas off the top of my head for you, haha. Altho u prob thought of all this b4, lol. I had to breakup with my guy -we were not together long- but knew each other from back in our teens. Was a fairytale romance..until the abuse started. He stole, lied, probably cheated etc etc… Ask me to marry him one minute, then the next minute told me I meant nothing to him, and bitched me out 2 all his friends -lies- and they all hate me and think I am crazy now. So… it was not good. I kept giving him chances… but it drained me, i almost had a nervoud breakdown, stopped working, stayed in bed for over a month. I gave hima final chance… i was sweet and perfect, loving like no one had ever prob been to him… and he was again abusive and told me I meant nothing to him after sleeping with me. SO, that was the final straw. It’s hard… i still cry. Was 2-3 weeks ago. I had to erase all the contact info i had for him, or else i wd have eventually contacted him. I ended the relationship with a fone call were I screamed at him for the first time, and got evil for the first time. I ended it with me being “on top” and said things which would have hurt him. I hung up on him (usually he does it) He tried calling me back… i never picked up. He sounded a bit shocked, lost and hurt n his voicemail. But then gave-up, and I have not heard from him since. Maybe I will again one day?? Maybe not?? I secretly hope so…. i kno it is bad!! ANyways… sometimes I think we have to get evil. They might be sick… but they are still human and shd kno right from wrong to a certain extent wen it comes to abuse. I think if we dish it back from tym to tym it s the only way to protect ourselves and kick their asses “slightly” into place. Why should they get away with that behaviour and we can’t!! Seriously!! Hope this helped u a bit. Good luck with everything, keep us posted.

  22. KW June 10, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    My wife is also bi polar. I am in the same boat as the rest of you guy’s (walking on egg shells, being blamed for everything, being told i am mean, having to indure her tamtrums when she is upset or frustrated). I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter that means the world to me. I want so much for her and I to leave this “mad” women and live pecefuly. When my wife start yealling at me my little one always say “dada just don’t talk to her and maybe she will stop”. The poor little girl is stuck inthe middle. I want so badly to get a divorce but i know that i will be reduced to only seeing my little one every other week and the “mad women” will get all the money she can get her hads on. See unfortunatly it is easier for the women to get what ever she wants and can accuse the man of whatever she wants and get away with it in todays courts. So when you take that into consideration and then you throw a bi polar personality which in her mind she is the victem of everything that happens and dose not recognize the abuse she dished out then basicly the only option i have is to stay. i don’t know how much more i can take. iam shaking and all of the time just waiting for the bomb to drop again 9usually happens every 10 min). For example my wife got a new blackbeerry this morning and called me up because she could not figure out how to put the sim card in. i was trying to help her but she started to get frustated and then started putting me down because she could not figure out the phone. Also i was trying to answer some of her customer emails and i got fussed at about that. She say’s “i need help” so i try to help but I just get put down and ridiculed for what ever i do. She calls me at work just to fuss about something.

    • Sam August 30, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

      James is right.. its hard as hell and they are incredibly selfish. I just left my wife of 13 years that is bipolar. It was hard and I did feel stuck but I can assure you things will get better. I was so miserable for so long and now I feel amazing after less than a month of getting her out of my life. Lemme tell ya.. constantly cheating, constantly making everyone around her miserable. Its never her fault though! Only the most lazy self righteous person I’ve ever met. Like you said.. if I only knew what I know now I would have never touched it, let alone married it. She is still trying to get her hooks back into me.. to hell with that.

  23. denise June 10, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    I don’t know either?? I wish someone could answer that! Its just not fair that they always get away with everything. Ppl always defend them and say that they are hurting more than us… but I am not so sure. I feel dead inside, at times lyk there was no reason to live, lyk the pain will never go away, like I am trapped. I get yelled at, put down, used for sex, humiliated, told to shut up, lied to, cheated on, put in “my” place. Then other times i am “the one” -the one he wants to marry and have kids with, the intelligent one, the beautiful one, and all the compliments u can imagine. Which things does he mean? does he mean all of them or none of them? Does he remember wat he has said? Does he know the pain he causes? Sometimes I feel as though he takes gr8 pleasure in it?? Wenever I cry or look weak it actually turns him off me. Wen I am strong and tough he seems to like me more. WHy? I don’t know?? Will they ever realize the pain the cause or are they always the victim?? Hopefully someone will have an answer 4 us.

  24. Kevin June 11, 2008 at 1:03 am #

    Back again,
    Signed divorce papers on the 6th and I’m not looking back. My Ex stomped me down so low the only direction was up. My children have had to face the reality thier mother needs help. Hell, I probably do too now. I feel better though, now that I’m free, than I have in years. Get out before it breaks you!


  25. Tony June 11, 2008 at 2:10 pm #

    Thanks for the advise Denise, Kevin, and KW. She has stated she knows she has a problem and wants to seek help. Its a start. There are days she realizes she puts out alot of anxiety on us. We’ll see if the Dr helps. She sees she can’t afford to lose us…


  26. denise June 12, 2008 at 10:37 am #

    I am so happy 4 u Tony! ..I am interested to kno, wat made her change, wat made her come to terms and admit the problem?? I wonder if my ex will ever get to that point?? I can’t c it happening tho. Let me kno wat happens…. D

  27. Tony June 12, 2008 at 1:54 pm #

    I don’t know what happenned to be honest. Sometimes she just sees that she gets out of control, and needs to put some kind of grasp on the issue. Cause it not only stresses me out, but also affects the kids. She has said this before, but hopefully this time, she follows thru. We have Dr. Appt set, including a psychiatrist. She is already on meds for her tantrums, but hopefully seeing the doc on a regular basis will help control her behavior. I don’t know what to say about your ex, other than “move on”. Life is to short to sit and “hope” someone will come back. He’s gone for a reason. If he was meant to stay, you wouldn’t be writing to us all. That should help you decide the next step for your life. Let him ruin someone elses life..be happy. Anyway, its a long road for all of us..no one ever said it was gonna be easy.

  28. EndofRope June 16, 2008 at 4:32 pm #

    Cant believe I finally found a site that discusses this…. I have been dealing with my wife for 15 years, just the last 2 she started getting profesional help. She still thinks it is just a depression as a result of her family life (as a child). She has started seeing 2 mental health professionals and I am paying out around $1100 per month. Now she is pissed at both of them and insists that they are idiots and not giving her the help that she needs. I have 3 beautiful kids and it devistates me to think of what they have suffered because of their mother. I honestly dont know how much longer I can hold out. Even her Doctors are confounded as to the direction to go.

  29. Tony June 18, 2008 at 7:06 pm #

    WOW. I don’t know what to say other than “did the prescribe anything to her? We just began seeing the Dr. again. They increased her original dosage of Seroquel. Did your Dr’s prescribe this? She needs to take something. Yes her early childhood has affected her, which more than likely causes her inbalances. The Dr. increased the meds because overtime the body becomes immune to the dosage, and the chemical inbalance take over again…of course she will be pissed off at the Dr’s, and probably the world as well. If she is on meds now..then who knows..Try lithium or valuum. what sort of things have you been dealing with? can I ask?

  30. coty June 19, 2008 at 3:01 am #

    man my wife is biopolar she is on meds and her stupid fucking ass still doing retarted shit. I cant fucking stand her any more she makes me so damn mad to the point I just want to fucking punch a fucking wall down I fucking hate her sad thing is I am in Iraq and I cant doing anything bout it fucking bitch

    • FedUp January 4, 2010 at 3:33 am #

      Damn, man. When I was in Iraq my then-fiance was causing all the stress she could, right before we went out on patrol and all (real cool, by the way). If you see my very-after-the-fact message, I just want you to know that I was a bigger fool than you because I forgave and married the bitch. A year later, she got me expelled from college (Honors Student) on her bullshit lies and I really just can’t take it anymore. She has lied to me, to my family, to her family, and to the church that we both went to when we were little. She has poisoned so much in this world I can’t even quite understand it yet. She also mired me in legal trouble based on more of her bullshit lies and personal insecurity. Now, I am left wondering if any woman could be trustworthy, since she seemed so innocent. But, perhaps I was blind. Us combat veterans should put together a Situational Awareness course for when a woman is going to become a problem later. Just like they do with IEDs, I am saying a controlled detonation. Blow the relationship up and get the fuck out! If only we could call in the Navy for THAT. Forgive my ridiculous humor, but it provides me some much needed levity to keep her evils at bay. Semper Fi.

  31. denise June 21, 2008 at 7:15 am #

    Coty, I really feel for you. You are in a hard enough situation as it is… she is really not making things easier for you. She should really be so much more supportive!! I’m not really sure wat to tell u?? But perhaps just remember that ppl with “bipolar” have no control over their moods, and although it totally fucking sux BIG TIME for US PPL who have to cop the crap… they do love us, but don;t know how to deal with their constant paranoia and angry mood swings. They don’t even kno or realize it most of the time. I know that doesn’t solve the situation…. she need meds and a shrink (like my ex bf does) but at least u can know that it is not REALLY her, it is the “bipolar” speaking, and not the person, and know that u are not the only one to go through this and connecting with other ppl n the same situation will be a great support for you. Sorry I could not be much more help : ( I wish you well, and lots of strength.

  32. EndofRope June 23, 2008 at 11:09 am #

    Her therapist used to have her on Prozac for mood stabilization during the most upsetting times (her exposed affair and remembering abuse). Recently they have put her on aripiprazole (Abilify). Its almost like the medication helps but she has some overwhelming desire to have a problem. I think that she is adicted to the drama and cant feel good unless she feels bad (ok now I sound crazy). She needs total 100% attention and people telling her how good she is and falling over them selves to help her, or she is not happy.

  33. Tony June 24, 2008 at 5:57 pm #

    End of
    I know what you mean by needing 100% total attention. Whenever my wife is in those states, she expects me to drop everything and throw rose pedals everywhere to make things better. Fuck that! Its bad enough we have to hear them bitch 99.9% of the time, let alone have to kiss their ass. It seems your wife has a more amplified bipolar personality. The sad part is, I was in Coty shoes..feeling like I was crumbling. We have been through it all, fights, police coming over, me getting cited, going to court and ME having to do Anger Management class. Cause one day I just couldn’t take it, she pushed me to the edge. I slapped her. YES, its wrong, don’t do that. But the point is Its hard to deal with. Very hard. Hang in there

  34. Mine is too July 5, 2008 at 6:30 pm #

    You guys are definitely not alone. My wife is a selfish bitch who only serves her own needs, regardless of how her actions affect her husband and children. I can’t say I wish I never married her because I am blessed with two wonderful daughters. I can say that my wife is a crazy bitch and I wish aliens would just swoop down and take her stupid ass away forever.

    PS I wish I could just do whatever the hell I wanted and then blame it on being “bipolar”. The people that make this diagnosis are usually less insightful than myself and they’ve been studying human behavior for years.

  35. EndofRope July 7, 2008 at 2:24 pm #

    Now we hear that she has a problem with Repetition compulsion.
    This has manifested its self in the form of affairs (some subtle and not a danger to our marriage, others VERY destructive as we are near divorce now). Now I find out that she has a thing for her latest shrink. Lets hope he is ethical and not going to have a fling with her.

  36. TONY July 7, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    I am beginning to believe that most women are this way. I too cannot say I wish I never got married cuz I was blessed with a beautiful son. BUT, I know I would NEVER get married agin. Thats for DAMN SURE! I can’t understand how she has to freak out about every damn thing in the world. Its not a big deal, but they have to freak the hell out on everything and anything. I too wish aliens would come and get her, or better yet I could get lucky with lightning. As i said before, I can now see I’m not alone.

  37. Scott August 25, 2008 at 12:34 am #

    You know, I got some beef with my wife. I probably have more than anyone who reads this can imagine. As a man, I/we all feel guilty when we want to leave, and they know that, they play the cute card, and suck us back in, some of us literally sucked back in. This is our reality. I fucking hate my wife more than I have ever hated another soul, yet I love her when she loves me. Men are easy, were built this way, its our flaw, and they know it. I forget about being pissed usually within an hour. If anyone here is wondering how long.. Fucking long time.. Since Jan of 91.. I was only 20, just 20. She was hot, I’m pretty good looking as men go, but she was in a different class, holy shit I was gonna marry her, and I did. She even had a child that was 10 months old. I took that baby in, with no questions. I took care of that kid and her mom, who was then pregnant. We were supposed to get married, we fought a lot, but I could not see then what I see now. There is another baby boy after that. We moved around a lot seeking the good life. I served my country, which she made me feel bad, and started cheating on me. Mind you, This entire time we are fighting like cats and dogs. She was arrested a few times for being physical. I left her once or twice, I can’t really remember much, kind of a blur. She’s really a vicious cheating bitch, but I can forgive all of that shit, it in the past. What I can’t stand more than anything, which causes the rage to surge, is her yelling and bitching and that shitty cunt attitude, you know then one. Its the one that makes you want to kick the shit out of her. Some of you do and end up in jail, some just put hands on them, but just lightly enough to possibly keep you out of jail. Some of you just wimper like a little baby. All of us cry, don’t lie. I am a grown ass man. I used to be a fighter, like physical with other guys though. I can really kick the shit out of a guy pretty good, yet I got this fucking screaming whore in my face, and I usually am the number two guy, I just let her know a little, but not as much as I want to. She yells almost immediately when she gets pissed. Her PMS is like hell on earth. She will not stop, she will dig deep in to her hurt pockets, and hurl insults that actually make you do a penis check. Her voice 5 decibels above normal sends shivers down your spine. The very onset of a fight makes you cringe with fear. I am always like “fuck, now the rest of the day is ruined, maybe even tomorrow.” I just want to live in peace. Here is the problem, were institutionalized. I can’t leave the institution, I don’t know how to be alone or happy, and whos gonna take care of her right? I love her, I hate her, and I have to leave to live. Thats my new slogan.. “Leave to live” Peace.. Scott leave a comment..
    P.S. I omitted a bunch of shit..LOL

  38. James October 14, 2008 at 7:38 pm #

    Im back. Wife is still her bipolar self. Shes moved on from one lesbian freakshow, and is now up to cruising lesbian bars by herself. The good news is that she is now hooked up with one woman, a lawyer no less! They are developing both a working and personal relationship.

    In the meantime, wife has managed though her refusal to show me the books, how she put our house in forclosure (again!!) and I had to cash in my retirement money to save it. She has agreed to give me that, after seeing my savings evaporate in the bank lobby.

    The kid is 15 and wonderful. Essentially I am running down the clock till he is as close to 18 as I can stand. He will doubtlessly come with me, and she can go do whatever she wants. I love her, but i dont like her very much. Make sense?

  39. James October 14, 2008 at 9:49 pm #

    Meant to add more eariler, shes perfected the passive-aggressive approach, where she has the girlfriend on the phone, tells her that shes coming over, and THEN when they hang up, looks at me in disbelief, as if she has had this planned all day. Its her trick of introducing what she wants to do without having a fight or discussion. A lot of work for nothing, she can do as she pleases. I felt so much of what Scott wrote, that theres no means to win. I put a hand on her and I lose a job, a house and a fortune in built up assests. While she can do whatever she wants, and I have essentialy no say so. While I am not advocating either, I now understand the muder/suicide scene. We havent changed her bipolar sex fiend episodes, other than to get her focused down to screwing women instead of men and women, so I guess thats progress. No matter, I cant stand the sight of her most of the time. Her rants and childish behavior make her seem more like a 12yr old daughter than my 45 yr old wife. Takes a lot of the romantic urges away. The good news is that she doesnt yell or scream at me, more the pouting and silent treatment. If she only knew how I felt about her, or could put away her narcicisim long enough to worry about someone other than herself. If she spent a third of the time she spends on the internet surfing porn and lesbian pick up sites, all my laundry and dishes would be clean and put away. Needless to say those are my jobs when I get home.

    All I am doing at this point is thinning out my stuff, getting rid of junk I dont want to move, so that when the time comes, I can toss most all I own in the back of a van and take off with my son. This has cost me so much of my own emotional and physical health, I have no idea how or if I will ever recover to the level I was in years past. If I play it right she can run off to her lawyer/lovers million dollar house and they can leave me be in mine that costs a fraction of that.

    My intentions at this time are to hang on till the kid is more independent, maybe 18. Then split up when I cant take anymore. She will be stunned and hurt that I would do such a thing, but once I am done saying what I long to say to her, there will be no love left for me, as I have nearly no love for her now. It would take days to recount the things she has done/not done in the time we have been together. She wont even disagree. I hope she enjoys her miserable existance with whatever lesbian shes wrapped up in.

    God this is a sad way to live.

    • tra la la September 6, 2009 at 11:09 pm #

      james, please leave her and marry me asap, LOL. i have had to put up with the first 40 years of other people’s incessant childish rages, but, i will NOT tolerate my second half of life being made miserable.

  40. Kevin October 19, 2008 at 1:05 am #

    I really do feel your pain and been through it all. Divorced finally as of Aug 27th. You have to let go. It will not get better until you have the courage to go through with divorce. Get the best attorney that you can and start the process of MOVING ON. You may be a little scared of the thought of being alone. But you are right now! Save your son from any more harm his mothers actions may cause. You both may need counseling or to at least talk to people that have been there and can relate. Even under the current conditions it is hard. Your erasing many years of your life with her. It will get better and better. She will no longer be able to control you and hopefully your son will have a say in where he stays. Do it now while she is in a relationship because it serves as a distraction for her. Been there and done that. I wish you the best of luck and I will check this blog if you need to talk. Do not talk of your intentions just do it! Regain your pride and physical health. Stress kills!!

  41. Helen October 20, 2008 at 2:49 pm #

    Yikes. I’m not bipolar, and neither is my husband, but your comments are wake-up calls to me. You know, it’s not just bipolar spouses who can be selfish and self-absorbed. Reasonably mentally-healthy people can be that way, too. I’m referring to myself, not my husband.

    I mean this in all seriousness: Thank you for the reminder that we should continually be asking ourselves if our spouses are happy, and if they are taking too much burden of responsibility. My husband hasn’t complained, but he is not a complainer by nature. I almost wish he were, so that I would know if I were being inappropriate.

    So a suggestion for some of you unhappy husbands: have you specifically asked your wives to take more of the burden (e.g., James, about dishes and laundry)? We women can be clueless too about picking up hints. You need to TELL us outright that you want us to help more. If you do it in a non-angry way that shows us that we’re being unfair, we will respond.

  42. Love drained sick fool November 11, 2008 at 1:53 am #

    When is enough to say no more.? How much crap is one to take?
    And when it comes to kids is it better to pretend all is well untill they are grown and out the door?

  43. runaway December 8, 2008 at 6:59 pm #

    this bipolar shit is all shit – they know. i don’t care what anyone says. i’m married to a fckin cunt (yes i’m that bitter and full of hate for her) i’ve tried to leave, i have two girls with her – the oldest,an older teen, talked to me and just wants me to stay so bad because of how they feel about their mom. it’s sad. no one is comfortable w/ the woman when she’sa around – if i’m at home during the day alone w/ the kids, all is well and calm and we have fun and relax and just chill. literally -as soon as she walks in the door – everyone is fighting with her, she’s yelling at everyone, the kids are usually crying with her f’ing obnoxious and selfish attitude within a half hour of her walking in the door. HOWEVER…when she’s doing her own thing – she’s happy, normal, calm – as soon as someone challenges her or questions what she is doing there’s a total change in attitude and she goes apeshit. not always loud – but frustratingly confrontational. fuck her. when my kids leave, i will leave.

  44. James January 28, 2009 at 1:21 am #

    THought I would come back to this…. still currently married, wife is still with her lawyer/lover, but claims she they are not having sex. Wife is very good at organizing other peoples things, but lousy at her own. And yes, I have spoken to her about her lack of help, and that mostly falls on deaf ears. She claims that its now only a working relationship, but theres no checks of any consequence coming it. My wife says that this could become a financial benefit to us, but I havent seen it yet. I really dont care, shes at least dealing with ONE other crazy lesbian rather than a bar full of them as has been in the past.

    What I have done is, rightly or wrongly, gotten a girlfriend of sorts. Her husband has mental issues and so does my wife. We just spend time together, sort of a mutual support thing. Its not a sexual thing, but we have discussed it. Its helped us both a great deal to talk about our marriages with someone whos in the same situation. She is not divorcing due to her kids, same as me. My wfe is aware of this, and initially encouraged it. I dont give her any details,. but now shes a bit jealous of my new friend, but doesnt have a thing to say about it, considering what I have tolerated over the years. Her husband knows as well, but hes much less tolerant.

    I dont know where this will all lead, andI really dont care. At least I feel ike I have an outlet, someone to talk to, and a bit of control in my life.

    • tra la la September 6, 2009 at 11:24 pm #

      james- wake up and smell the coffee. don’t you realize her so-called lover is just a front for her lawyer putting you through the ropes when D-day comes?!? ding dong, wake up!!! this is an old legal trick. if you fall for the bait of using her lawyer, she will have the kids in custody so fast, before you have the chance to say, huh? women always get the kids, fair or not. hide/save your money, then go get your own lawyer and start building your kid custody battle now. good lord man, get a grip and leave already. fuck the money, you’ll manage some how, some way… why do you sickly stay and watch the house burn down, instead of running for buckets of water???

  45. Want To Kill Myself February 2, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

    Oh my god. I dont even know where to start. I have been married 2 months now. We had a daughter before we were married. She is 2 years old and the reason I wake up everyday. Seriously I cant even describe the love I feel for her. My wife and I have had problems a long time. It gets worse everyday. We didnt spilt because I cant do that to my little girl. I cant let her be raised with 4 god damn parents. Ya know with the steps. and all. I have never met a more cold hearted, rude, cunt bitch mother fucker in my entire life! I mean, if Satin were to walk in my front door right now and make me choose weather to live with him or my wife, that bitch wouldnt even have time to pack her bags before my foot was kicking her ass out the door. She doesnt do shit. NOTHING!!!! I cook, clean, take care of the dog, the child, anything you can imagine. She works, (like me), and comes home and sits on her ass. If I ask her to make dinner she always has an attitude if she even does it and bitches the whole time. Thats just over dinner. Look, I could go on and on and on for ever. Bottom line is this people. Some women and the most worthless fucking cunt bitches to walk to earth. Any women who doesnt believe that statment and think its rude, your probablly one of them. I have tried all the remedys and crap everone says to try and nothing works. At the end of the day she is still the same old bitch. It really is sad. Im misrable. And you know what im going to do about it. Nothing 😦 I love my daughter to much.

    • tra la la September 6, 2009 at 11:40 pm #

      i begged and begged my dad to take me out of the torturous hideous demonic home of which lived that evil monster, aka, known as “my mom.” i’m not talking about usual girly mom daughter fights. i’m talking about a diabolical beast that would hunt me out of my room and beat me, spitting , screaming in my face, and then run to my dad and say her daughter was so terrible, with lies upon lies each day. so he would mock me too. i couldn’t go out, i had to get straight “A’s,” i cleaned toilets like cinderella for the evil stepmom, i got locked in a garage for eating too slow, she never comforted me, nor held me. it took a year after age 18 to stop flinching if someone touched me. i still have anxiety. i have never had a soft place to fall, someone to call mommy. to this day, i can still hear her high pitched voice echoing, shreaking, just shreaking over and over. my brothers are now not normal because of her. i wanted to just die by the age of 17. i prayed god to take me away. GET THE FRICKING KIDS OUT AND STOP BEING SO SELFISH!!!!!

    • weneedrealchange August 1, 2013 at 12:16 am #

      at least yours works…

  46. Want To Kill Myself February 2, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    I have just been sitting here staring at the computer after I typed that. Guys! There has to be something we can do here. I feel like the biggest bitch for taking all the shit she dishes out everyday. Im fucking sick of it. HELP!!!!

  47. thordora February 3, 2009 at 12:06 am #

    “If I ask her to make dinner she always has an attitude if she even does it and bitches the whole time”

    Assmunch, you have bigger problems than the entire internet can get into.

  48. Out TheDoor March 24, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

    Jenn’s an idiot, as is anyone else who advocates “sitting down and talking” with someone who’s bipolar, has borderline personality disorder, or is paranoid schizophrenic. My ex-wife was all three AND had a form of anorexia. All started developing in her mid-thirties, after more than a decade of marriage, and were in full, torturous swing by 40.

    There’s no fucking way that such people will ever listen unless they’re on meds — they are simply not capable of having rational and empathic discussions because they’re realities are too different from yours!

    Unfortunately these conditions cause them to avoid meds, because they think their doctors or loved ones are trying to control their minds. If they get on meds, the recidivism rate is high — they drop them because they “feel better now”, and think they no longer need the meds.

    Most states provide for parental psych evaluation (in California it’s called a 730 evaluation). Get a good family law attorney and save yourself and your kids. You’re both at risk, emotionally and physically. Don’t let your kids grow up with that kind of marriage/relationship as an example.

    I got out and am happily married again (to someone else), and have full custody of my kids. My ex is still nuts and making everyone around her miserable.

    • Seeya! July 1, 2009 at 3:58 pm #

      outthedoor, you are the most rational person I have encountered on these quests for like experience – you get so isolated managing a family with these freaks – they take so much, and the self changing of the meds, and the being right all the time, and the knowing everything better than everyone else thing – what a joke. now she wants to fuck with my kids meds 9joint custody0 and -hes special needs and has had a working regimine for years – if she wont give him his stuff or adds more naturopathic ignorance I’m going to insist on court intervention. she tried to get me to take an herb that causes abortions when i was trying to get pregnant because some site said it was good for mentrual issues she is always believeing herself to be omnipotant ands the smallest hint of disagreement causes her to freak i just need to stay sane and far away im sad to be letting go of a dream that her pill taking for a few years meant she would keep it up she is ready for the end of the world but cant keep a single relationship her kids are screwed shes already programming them to be afraid and all i want is to take my son and bail. she can fuck with her miserable husband 0 he gained 200 lbs being with her for 4 years hahaha clue! Thanks for letting me vent, i am scared about the kid thing, but what a relief to read your bits – she is outside the box, that’s for sure!

  49. Seeya! July 1, 2009 at 3:50 pm #

    So, my husbands ex is a fricking wangnut- my own awesome desire to control the world led me to try to befriend her for the last 8 years, which I have spent trying to coparent a special needs kid with this cnt! I have him most of the time since I am stable enough to deal with his needs but man it took me a long time – what people aren’t saying is how awesome they are when they have their shit together and then they start the slide down, what with self adjustoing meds, and naturo-useless special self meds, and emotional attacks to distrack fro m the crazy – I cant take her self righteous demeaning hostile inability to support anyone crap anymore. I am just so sorry i was this entrwined, because now i feel awkward and wary for the attack and know she wont be able to help herself, some big blowup will happen since i’m not bweing her bitch anymore. she has no family, wrote off anyone but my husband due to the kid, and as soon as she decides it was unfair to set some boundaries she’ll be banging away after my time and energy again. i find her negative insulting crap so familiar – when she isnthere i see the pattern and get help as soon as we communicate i doubt it was that bad and forgive forgive forgive i have fantasies about escaping the joint custody she keeps huge secrets, her daughter isnt even her husbands, she thinks i support that kind of lifetime lie – are you fucking kidding/ who does that to someone? how can you trust someone with the ability to lie like that to get what they want? meds be damned if you donbt want to grow up, be a bipolar, you can sacrifice adulthood for dependant blame every day!

  50. How Much Longer? July 4, 2009 at 10:34 pm #

    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…I’m glad to see that I am not the only one…4th of July and all I wanted us to do was go and watch fireworks…Well she had to set off fireworks of her own before we could get settled to watch…She is abusive both physically and mentally and I say I’m fed up but I’m still here, and I know that I’m only still here for my son. It’s good to hear (only in a supportive way) that others are experiencing the same thing and coping. I can’t see us together past my son’s graduation and I count the time until that day.

    • Want to Kill Myself July 5, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

      I had the same thing happen. Except the bitch caused me and my daughter to completely miss the real fireworks show while she made us stay at a friends house to watch theres. Oh and my daughter and I didn’t even get to watch those because she is terrified of being up close to them. I got alot of years until graduation. Hell I got several years till she even starts school. I guess I have a pretty crappy 16 years ahead of me huh? What do I do?????

  51. How Much Longer? July 6, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    “Want to Kill Myself”…is the last thing you want to do, even if she makes you feel like you want to. Think of this way you do that look at who will be let to raise your child. Man, I know its rough, I’ve been dealing with it for going on 12 years and I don’t see it getting any better. You just thank God for the good days and pray like heck on the bad days…Good luck and hang in there for your kid.

  52. Want to Kill Myself July 6, 2009 at 11:07 pm #

    Yes I know. I would never actually do that. Only because our daughter. But if we didn’t have a daughter I wouldn’t even say that anyway because I would walk right out the door. Actually I would run out the door. And never look back. I couldn’t even imagine her raising our child by herself. She would probably die. Seriously. My wife is the biggeset fuck up to ever walk the planet. I just never saw it while we were first together. Damn that was the worst mistake I ever made! What do you do when she is just being a non stop raging bitch and you have no where to go?

  53. Ryan July 19, 2009 at 3:35 am #

    A lot of you guys seem to have it worse than me, but this seems like a good place to vent. I recently got married and it’s killing me. It’s like the second we said “I do” she decided to become a total bitch. She has stated that she wants kids for the past year, but I have said that I definitely don’t want kids until I’m out of college and have a stable job. She’s illogical and doesn’t think things through. She thinks raising a child is the easiest thing in the world and that it’s all just fun because she loves to babysit. I’ve tried to talk to her about her misconceptions but it falls on deaf ears. She always blames me for everything and gets enraged if I want to spend an hour or two with my friends, even though I only ask like once every two or so weeks. She knows that I’ve battled severe depression since before I knew her, and that I’ve though about, and come very close to attempting suicide, but she doesn’t care. She just wants me to feel guilty about anything and everything so that I’ll be her bitch and so that she can control every aspect of my life. If she does something nice for me, she holds it over my head for weeks. If I do something wrong, she holds it over my head forever. Seriously, in every fight, she’ll bring up things that happened in the first months of our relationship.

    As I’ve matured, I’ve realized all the times she’s lied to me, and when she’s probably lied to me. I think she cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship and I know that she completely fictionalized an older brother that lives out of town just to intimidate me from mistreating her, even though I haven’t. I found the proof on our computer. But I would never tell her I know, because she would deny it to her death and it would cause an enormous fight in which I would eventually have to admit I was wrong. She has never admitted she was wrong in our entire 4 years of being together even though she is very often physically abusive. Then I feel guilty for wanting to beat the shit out of her when she hits me in my face repeatedly. I never would, but I would love to put her in her place.

    Now things are worse than ever. As I said, she has wanted children for a long time, often threatening to leave me if I don’t get her pregnant, but that’s the only time I have had the strength to stand up against her. She told me that she was pregnant and eventually convinced me that she was telling the truth. I have been very devastated by this. Ever since, when we have sex, she says there’s no point to use protection because she’s pregnant, so I haven’t used it. Now I figured out that she was lying and she wasn’t pregnant, but she planned it all so i would make her pregnant. I still have 4 years of college until I have a degree.I worked my ass off to get into Georgia Tech, one of the hardest engineering schools in the country, and now I’ll probably have to drop out to support the heartless bitch. When I talk about how hard the school is, she just gets pissed and calls me selfish.

    Now she uses to pregnant excuse for everything and she’s not even a month in. I can’t bring up that I know or she’ll deny it and there will be a huge fight where I’ll have to admit I’m wrong. and then I’ll have to “earn her trust” again.

    We have NO money. I don’t even like kids but I’m going to do what I have to because I know I’m going to love mine. My entire future is ruined because of the selfish cunt. I’m stuck in this hell for over 18 years.

    So then I ask her to please not tell our parents yet, because they will be very pissed because we are by no means financially stable, and she agreed. We are home for the weekend and I just learned that she told our parents and then she got pissed at me and stormed out when I got upset about it. In desperation I googled “my wife is a bitch” and I found this place.

    another huge problem is that she has heart problems and every time I try to stand up for myself, she says I cause problems. Her valve could potentionally rip and she would die, and she always tells me that I’m killing her. I’m afraid that arguing with her will kill her. I feel so guilty, even though in the back of my head, I know she’s probably lying and that I’m probably not causing her harm, just like she does about everything.

    I love her, but I also hate her with all the passion in my soul. I’m so fed up. She tells me that I’m ugly and fat and I will never do better than her. She constantly lets me know that she “drastically lowered her standards” by being with me. She tells me I am a horrible person and that I’m without a doubt going to Hell when I die, even though everyone I know thinks I’m one of the nicest guys in the world and that I treat her really well.

    My depression was doing better in the last year but now it’s worse than ever. I definitely won’t commit suicide because now I’ll have to provide for a child, but I would really love to die sometimes.

    I just can’t believe I fell into her trap and now my dream of going to a good college and actually doing something with my life is gone because of a stupid, selfish, heartless person.

    Sorry to rant so much when other people have worse problems.

  54. Want to Kill Myself July 19, 2009 at 1:54 pm #


    Are you having an affiar with my wife. Because you just fucking described her to me. Your life is exactly like mine all the way down to the kid. Everything. Except school. I was already done with that. I dont have a whole lot of time right now because she is right in the other room but I want to say more to you. By the way how old are you? Just respond so I know your still there? Adios.

    • Ryan August 30, 2009 at 3:05 am #

      I’m 21. I wanted to get at least my masters and I’ve been interning every other semester while in college. So I guess I’m in sophomore and junior level classes. that’s why I still have 4 years left.

      So it’s been a little over a month since everything went down and things haven’t really gotten better. Now the effects of the first trimester have kicked in and her bitchiness has been amplified. To make matters worse, we are low on money so my friend that goes to school with me moved in to our extra bedroom so, you know, you would assume I’m allowed to talk/associate with him from time to time. wrong. If I so much as converse with him while eating breakfast I’m “ignoring her”. Also I’m apparently horrible at being a supportive husband during pregnancy because I “don’t feel sorry for her enough”. I go to every doctor’s appointment and I’m basically her butler whenever I’m home. It’s like she gets angry because I’m in class until 3:00 and I can’t do shit for her until I get home.

      Oh well, I’m getting to a point where I just feel numb to everything she does. I don’t expect to get happiness from her anymore. I go to my friends for that. I go to my friends’ dorm between classes and when I’m home I wait for her to fall asleep and then I hang out with my roommate.

      heh… It seems so pathetic after typing that out. I have to wait for my wife to go to sleep and then sneak out of my room to talk to my friend just to escape for an hour or two.

      I really hope that this pregnancy makes her mature and that she realizes how horrible she’s treated me. God knows I don’t want to be another statistic and have a child with divorced parents.

  55. Chad July 23, 2009 at 1:33 pm #

    I’m not sure if my problem fits in with the topic. I have been married now for just over 9 years to my second wife. We both have kids about the same age although mine moved a thousand miles away shortly after I remarried so they aren’t in the picture.

    My problem sits with my step-daughter and wife. She recently finished high school and is in the National Guard. She didn’t like out house rules so she moved in with her boyfriend within a month of finishing school and turning 18. When she moved out, she left like she was never coming back… burned alot of bridges along the way. And after she was gone, her mail was still coming to our house so we let her keep her house key. One day when everyone was gone, she came in and took some stuff. Nothing expensive, just some change and other things. I had had it at that point and was glad she moved out.

    Now, the day after her boyfriend gets shipped off to boot camp. The people they were sharing a house with doesn’t want them there anymore…. so now she needs us and to borrow the same truck she returned in the rain with the windows down… and didn’t put some things back in the truck that was part of the deal for them to use it.

    As soon as my wife found out she needed help, of course she came to her rescue and let her use the truck again and let her move back into our home. My wife knows I am still very angry about things missing from our home and the fact that her daughter never has to own up to anything she does and my wife just turns the other cheek and cries asking me why I just can’t get along with her daughter. I keep telling her the reason I am having problems with her daughter is because I have never gotten one apology or ANYTHING through all of this. (Keep in mind that the daughter completely totalled a new car on a side street and never got anything out of it as far as punishment)

    I would like a response from anyone else in this predicament I am afraid this won’t end well. Everyone in this situation knows my feelings but still I am the bad guy unless I just let the little ***** do what she wants in out home!

    • booh bah August 20, 2009 at 3:59 am #

      the step daughter is just going through some teenage years, that’s all. she will sort herself out. being a teenager is all about selfishness. She is not thinking of anyone else just herself and trying to gain her independence but going the wrong way about it.

      The other thing is, would you really be so pissed at her if she was your fleas and blood daughter? you have to admit that people can resent children that are not their own that they have to care for.

      you are an adult, she is the child. My advice is to start acting like one

      • booh bah August 20, 2009 at 4:00 am #

        oops kiddies, I meant flesh not FLEAS LOL

    • Ryan August 30, 2009 at 2:55 am #

      I’m 21. I wanted to get at least my masters and I’ve been interning every other semester while in college. So I guess I’m in sophomore and junior level classes. that’s why I still have 4 years left.

      So it’s been a little over a month since everything went down and things haven’t really gotten better. Now the effects of the first trimester have kicked in and her bitchiness has been amplified. To make matters worse, we are low on money so my friend that goes to school with me moved in to our extra bedroom so, you know, you would assume I’m allowed to talk/associate with him from time to time. wrong. If I so much as converse with him while eating breakfast I’m “ignoring her”. Also I’m apparently horrible at being a supportive husband during pregnancy because I “don’t feel sorry for her enough”. I go to every doctor’s appointment and I’m basically her butler whenever I’m home. It’s like she gets angry because I’m in class until 3:00 and I can’t do shit for her until I get home.

      Oh well, I’m getting to a point where I just feel numb to everything she does. I don’t expect to get happiness from her anymore. I go to my friends for that. I go to my friends’ dorm between classes and when I’m home I wait for her to fall asleep and then I hang out with my roommate.

      heh… It seems so pathetic after typing that out. I have to wait for my wife to go to sleep and then sneak out of my room to talk to my friend just to escape for an hour or two.

      I really hope that this pregnancy makes her mature and that she realizes how horrible she’s treated me. God knows I don’t want to be another statistic and have a child with divorced parents.

      • audre March 26, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

        Ryan, I am no expert but I think you can be assured that pregnancy will not make her more mature. It is not a good situation to bring a baby into but I guess you are stuck with that now.

        Read some of the comments on this site. You have to set boundaries and not give in to her demands, if you want things to improve.

        It will only get worse if you walk on egg shells.

  56. Kat July 28, 2009 at 11:58 pm #

    WOW – I am in the midst of the divorce from hell and y’all have made me feel so much better…all these horrible bitches you guys are married to sound exactly like my ex…HUSABAND!! Holy Moses, I am Mother Teresa compared to what you are all married to! He had affairs, then, when I decided I was tired of being the “good girl” and putting up w/his bipolar alcoholism, I had one. Well, you’d think I was the only woman to EVER cheat on a cheater – he up and abandoned me and our 3 kids one day – he had planned it for weeks, then walked out on payday leaving us w/8 bucks in the bank acct. Being broke is a more than fair trade for being rid of him. I wish it had happened sooner. There are times I’m so scared, but at least I can breathe again. The floozy he left his family for dumped his sorry ass after 3 wks and he is now on g/f #3 or #4 and I could care less as long as it isn’t me.
    Guys, there is no reason, if she is that crazy and your kids are older, that you can’t get custody. Heck – she might just willingly give them to you. If worse comes to worse, just take the kids and leave. Mental issues are enogh to justify you getting the kids in nearly any court. Do it! Be happy! Save your precious beloved children that you are lovingly sacrificing yourselves for! It can be done! I’m telling you this, and I am a woman who has an ex that would swear an a stack of Bibles that I am Satan’s twin sister!! But really, if they are nuts, and you have good, solid proof, you CAN have your kids AND your life…..REALLY!!

  57. booh bah August 20, 2009 at 3:54 am #

    well. the simple answer is, relationships are messy and so are people.

    They are all hard work. I think that the main problem people have with relationships is that they think that the way they are is the right way to be because they have their own values and morality.

    When they see that someone is acting different to them, they can’t accept this behavior. But in reality everyone is different and learning to live with one another has always been one of humanities main challenges.

    The reality is people are in effect selfish and self oriented. We all want things for ourselves and we all want things to be the way that we want them to be.

    But realistically this never happens. The fact is we can’t live alone we need each other as a species to survive and hopefully thrive.

    Therefore accepting others faults and working together is the only option we really have.

    I often hear this complaint form men, “my girlfriend or wife has multiple personalities or is bi polar etc.”

    The fact of the matter is from my experience men don’t seem to be that much more stable than women.

    One of the problems that can often occur, is that a man is selfish towards their partner and treats them horribly. Often the man doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with these actions. Men tend to be privileged members of society that think they deserve more power, better incomes and more opportunities than women. they often do not treat women with any kind of respect but they are unaware that there is even anything wrong with this.

    I constantly hear men complaining about their female partners mood swings, how they are crazy etc.

    The reality is, it’s not the 1800’s anymore and you can’t have your partner locked up for HYSTERIA ( a common psychiatric complaint about women by husbands in the past), and go around and crack onto someone else.

    What you need is either to be alone if you can’t handle a woman in your life. Because surely females aren’t going to put up with being casual partners or one night stands forever.

    Or start learning how to live with women and just love and appreciate them for who they are. Because believe me men are no piece of cake either

    • stumped October 7, 2009 at 12:43 pm #

      Booh bah, you have no idea what you are talking about.

      This has nothing to do with ‘normal’ mood swings. We all have those. This has to do with the absurd mood swings we, on this board, are experiencing from our wives. They are not normal and cannot be dealt with. It is one thing to get upset over something and tell your sig. other that you do not like it. It is totally different when the reaction does not fit the circumstance or any circumstance for that matter. There is no excuse for the behavior they exhibit. If a man exhibitted half the behavior my wife has, he would be in jail.

      For example, 5 days ago I came home from work and told my wife that I wanted to finish packing for our boy scout campout. I was really excited and wanted to get it done. She immediately cut me off and told me ‘don’t talk to me, it is too stressful’. Therefore I could not talk to her anymore about how or when I would do this activity. I could not tell her I only needed about a half hour or so. This probably does not seem like a big deal to you, but in my house I get all three kids from the moment I walk in the door. She has to be completely away from them. Therefore, scheduling a half hour is a big deal to me and something I needed to talk about. From that point I went to my usual routine and changed out of my work cltohes. As I did this I spent about 10 minutes gathering all the clothes I would need for the trip. Then I went back downstairs. I started to pack a couple of other things when she beckoned me to another room. I went to the other room with a small bag in my hand. As I entered the room I crossed off a couple of things on my list and then sat down. She blew up! She started right in on me about how I wasn’t being nice to her and why didn’t I ask her how her day was instead of telling her I wanted to pack. It quickly escalated from there to her screaming obscenities at me. After about 10 minutes of this she left the room, still livid. As I left the room she turned back and started all over again. This time I am holding a 6mo old baby and she threw a can of pop on the floor and it sprayed on me and the baby. She continued to scream at me, calling me names the whole time. I threatened to call 911 if she got violent. she then threw the phone at my feet, which busted into pieces, ‘go ahead and call 911’ she said. I left the room. She confronted me again about 30-40 minutes later and it all went down again. It was on again off again until she sat down at the foot of the bed at 1 am and we talked. She was still very angry. After about 10 minutes she told me I was not talking to her and she left.

      The next day I woke up got both kids off to school, as usual, at the same time as taking care of the baby. My wife slept. I then woke her up so she could take the baby and I could go to work. She refused to take care of the baby. I had to call off work and stay home. The whole day was essentially the same as the night before. She was angry and mean. Any words she exchanged with me were prefaced with obscenities. She taunted me to call 911. Thank god I had the campout with my son for the whole weekend and could be away from her. She went to her aunt’s house with the other kids, mostly because she could not stand being with them for two whole days by herself.

      Now it is 5 days later and we still have not talked. She won’t look at me or anything. I tried to be nice a few times, she just threw it in my face.

      This all because I told her I needed to pack, instead of ‘How was your day today’?.

      This scenario plays out about twice a month. It has gone on for years, long before the third kid came. Sometimes it is not as bad, sometimes worse. I could not count on my hands and toes the number of times she has thrown something at me. I am not sure if it is a good thing that she misses or not. Once she threw a heavy ashtray at me. I ducked and it went right over my head and through a window. She had the nerve to blame me for the broken window because I dodged the ashtray coming at my head.

      Booh bah, is this how you act in your home? Do you scream obscenities at your husband and throw things when he does not say the exact right words at the exact right moment in the exact right tone of voice with the exact right expression on his face in the exact right room of the house, etc, etc?

      Too bad it is not the 1800’s, then I could have her institutionalized. Of course, we would not have the third child as it would have happened long before that. Probably before the second kid.

      This has nothing to do with learning how to live with women, it has to do with learning how to protect yourself and your children from a person who flips between being nice and a stark raving mad lunatic. It is near impossible in a world that protects the person who is a stark raving mad lunatic.

      All I can say is if you have not lived it, then you have no idea.

      By the way, this is called borderline personality disorder, not bipolar.

  58. Ghost August 27, 2009 at 11:20 pm #

    Wow – I didn’t realize how prevalent this is. I am not sure my wife is bi-polar or not, but have been guessing that’s been the problem for a long time. Problem is, she is a psychologist herself and there’s no way I could ever have that conversation with her. She’s been on and off meds and seen a psychologist – who I think is a quack. Four years and he couldn’t see this being an issue.

    I love my wife – I really do. I love my kids. And like others have said, when she is happy and loving me, it’s the greatest feeling. The shitty part is, after everything we’ve been through – over the years..she’ll say something like she’s starting over, or sorry for being a crazy woman, or tells me how much she loves me and I am perfect for her. Only recently do I not pay attention to her. Because 20 minutes later she’ll be upset and screaming about something and how getting married was a mistake. Really. Nothing is ever her fault and no matter how little I do for myself..it’s always that I am not taking care of her needs – that her priorities are getting ignored.

    I’ve also experienced – everything is perfect..but say one wrong thing or have the slightest disagreement and she’ll start saying she’s walking out the door. Every day something bothers her or she’s got some kind of ailment – I am supposed to listen and help. Yet, I get laid up in bed once a year….and never have any ailments..and I am told she never is sick and I’m always complaining about something.

    I stay in it because I love my kids and I love my wife – and I think she loves me. I, fortunately, have remained very positive and happy about life and do not let this get me down for too long when an ‘incident’ happens. There is too much good in life. Sometimes my patience of Job with her is my curse and my purpose..because I think 95% of the men would have left her already.

    I wish I could have the conversation with her about possibly being bi-polar…but that would never fly. Heck, telling her anything that I don’t like from her..no matter how small..would be WWIII. The other day there was a scratch on the floor and I mentioned it…not blaming anyone, just an observation. She called me an asshole because she thought I was blaming her. When I explained I wasn’t, she broke her work-out am/fm radio…slamming on the floor.

    I know the right answer..but similar to everyone else..the kids. The kids..both are very young – 4 and 1. I can’t be without them..and I just know custody wouldn’t be with me 😦


  59. stanley September 9, 2009 at 6:47 pm #

    Stop loving them!!!..Sounds easy but true my wife is a bi-poloar bitch from Ukraine, thinks that she is hotter than hell yet the most insecure person I have ever met in my life!!! My solution is a rather immature one BUT IT WORKS!!! Understand this one thing U R MEN!!! And I do not mean that in a demeaning way I may seem like a woman hater when I say this but FUCK IT!!! Everything that women do men do better..the best chef’s are men, best clothing designers men..so the best ASSHOLES..MEN whatever u r recieving from ur wife give it back to her 10 fold..do not do it in front of ur kids tho..my wife has done everything that I have read on this site but it’s when I really dug deep into her character and showed her what I and everyone else thinks about her is when her ears perked up…drive her to the point of suicide..make her rue the day that she met u..she has been doing it long enough GIVE IT BACK!!!..It’s not until I started showing her how big of an ASSHOLE men can be things started to cool down…some of u r in or have been in the military know that u stay in the battle till the war is over..Under no circumstances do u hit her!!!Lure her into hitting u..then call the cops…keep up this game and u will break her!!! DO NOT BACK DOWN!!! BE a HITLER TYPE ASSHOLE!!!… and she won’t know what to do. Change up the dynamincs of the relationship..be nice then for no reason at all be a complete and total DICK..TRUST ME IT WORKS!!! the wives that we have are bullies..she wants to be promicuos aloow it and act like u don’t care invite her to a swingers party and let her fuck all the guys/girls that she can but for no reason whatsoever do u ever show that u care..remember this is war with someone who suffers from narcissitic and borderline personality disorder the more u tear away at her self esteem the better chance u have of destroying her..u guys say u hate ur wives…PROVE IT!!!

    • Marta April 23, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

      Hi, Stanley,

      You are amazing, truly. I’m a woman, but I am very much sympathize with you and the long-suffering men who’ve been posting all these horror stories about their wives. I think this strategy you developed is just excellent. It sounds a bit harsh at first glance, but these women have a choice to change their behavior. You are only helping them. When they understand that they cannot get away with just anything, they will stop acting the way they do simply to protect their own interests. You are actually doing your wife a great favor by helping her get her issues under control. Moreover, this is free and no need to do expensive psychotherapy. Even adults can be a bit like children. They like to test how far they can go, and when they realize that they’ve gone too far, they are smart enough to change their ways.

      On the other hand, I don’t believe that this has to do with men being better than women. I believe men can be just as bad, but using a different style. I don’t agree that there are more crazy women than men. I’m almost sure that they are equal.

      As I said I really admire you, but I must also say that you are wrong in thinking that “Everything that women do men do better..the best chef’s are men, best clothing designers men..”. The fact is that on average, statistically speaking, women and men have the same IQ. This equality can be explained by more men having exceptionally high and exceptionally low IQs than women, while a higher number of women have IQs in the middle range. This explains why there are indeed more male Nobel prize winners than female ones, for example, and also why it is so hard for an average woman to find a passable guy.

      I’m sorry that you probably don’t read my reply since your post is nearly four years old.
      Best wishes to all who took the time toi read this.

      • DG April 23, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

        Marta……..where have you been all my life!

        • Marta April 24, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

          For the first many years of my life in Hungary, for the past ten years in Germany. Not much chance for us to bump into each other, I’m afraid.

  60. Catfish September 17, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    Wow!! I’me not alone.While I didn’t find out WHY I do not leave,I can see that there are plenty of men in my shoes.Mine isn’t a child problem.It’s a grandchild problem.They are all step-grandkids,so, they have been held over my head alot.I have the usual problems that everybody’s bitching about,except sex.She isn’t having sex with ANYBODY! I haven’t told her,but,after8+ years of physical and lots of mental abuse,I have no desire for sex either.This woman has taken everything from me that makes me Human. I miss life.I do not want much.No money. No fancy house/car.Cool job. A smile. One fucking smile.ALL that I want is a smile.Is that too much to ask for? Or expect?

  61. teddy October 11, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    wow. now i see it aint just my wife that seems to be a nutcase. she left recently, going to live at a cousin’s house which is a total dump. she wants our 3.5 yr son to stay there on the weekends. i dont want him there without me.

    we have been married since nov. 2003 and things have been like a roller coaster. she hasnt been to see any shrink so i dont really know what is wrong with her but personality disorder sounds about right. very bad temper that can ignite at the drop of a hat. you should hear her voice change when she gets pissed. she is a bully for sure. she has thrown the tv remote about 20 times and its a wonder it hasnt shattered into a million pieces. she slams the door like shes trying to pull it off the hinges, then acts like nothing happened an hour later. she has punched and kicked the walls, you name it she has done it except for hitting me in the face. she has punched me in the arm many times. yup, and she fights an eating disorder. hasnt been really a normal mother to our son, i am the one that got up with him since he was an infant. she usually acts like it is a chore to give him a bath. i’ll give her a little credit though, she is a good teacher and can be really nice to him at times. also, she wont get out of bed in the morning to save her life. this really urks me…

    sad part i do actually still love her, but she claims she doesnt love me anymore. my feelings are really mixed, as i am tired of the bitching and the attitude and i worry about her abusing our son someday. he tells people “my mommy is mean to my daddy”…even he sees it. she cant tolerate a tantrum from him anymore. its amazing i even have any feeling left for her after all this time.

    now i hear she punched a wall where she is staying because someone pissed her off.

    can people like this be treated or is there no hope for them at all? i wonder if i should try to make things right with her if she has these problems, or just let the marriage dissolve. she may let me have full custody for all i know.

  62. Michael October 22, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    I am convinced my wife is a bitch after 8 years of marriage my wife dodges any financial responsibilities and she can only interact with our son for limited time before she cant handle it
    any longer she has done this since he was a infent.

    She has a hard time holding relationships from family to work people this has been difficult and uncomfortable during holidays and events.

    She is gone alot gambling most weekends she see’s the family for only a hour or 2. she sees nothing wrong with this
    I found the more push her on these family related issues she defends herself with selfish replies.

    She takes her xanax daily and the days that she is home she just sleeps with no interaction with the family.

    My 6 year old son does not even question were mom is any longer my son looks at me for all activities, I am very thankful and I love my son and I would not trade the time I spend with him for anything.

    I have never met such a selfish bitch in my life

  63. Dan October 25, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    Ah, the bi-polar spouse. From doing alot of research and reading others posts at various sites i have found that not just the wives but many husbands have the exact same issues. My wife of 19 years is soon to be getting the divorce talk this week. I finally decided to get out while i can, if i don’t then my physical and mental health will continue to suffer. She has had bi-polar tendencies since the first years of marriage. But the last 6 years have been absolute emotional and financial hell. We have two kids 19 and 16. I am hoping that the 16 year old will decided to live with me until at least a couple of years. 6 years ago my wife started making new friends, which i thought was fine. You know, give her some alone time and people she could relate to.

    All it ended up giving her was an addiction to cocaine/crack. Been to Rehab, also hospitalized 3 occasions for suicidal thoughts where she was diagnosed bipolar II. Also around that time she began hanging around with a few younger people she worked with of which one guy she worked with ended up going to jail for robbing a convenience store while strung out on drugs.

    Then behind my back she writes to the guy in prison about how she loved him and that she wanted to be with him, on top of sexually rated writings, she started to send him money at times (not just hers she earned, mine too), until he got out of prison.
    Once he was out, he got a job and soon went back to finish his original sentence for stealing and pawning equipment from his employer. Yeah, real smart fella. Then this continued again behind my back, until this past June he was released again.

    She was always back and forth in emotional affairs with other men on and off, probably physical ones too. However getting her to admit one is a different story. She has stolen money from my bank account (forging checks), charged minutes to my debit card 100 and 200 bucks at a time, has pawned things around the house, a tv, an old computer, jewlery, and a $1000 guitar setup that belonged to my 18y/o SON! This bitch has absolutely lost her mind, and at the flip of the switch. “What’s wrong with you?” Like i am the one with no clue whatsoever.

    Jeez, i still get dumbfounded to this day as to how someone cannot remember any indiscretion they commit. I realize not all people with bipolar are this way. I now a couple of acquaintances that have fairly normal marriages with the occasional setbacks. But i think in extreme cases similar to mine, it is either divorce and try to make the rest of your life bearable or be miserable and financially destitute the rest of your life.

    You can’t help someone like this or change them, they have to want to help themself much like someone simply addicted to a drug or gambling, or any addiction for that matter. Most of all i hate the disease that has taken away the one my children and myself have loved all these years unconditionally. My biggest hope is that my wife will eventually get right with her meds and take them like she is supposed to, and be happy with someone one day. Unfortunately, it will never be with me again, i refuse to take that chance for my own health and well being.

  64. J October 31, 2009 at 1:52 am #

    Holy Crap! I just googled my wife is a bitch and it is like the Chronicles of Narnia, a magic door that lets me know that I am not crazy and that some women are fucking asshole, borderline, bipolar, whatever ASSHOLE! I am so exhausted I dont know how well I can write, but I’ll be back to say what I really want. My brothers a shrink and he says my wife is borderline, catch phrase, I hate you- don’t leave me. And that does about as good of a job as getting a five gallon bucket and filling with water and saying “This is what the ocean is like..”
    Here is my vent, and pardon me, I don’t even cuss much, but this fucking asshole has drove me well off the edge, off the cliff and into a pit of hell. I have a crazy, abusive, controlling father- but she blows him out of the water! She hates everything and everybody. She wants to tear me from anything I enjoy or love. She is absolutely heartless and cold, and to top it off is a fucking cheater. I loathe hypocrisy and she is forging new ground. Because she is hot and is great in bed and I am a total idiot, we now have 2 kids and one more on the way in 3 years! I know- Vasectomy… Yes I will do it now dammit, but I was looking forward to divorcing her as soon as these two grew up like maybe one more year, because she can be a good mom sometimes when she is not consumed with selfishness. I know she is genuinely mentally ill. I know that it must suck to know that you suck as bad as she does and to not be able to control yourself because ANGER IS YOUR GOD! 99.9% of the time, it is not to blame at all, never been wrong, never made a mistake and of course yours truly is 100% to blame. What a fucking bitch!!! You guys all have spoken the truth up above- What fucking assholes! Mean as shit, cold as liquid nitrogen and proud and smug as a fucking idiot should be. I have a masters degree and this idiot country bitch with her associates (no offense to anyone, all education is good) tries to tell me shit as if she has a clue about anything. Did you all know that psychology was NOT a science and was made up by Freud? Yeah… and that assholes like me, a member of Mensa, is just insecure about being so stupid and that is why I went to school for so long, to make up for how stupid I am. What I am is a sex freak, and I like freaky women and she absolutely qualifies. I let my achilles heel bring me to my knees and she is the executioner. She uses sex as nothing but a power play. I am not sure she likes men at all. Her outrageous hatred of lesbians is very suspect to me. She doesn’t even know a lesbian- I don’t give two shits if a friend of mine is gay- so what? Who fn cares? If someone is cool and you can laugh and shit who cares if you don’t share the same sexual preference? Not me! So why HATE lesbians, unless you secretly fear that you are one. She HATES my family so much. I have a very close family. My brothers and I used to see each other several times a year, always laughing and having a great time and now they arent even welcome at my house that I paid for! FUCK HER! They hate her guts. I can NEVER let on about that or she gets insane. Both my bros are doctors and she just shits all over them. My Mom is totally sweet and nice and rich as shit and she hates her for no reason except that she does things for me that I could not afford, no strings attached. My step dad is a very famous author and she only shits on him when she looses absolute control because she is so delusional she thinks she will get some of his loot. What a fucking idiot! I swear, I have never hated a human being in my life before I met her, but I think I may actually hate her. I am musician, I used to make six figures doing what i love and had a great life. Now I dont make shit because she has driven all my clients away by being so fucking controlling. I am scared to answer my phone. SHe is a bitch to my kids sometimes and I mean a damaging mfer. I know I must leave her, but I am so scared of her getting custody because she is very good at putting up a front. I have had problems in the distant past, never with the law but with drugs and just living sloppy. Oh God, how did I ever do this to myself? I knew it too but I just did it anyway. If I hear “you are such a piece of shit, just have your fucking pity party” one more fucking time!!!! Any how– Vent over

  65. bulletproof November 7, 2009 at 3:59 am #

    My wife (of 18 years–I am the sorriest shit in the world) is Dr Jekyll and Mr. Fuckin Hyde. I don’t know anymore whether I am coming or going. J, Bro, me and my best friend Ryan are astounded at the similarities we see on this sight with you and many others. My wife completely disrespects me even though I make 6 figures, put her and our seven children (I’m a pussy-whipped sexhound) in a 3500 sq ft home on 2 acres of prime damn real-estate that cost me $20,000/acre and 260,000 in South Georgia Dollars to build! She gets to stay at home and sleep until 11 in the morning and gets to be right all the fucking time!!! I’m no pushover, I spent 10 years in the Army eating dirt and gunpowder, but I am sooo in love with that woman’s pussy it’s Biblically appalling. I mean, I’m a fine-ass fella; I’ve got ladies coming on to me all the time, some i work closely with insinuating constantly about the amazing sexual things they’d like to do to me, but I pine for this BITCH’s p. WTF?

    Listen, I’m slightly buzzing from the Jager, but I’m a Traditionalist, a Constitutionalist, even a Conservative but this woman is the absolutely most convoluted selfish individual I have ever met in my life, yet I can’t let go!!!!! I couldn’t have been more dumb-ass in my selection of her to be my “lifepartner”. She comes from a broken home where her Father was an alcoholic and her Mother an unforgiving Bitch raising 3 girls; and she was the middle child! Story of my life, I can’t pick anything that doesn’t come better somewhere else!! Cars, TV’s, DVD players, hell even my house was contracted to a sorry-ass who tried to play me; but most of all, my taste in women. I’m amazed I’m not some crackhead sucking AIDS-infested bananas in a back alley for my next fix. Grace of God surely. I am wont for debasement, a sado-masochist of the most confusing sort!

    I digress. Her Mother taught her quite efficiently how to live a bitter distrusting life. The crazy thing is that her Mother now has some concerns over her emotional stability but I just want to remind her that the apple doesn’t fall far from the fuckin tree! I DISTINCTLY recall this crazy woman I’m married to crying in the bathroom about how she didn’t want to “become her Mother”…hello! Far be it for me to point out the fuckin obvious but “Welcome to the Show, Psycho Girlfriend”! And here I bounce between “I’m to blame” and “Who the hell is this psychotic bitch?” Seriously, I don’t know what this voodoo is, but it possesses me to a fanatic degree, even when I hate her!

    But then suddenly she’s right as rain and is possessed with such an overwhelming desire for me that she’s clawing at me every chance she gets, but by then I am so completely damaged from her shevil, evil, Devil-woman, Medusa reign of terror that I become a fuckin sexually autistic freak-a-zoid. I’ve never felt so dysfunctional in my life. I want to possess the Bitch in my arms and take what I desire but I shy from the pleasant valley sunday freak-a-zoid. Surely this is a reason to drown in alcohol! How is it that she needs Psychiatric attention but I’m the one fearing the need for it?

    • Rod March 27, 2010 at 7:41 am #


      You have to write some more stuff like this.

      You gotta be one of the funniest reads and yoru point still gets across..

      “but I am sooo in love with that woman’s pussy it’s Biblically appalling”…best darn quote, going to have to remember this.

      Yeah, and I’ve heard the “become my mother” stuff..it was “become my sister” though, but her sister has serious issues as well..heard stories about the ma questioning her if her old man once felt her up when a kid, like wtf!!!

      Darn, good read man!!

  66. Terry November 13, 2009 at 7:01 am #

    I guess I got lucky although at just this moment my face doesn’t feel like it. I was letting a woman stay with me for a few days to take care of a case in family court. We have known each other for years and always gotten along. This time from the moment she got off the plane she was telling me every time I did or said something “wrong”. She pointed out every flaw and told me I had feelings I didn’t. For over a week I took more verbal abuse than I ever have in my life. It culminated with me telling her that when she came back up she had to find someone else to stay with because I couldn’t handle it.

    The consequences? I had to call 911. My house was trashed, glassed twisted into a pretzel, she tried to destroy my laptop, bloody and bruised nose, sore neck and back of my head from being punched there, scratches on my neck from her trying to choke me, other scratches on my forehead and side of my face. Then she tried to tell the police I had attacked her while she stood there without a mark on her.

    When it started I had grabbed my digital camera and got a lot of video that I gave the police along with my statement. If not for that I believe she would have had me arrested which would have cost me my job (corrections officer).I can’t imagine being married to her. Putting up with that behavior for years. I still love her dearly as a friend but I can no longer trust her or be her friend.

    That is what Bipolar cost her and me. My heart goes out to all the people who are married and have kids with a bipolar spouse or BF/GF. Protect yourselves and your children.

  67. Catfish December 23, 2009 at 6:31 pm #

    Boy, a lot has changed since September ! I HAVE found My wits end ! I have made the decision to be happy. Without her. I have learned that life is too short to live like this. In Proverbs it says something like this : “It’s better to live in the corner of the attic, than to live in a broad house with a brawling Woman”. Good fortune to all !!

  68. TNbirddog January 14, 2010 at 12:57 am #

    Guys, I known exacty what you guys are going through. I live with my Bipolar wife of now 7 years. We have 3 One son from her previous marriage age 9 ( he is also bipolar), and 2 sons ages 3 and 7 together. I am not sure how much more I can take. I love her, but with each violent rage, usually followed by lying in the bed for days on end. As she ages her rapid cycling has increased 10 fold. I hate it, but I feel my feelings for her changing. There are times I need someone to stand behind me when life throws curves. Instead of a rock to lean on, I have freaking jello. I have read your comments and you guy’s have described my life to a tee. Those who have never lived with a bipolar partner will never,never be able to understand it.

  69. Tom January 20, 2010 at 1:09 am #

    I have been married for 35 yrs. We have 2 successful college grad sons who live away from home. I love my wife. she is very pretty. but I have always had doubts about the validity of our marriage. She dose’t take responsibility for her crazy decisions. thinking she is always right. We dated 1 yr before we got married, but just before I proposed to her I had cold feet and told her I did not want to get married. She then took an overdose of cold tablets and had a small breakdown. I should have seen the bi-polar light, but instead I saw it as. she loved me that much that she would even die for me, A stupid romantic. Man was I down the primrose path. It was emotional blackmail,at its finest, that many women use on the good hearted nice guy.to get them to marry them.We then married .Then there were fits of rage, breaking and damaging household items, even breaking my eardrum when she unsuspectibly smacked the side of my face when I was drinking after a party.She also leased a van without mutual consent, We almost split up then. There were signs of infidelity, but she claims she never went out on me. Then she spoiled the relationships of family and friends because she said she was being wronged by them. Then because of one neighbors son. who she had a personality conflict with. she pressed to move into a more expensive house away from our old neighborhood.She would never wanted to get together with my friends. so we had a small circle of neighborhood friends. I was a hunter, skydiver, fisherman, firefighter, and motorcycle racer. and road biker. She only participated in fishing. I was called p whipped by alot of family and friends but I just took it with a grain of salt thinking they were just teasing.Now I see I never stood up for myself. We still have frequent fights. and I still have feelings for her but its one sided and she never shows any affection, I see signs again of infidelity, but she claims I.m insecure and that I see a shrink. I Know I will probably never get such a pretty women like her,again but all her issues make her less attractive. I felt like a punching bag long enough and I don,t want to suffer anymore. I hate to be alone but this co-dependecy is killing me. I may suggest therapy as a last ditch effort to save us. She has lately told me that I don.t have the guts to divorce her, as a dare. I think something is going on elsewhere. for that kind of comment but who knows. She works hard and keeps a clean house. I help but she does most of the housework. She does not realize her mood swings, she thinks I’m the cause. I not innocent, I can be selfish when it comes to fishing, wanting intimicy with my wife, hunting, etc But i loved my sons and was a good provider and always gave them personel and financial support. I just want a women that will actualy love me and show it. I always feel that she feels that I’m not good enough for her. Maybe I.m just as crazy. Any comment are welcome

  70. Curtis January 24, 2010 at 1:00 am #

    Holy shit, Its 1:00 am where I am at and my girlfreind and mother of my child just went to bed mad at me for turning the oven off by accident when she was cooking chicken nuggets. She told me to get out 5 times tonite becuase of it. I know she has been bi polar but I am getting so tired of this. I love her when she is up but I hate her when she is down. We split for a year almost 2 years ago and I was happier in a way, but un happy that I didn’t have my family. Its almost like you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This is the first time I was on this site and must thank every one on here, it helps me realize i am not the only one. I have no friends as my wife hates them and anytime I used to go out with them it would be a definite fight, I started to avoid them and now they don;t even call me anymore which I can understand. We have not had sex in a month and if we ever do, she just wants it over with as soon as possible. I am a man and I do have needs ( I know it sounds bad but lets be honest, we are wired to have sex). I do not know why the courts side with the mothers all the time, it would be much more beneifical for a child to be with a stable parent than one who has manic mood swings. I have to leave this woman and need to get the balls built up to leave again, I wish I never came back but she made it sound like she changed and life would be wonderful again. We fell back in the same old routine. I might be to blame as well, I used to just take the verbal abuse but lately find myself standing back at her when I can’t take it anymore. Trust me, this only makes things worse, this is when she begins the physical abuse. I leave the house and she calls 30 mins later telling me how sorry she is and to come back home. My quality of life will be lower once I leave, I will have to get a 1 bedroom apartment and start from scrath, I think by reading all of these blogs that I should leave now while i am still somewhat young (27) as it never seems things will change. As one guy said, I have already left mentally and emotionally.

    • D.G. January 24, 2010 at 1:08 am #


      Where are you from???

      I too and 27 and live the exact same life except I ended up getting married to her. I believe you said you wernt.

  71. D.G. January 24, 2010 at 1:08 am #


    Where are you from???

    I too and 27 and live the exact same life except I ended up getting married to her. I believe you said you wernt.

  72. Curtis January 24, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    D.G. Im from Nova Scotia Canada.

    • D.G. January 24, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

      I’m in Florida. Well I feel your pain man. If I had the answer neither of us would be in this situation. I just hope everyday that things are going to change and sometimes they do for a day or two or even three but it never lasts.

  73. FahQ January 27, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    i think mine is bi-polar and a fucking mega cunt!!!!!

    been gone for months and come home to a fucking bitch with lesbian friends, and an insatiable need to point out anything that makes her upset……..fuck this i’m done!

  74. Curtis February 1, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    Hey everyone, its me again. Well I gave my girlfreind a option and the last week has gone pretty well. When she is hungry is when she can’t control herself so I try to keep food in her but not in a way where I have to baby her all the time. I know she will have an attack sooner or later and am still keeping my distance. We made a couple deals, our son only gets to sleep with us on the weekends now, (he used to sleep in our bed everynight) and every Thursday will be our sex night. This Thursday coming up will be the first night so I will let you know if she holds true to this deal. I am betting that she will find something to get mad about and avoid it all together. Anyways, she diffently has the curse where she thinks she is always right and everyone else around her is crazy. Talk to you on Thusday.

    • D.G. February 1, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

      Good luck man. Don’t get your hopes up though. Hey you may get the sex Thursday but shell be back to her ways on Friday. You can count on that. Seriously though I hope this is the road to recovery!!

  75. sean moore February 3, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    hi my name is sean moore. im a 42 year old married i have been married 21 years. and im in severe need of prayer i have three children. one which is grown and a 12 year old daughter and a 15 year old disabled son. my wife has left us in the past two years for two and three months at a time.she goes in to her bypolor stages and the way she deals with it is she runs away. and goes to homeless shelters and claims to be abused and mistreated just to see what kind of help and attention she can get it is horrible. right now my wife is mentally unstable. she has been in mental hospitals 3 times in the past 2 years.this time she left she took my 12 year old daughter with her to habersham county to a place called circle of hope. i have not heard from them in 73 days today. she left her sevearly disabled son her with me he is in a special school and needs special attention and she just walked out on him with no reason. or even a goodbye. and also not to mention iam also disabled and take several medications.i dont really know what to do but ask for advice and opinions. i dont want a divorce but she wont go to marrage counceling .all i can do is ask for prayer and help from my community. i try to be strong for my son and because i know the lord is with me.but it is hard with no transportation or any way to go get help so all i do is write letters and keep my head up and ask for advice like now so lend a helping hand and say a little prayer for me and my family and to bring my wife and daughter home safe and soon so we can be a family again . please respond to my comments and let me know what yall think thanks sean moore

    • Rod March 27, 2010 at 7:50 am #

      Hi Sean,

      Hear your story from another county brother.

      It aint easy mate, I went through some crazy stuff when end of the day I though I was the one going crazy – actually I was!! But that to the side now, anulment is a massive word I know, and its not easy, and I don’t normally condone, but if you’re seriously thinking along those lines, if it’ll keep some peace of mind, then just do it. Doesn’t make you a weaker man or anything, the fact that you can put up with a lot, says a lot..but if there’s somethin inside you saying..’move on’..its just a thought.

      All the best to you my friend

  76. Sick&Tired February 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    I don’t know if my wife is Bipolar or not but she is the most intense person I’ve ever met aside from my relationship before her. I’m with some of the others in that I’m beginning to think all or most women are this way. I also am beginning to think I’m one of those guys not suited to be in a relationship because I really don’t handle having to save the day 6 – 10 times a day all that well. My wife can’t seem to keep a cool head in any situation. She panics, cries, yells, calls me names, threatens to kill me even if I’m sitting in the chair being calm and saying nice things to her she still freaks out. She does not make much money at her job and I was unemployed for about 6 months. I now make over $20,000 a month and we have less than $1500 in monthly bills. Yet she still freaks out over money and bills, she’ll tell me we owe an amount in a debt and I’ll come home that day with that amount of money which makes her happy for about ten minutes before she gets obsessed over another bill or debt. It seems like I can’t make enough money to make her feel secure even though most of this panic is completely unnecessary. I don’t know what to make over any of this but I know I’m a good husband aside from having a few humanly faults. I don;t hate her even though she does make my life a living hell. She says I’m selfish even though everything we do or I do revolves around her needs, wants, and I can assure you I would never suggest anything I want to do for fear she’ll call me selfish or get upset. After my pay check is spent keeping her happy if I ask her for money to grab a few beers or anything she’ll say she is tired of supporting me. I can’t make any sense of how she is supporting me when I have no savings and no bank account because my money is spent to keep her from freaking out before I make it. I contribute by paying all the rent, all the bills, all the debt and all the food yet she is supporting me by buying a few beers and maybe paying for a movie.

  77. So Dam Tired February 14, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    My wife is such a bitch!!! I fucking hate her when she is bitching for no reason at all. She is sooo rude where ever she is and she is just embarrasing sometimes to have around. My sister needed my jumper cables but I was at school and my jumper cables were in my wife’s car. We literally live 2 min away in the same town. My sister called my wife and asked if she could drop it off and she gave my sister so much attitude. When I got home from school she yelled at me and said “I don’t need any needy ass women in your family asking me for favors.” What a bitch. All she does is talk bad about my family and how the women are not independent and how my family is not proper, it gets soo annoying and I cant take her bitchiness much longer. We go at it, I yell and curse back cause I cannot handle someone being a bitch soo much for no fucking reason. I try my best not to be home because she will just find something to bitch about and I will get stressed. I wish i had never married her and I am so close to leaving that fucking bitch. She acts like she cares about how I feel, but she doesnt fucking give a shit. She is always arguing with me in public and just going against me in public bringing up personal business, its just too much. She is all bout women power and she is a feminist. Thats great and all and Im all for it, but she acts like im the fucking one persecuting her for being female!!!!!!! I fucking cook, clean, do dishes, we have a very modern relationship, but if I ask her to do one thing, she gets defensive and starts bitching. Im fucking done arguing with this bitch, I just want to move on and forget this fucked up relationship ever happened.

    • Old Guys Rule February 24, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

      If you and your wife do not have children, get out now.

      I wish that I would have divorced before kids. Twenty five years of ridiculous ranting and raving even when I agreed with her. One of her favorite rants is that someone in my family or at work is evil and out to get me. Still not sure how that is my fault.

      I love my children. It is heartbreaking that they are disappointed in me because I was not able to make things better, but it is out of my control and always has been. Nine times out of ten I ignore her hateful comments. Lately, she is getting really good at making me look like the bad guy the one time out of ten that I respond.

      I believe it was better to stick around and raise the kids, and am glad I did. While my marriage was a terrible example, I have taught them the value of hard work and also taught them to be considerate of others. In that sense I am very fortunate.

      I promised myself that I would stick around until the kids were in college. Our youngest is now a senior in high school. Next October will be interesting.

  78. chosercacrole February 28, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Grateful, he wrapped his arms around his friend and buried his face in his neck. It is akin to the spell that has protected him for the last two decades. You dont need help. Nialdlye shook her head. Little by little, she came back to herself. She glanced away before her visual admiration sparked lust. Suddenly shy, Eyrhaen stared at the crimson and midnight pattern in the rug. Laughing, Gala waved a hand in the air. Gods, what a horrible thought! Ive treated you all miserably in the past, because I could, because you let me. She dropped her gaze since her face was still tilted by Brevins fingers. Tykirs soft words stopped her. It put his nose right above hers, his bright eyes boring down into her skull. He wasnt talking to her. When he slapped her again, she complied, twisting over. She draped over Brevin, amazed anew by the sheer size of him. There is no blaming yourself for this, Nialdlye. Sadness washed over his face, although a small smile remained. She wanted to go to him. She giggled, transferring her lips to his neck and jaw.

  79. lost in florida February 28, 2010 at 3:29 pm #


    • Dan In Sac June 13, 2010 at 12:54 am #

      long haul trucking is your calling my freind! put all your shit in storage and hit the road unless your still on drugs then go work at taco bell.

  80. Kevin March 3, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    HAPPY for once in my life! If you have read my blogs you know my story. I now have found a wonderful women that has me on Cloud 9. Been seeing her for 10 months and not one fight or disagreement. We have so much fun together its unreal. Our families get along great with one another too. We have a lot in common. I AM SANE! I LOVE LIFE! NO LONGER AM I FIGHTING OVER STUPID SHIT! I’VE FOUND MY BALLS EVERYONE SAID I LOST! I LOVE ME NOW IMAGINE THAT! I LOVE MY WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND AND EVERY MOMENT WE SPEND WRAPPED IN EACH OTHERS ARMS! I HOPE THAT EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG CAN ONE DAY FEEL THE LOVE I FEEL RIGHT NOW! ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dan In Sac June 13, 2010 at 12:48 am #

      10 months? LOL mine didnt manifest herself for allmost 2 years.Just wait till you say “I Do”!

  81. Retard in PDX March 9, 2010 at 6:31 am #

    I was retarded for marrying my wife. Last week we stayed a weekend over one of my friends house out of town. His fiance was a total bitch to us and my friend and ruined our vacation. Sunday night my friend called me to bitch me and my wife out because his fiance ragged on him that we were rude to hurt. Maybe we might not of been hospitable but the chick was a total bitch. We didn’t get to see any sites because she spent the time fighting with my friend. But because my friend is getting laid, he feels the need to get drunk and then bitch us out. His Fiance called later and laid this huge guilt trip that she was going to get a lot of sleep because we wants to work it out. Total marytr complex.
    My friend and I sort of made up to talk it out. My wife felt that I caved and I should of demanded that he apologized to her for Sunday night. I felt that my friend was not going to listen to anything and that we should wait until he is ready and then we can hash this out. But my wife is mad with me for talking to him. We had a big arguement about it all day. I just got sick of her yelling at me and saying that I caved and that I disappointed her. She also told me that she had been talking to our neighbors about it and that they don’t understand why I cave. I don’t talk to anyone about our marrage problems, why does she get to embarass me to our friends? Also I’ve stuck up for her many times. I don’t talk to my parents because of her. I’ve quit jobs because of her. I don’t have any friends because of her. She gets mad at people and I defend her. She has been wrong alot and I have to stick my neck out. I’ve lost so many friends because of her.
    When we aruge she fights below the belt. I have bipolar depression and she brings it up all the time. And she screams and screams. Earlier today she got pissed at me because I didn’t do the dishes. But I cleaned the entire house the day before while she sat at the computer. I’m fucking tired. All I did was clean. I didn’t want to do the dishes. So fucking what? Why the hell do I have to clean the dishes when she’s the one who is home making them dirty? And all fucking day I was helping her. She wanted stuff out of the closet or the fridge and she was standing next to them. I mean how much lazy can you get? And then she wanted me to rub her feet. I was dead tired and I had a look and she got pissed. Excuse me, I just cleaned a fucking two story house. I mean come on. And she wakes me up early on the weekends when I come home from work at 7am, she wakes me up at 12. fucking hell, I am so fucking tired. I don’t sleep anymore.
    She hates the world and has very little friends because when they do something wrong, she treats them like shit until they cry. And even then it is not enough for her because she wants them to suffer more and always be apologetic. She has like 2 people she talks to because she makes people feel like shit.
    My friend is going to hell and I am sorry for him. I understand where he is coming from and what he is going to need when he does finally break up with his bitch. But my wife doesn’t understand. Instead she thinks I am chicken shit. But what she doesn’t understand is that my friend is the chicken shit and he is in a bad place. He knows the truth but has to play nice or else he’ll have to hear about it forever. I’m trying to help my friend because I understand what is is like to have to live with someone who makes you feel like crap when you don’t see things their way.
    We don’t even have fucking sex anymore. She just eats and eats and eats. We bought a treadmil and a gym membership and it just sits there. I’ve been working on my health and she has been working on eating.
    Damn it… I just don’t want to fucking care. A part of me wishes I should start either mess around or do other things because I am sick of being treated horribly like I do those things. I don’t deserve it. She makes me wish I was dead. After reading most of these comments, it looks like all women are cranky bitches. So no, there is no fucking hope.

  82. unhappy March 26, 2010 at 1:29 am #

    holyshit! stumped man your married to my wife, i swear crazy shit. your all describing my wife i thought i was just an idiot for choosing a fuckin nut job but now i see we are all fuckin idiots, my dad too my mom was a fuckin bitch! hunh. well thanks for the site i feel alot better now.

  83. Djeemunny April 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    Wife is currently in hospital. spent the last 4 days with just me and 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Home was clean, kids were happy. I did NOT feel like it was unbearable and I was doing most of the work. My sister and in-laws pitched in, to their credit and decency.

    My bipolar wife had utterly no interest in the kids, she wanted to continually self medicate with pot. Problem was that when she wasn’t high she was combative abusive continually using profanity and yelling. Mostly to me but also to my kids.

    As soon as she stabilizes I am kicking her out. The kids may miss her but I know I will love nurture and support them in the way that all kids need all the time. And by stabilizing I mean takes a months worth of depakote. Whatever her state, she is done. I know I can get custody with the chronic pot use and bipolar disorder. Driving toddlers around when you are high pretty much excludes you from the good mother club.

    She is so ridiculously needy and cannot STFU. I never thought it would get this bad. My sister tells me I am enabling her by not forcing her into treatment. Well I have AND I do not want to fight this battle for myself and my kids for the rest of our lives.

    OK so it is a ‘disease’ that is the reason; that doesn’t mean ‘normal’ family members need to immerse themselves in the abuse and toxic environment, especially my little ones. Whom I strangely, have come to love more then I ever thought it was possible to love.

    Being motherless is better than being abused, physically or verbally. So she is out. I am getting lawyer soon. She spent my money and sucks the life out of me and my kids; we don’t need it. She doesn’t contribute to the family constructively in any way.

  84. Brendan Lange April 27, 2010 at 5:48 am #

    My wife is a mentally disordered, mean son of a bitch. She is definitely cheating on me. She is a neglectful mother of three kids. I got married to her way too fast, so i take responsibility for making the worst decision of my life. I refuse to run away even though it is my desire every day. I am staying to bring unconditional love, support, and normalcy to my two kids. She neglected me emotionally, intellectually, and physically for years. I made poor and immoral decisions in paying for the services of a couple of prostitutes on three occasions in the course of 6 years and wasn’t sneaky enough to get away with it, so she has since used that as an excuse to be more abusive and hateful. I’ve tried to get her to marital counseling for years, but she has no interest in working on our marriage. It’s clear from her actions that her goal is to party as often as possible and do as little as possible at home. What a lousy mother—it breaks my heart for the kids. Her only interest in my life is my paycheck. Don’t get married without knowing the person you are marrying under all kinds of conditions and after knowing her for a long time. Family IS important too—her family is a bunch of self-absorbed trailer park trash monkeys. I kick myself every day for marrying her, but i don’t consider it an option to quit on my kids. Good luck to all the brothers out there dealing with bitchy vindictive self-absorbed women with the morals of a hyena. Oh yeah, she’s a very pretty women, so you can imagine how much interest she gets on facebook (social networking my ass—it’s an online meat market for my wife) and when she wears her skimpy outfits going out on the town with the basket cases she claims are her girlfriends. this too shall pass, but i may pass first.

  85. AC (Anonymous Coward May 14, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    I fell you guys, my Fiancé is Bi-Polar, but wont goto a Dr. I have been with her for 3 going on 4 years, I have no family or friends to fall back on, and everything is my fault, even if it is or not. I don’t have a job because where I live there is nothing here for work, not even fast food cause all the teenagers are working them.

    She goes to work comes home sits on her PC for a few hours, and sleeps, even on her days off, she doesn’t even want to go do anything, and I’m talking things that don’t cost any $$$ that we used to do all the time when we first got together. And I know Bi-Polar, My ex was Bi-Polar, and it really is hard to deal with this, I mean I love her to death, but sometimes it is just so hard to cope with it all.

  86. Dan In Sac June 13, 2010 at 12:38 am #

    Wow after reading all these messages I am now completely convinced I married a bipolar woman!
    We married 7 years ago and she was my dream wife when I met her.Well we got married after only living together a year and then all the crap started. She blames me for all our financial woes but she is the one that was getting all the credit cards and just had to have a new car 2 years before her old one was paid off! She also has lied about purchases in the last year and a half. She claimed to have won a $2000 laptop computer but she could not show anything that said she won it except a home shopping receipt shipping box with her listed as the customer. She also claimed her father bought her new kitchenaid appliances to the tune of $890 that her father when I asked him knew nothing about until she called him to remind him that he bought these for her bday gifts!
    She also snaps when I talk about any of this or anything really she gets defensive and starts throwing things at me. Our house is a mess with all her junk that she refuses to throw away.
    We have no kids so i try to leave her but she threatens to commit suicide and write a suicide letter blaming me so I am afraid to leave, we have so many bills right now anyway I have no place to go, she has also alienated my family from me so I really have no where to go except the back of my pickup truck!

    • Just Saying September 14, 2012 at 5:28 am #

      Dude really. Why are there so many pussies married to bitches. Just tell her to fuck off. She claims that she wants to kill herself. Dang sounds good to me. Give here some suggestions like go sky diving and forget to pull the cord. Just remember no matter how broke you are term life insurance is cheap. You can buy your family back by giving them a nice vacation to your home in Hawaii. Its her choice let her go. Who cares about the letter. Just burn it when she leaves. LOL

      Sorry. Just kidding. Seriously just leave the bed of your truck is no colder than the women sharing your current room.

      Bipolar is has nothing to do with lying. She is a lying shit and only gets mad cause she knows she is so full of shit. Dump Dump Dump.

  87. Ste September 10, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    I can’t believe, how many of this stories sound like mine my daughter is only few months, my wife has not been diagnosed but she exhibits all the symptoms of been bipolar, plus she has epilepsy. She didn’t have a hard life or anything, if anything she had an awesome childhood much better than mine and I don’t use mine as an excuse to be an asshole, if anything remembering my childhood push me to do anything in my power to be happy but I end up with her, I broke up with her twice while we were going out but I was so stupid to go back after she begged Me.
    I can’t walk from my daughter I would’ve done it a year ago but she wasn’t as bad as she is now and now I can’t leave/live without my baby daughter, I’m sometimes afraid for my life she has become so unstable. I’m just glad there is a place to talk/write about my frustration.

  88. sue November 15, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Hi, coming from a bipolar and alcoholic family background. I been diagnosed as bipolar. I read these replies. If a person has rages, it is a combination of elements that set it off. An abusive childhood, rejection, abandonment issues. A chemical imbalance. Usually if one goes into a rage, they are passive/aggressive. They are not totally 100% to be blame. Childhood baggage but present day baggage can set the stage for fights and self sataboge. Domestic violence, lying, cheating, neglect, control issues, alcohol and drugs all play a part in the crisis. I see alot of it their fault, do the “normal sane person look in the mirror and see what they could or could change to help their mate through the storm. It is issues, abandonment and rejection that makes a person insecure. It is self esteem issues that caused them to attack to distance themselves from another, not to feel that humilation over again. Do unto others before they do on to you. Yes, we need help but take a moment and see where you fit in the puzzle and help them put the pieces back together. The only victims are the children when fighting immaturely. Unrealisic expectations develop in relationships. If there is abuse and hatred it is time to depart. Hatred destorys you, your emotional and physically health. We love and hate you because the fear of being left alone in the world. Develop a structure and implusive agenda and reassured the person they don’t have to perform ro be someone they are not. When was the last time, you treated the not normal love of your life? We are children crying into the night and no one is coming to comfort us. Remind your loved one that the world does not revolve around them. Share an interest with them. Journal the mood swings, you will see they come at a certain time, of the week, month and year. Explore the patterns and work through them. I was a catholic girl, fell for a navy friend, who was wounded as a child, convince me to have sex before marriage, an abortion, ten evictions, not someone to depend upon. Destoryed my credit, ran up debts,does nto pay bills on time. Plays card games more then being a father to my three teens. Domestic violence and I ended up with progressive multiple sclerosis. Oh yeah, I support the family for the last nineteen years,keep house, etc, always figuring out a crisis to keep a roof over our head. His father called me a white trash and all my babies should die. I was losing my second child on that camping trip as he was yelling at me. I lost my father to a hit and run because he kicked him out, the man of the house. Now that I am financially broke after taking care of my three teens, car, college, ect. Seperated, gave him my Section 8 and move upstairs to be close to my children and be there for them, while he is out playing with his friends. Divorce, the courts would put the children in foster care, due to the lies. He is depending upon my middle son to pay the bills now, while he keeps his petty salary working in retail. So today, if I rant and rave, hear shut up and take the key and lock your mouth and throw away the key. Always bitching, more like passive/aggressive ranting. I am the psycho bitch. Okay, so please before you rant and rave, think of your children and seek a truce. Peace to you and your bipolar loved one.

    • DAWGtired September 12, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

      It sounds like your story, because you are indeed, a bitch. Stop trying to excuse people’s actions with a bunch of “contributing factors”. The biggest contributing factor is a person’s decision making. In this case, you have decided to make excuses for yourself, and for others who are similarly afflicted. In turn, you will never truly hold yourself accountable for your actions, and will never see any kind of break-through results. While most scenarios begin with raw, unpredictable “episodes”, you were eventually diagnosed, medicated, and educated with ways to shore yourself up in defense. If you have ever used your condition as an excuse from the day you were diagnosed, it is a cop-out and you are not holding yourself accountable. While you may not be able to control your feelings and your mood, your actions are an entirely different condition, chemically unrelated, requiring processing and evaluation prior to their execution. Did your parents not instill a sense of justice and ethics in you? If they did, how can you justify a deliberately malicious action? You can’t, and neither can they. Pure undistilled bullshit. And you know it; which is worse.

  89. nico February 12, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Hey guys, I am not sure if my partner is bipolar, maybe you can give me advices.
    Here are the facts :
    First, She has a history of heroin addiction and is on morphine to help her cope with pain she had on a car accident years ago.
    She is kind of sweet, not violent.
    She smokes like hell about 30 a day.
    She wakes up 4/5 times a night, drink coffee, smokes… nods off anywhere because of the morphin.
    She can hurt : like saying mean or crazy stuff like some sexual experiences she had with some guys just as a joke.
    Or saying that she’ll look for another guy and calling me in tears the next day..
    She got into religion big time, that’s bullshit..
    She think she is a kind of Mother Theresa, always here to save people, she’ll do it even if she’s exhausted.
    She ‘s so selfish in the relationship and at the same time, so giving to strangers.
    I know there might be a bipolar history with her. However now, I can’t see the obvious violent part but …

  90. Rob March 8, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Similar / same story here. Destroyed by a BiPolar / Borderline bitch. I wish that the Police, Judicial System, & “Women’s Studies” people would all come & read what these women actually do. I do not subscribe to any “mental illness” model, you are what you do & these people are pure evil.

    Even after the financial, emotional, legal harm the woman did to me.. I can say that I am in fact far better off now than over the past 26 years. I am unemployed & my retirement savings all went to legal bills but far better off.

    BiPolar / Borderline people are evil. Pure & simple. Look up that definition & compare it to the behaviors seen in both their manic & depressive cycles. I would love to have lived in an Islamic country.. I would have been there to bash her cranium with a rock.

    • Bob May 23, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

      You are not alone! I married a woman 2 years ago, and everything went well for the first 6 months, then everything went haywire. She spent money frivolously and impulsively to the tune of causing me to file for bankruptcy. Now, between the 2 of us we took in over $150,000.00/yr. She makes $20,000.00 more a year than me. She would only help pay by paying the minimum because she said if she helps pay the debt too soon I would end up leaving her when the debt was gone. She also taught her daughter to disrespect me in my own home. You see, the 2 of them lived like utter slobs to the point of ruining my house. When I tried to teach her daughter to not get black nail polish on my brand new carpet and leave unfinished food laying all around the house my wife would reprimand me in front of her daughter and tell her that I had a personality disorder. So, now the daughter can do anything she wants in my home. My wife would let her stay up all hours of the night with the TV blaring, go in the refrigerator and eat junk food whenever she wanted, and now the child is obese and looking unhealthy. My wife also has a severe compulsive gambling problem and vicodin problem. She always made me feel like crap because she said I was trying to take her gambling away and her vicodin away. I told her she can do anything she wants as long as it was done responsibly. She actually said to me: could you imagine if I stopped gambling and impulsive spending she would have lots of money. I replied: yea, then we can start doing things as a family. Her come back: well you can save for that. She use to constantly complain to me about me having a house and credit cards and she doesn’t, and what kind of husband am I if I don’t let her use the credit cards. Well, I did and now I am filing for bankruptcy. I finally told her and her daughter had to leave. She left, and now she is punishing me.
      Here is where the bipolar disorder comes in. When she left she told me with tears that she doesn’t want a divorce. OK, I thought maybe we could try and patch and save the marriage. I helped her move, came over on weekends to help fix things around her new place, and took them out to dinner and a bunch of things for her. I would do all these things only to go thru her bipolar episodes of constantly reminding me of forcing her to live like she has to now by telling her to leave. One moment she loves me and the next I was a jerk for throwing her love in the gutter. She makes $90,000.00/yr. and is constantly broke and expects me to bail her out financially like a good husband. I have her and her daughter on my health insurance at the cost of $558.00/mo. You see, she gets 200 vicodin/mo on my insurance and would only get 30 vicodin/mo on her insurance, and if she goes on her insurance she is afraid that her HMO Company would see her medical history with the possibility of losing her RN nursing license. She can be pleasant one moment and at the drop of a hat be screaming at me and putting me down. She is a 24/7 complainer and you never know what will trigger an episode. She does this with daughter all the time. She keeps her daughter at home gives her anything she wants and then screams at her by cursing at her and threatening her daughter that she is going to have her live with her father in VA because her daughter is constantly trying to get her mother’s attention which she hardly gives her . Her daughter can’t socialize very well, so she keeps her daughter at home all alone in the middle of now where during the day and most nights when my wife goes gambling. The child writes on facebook constantly how crazy her mom is and can’t wait to go to VA for the summer so she can get away from her crazy mom. The child never leaves the house, but leaves only when her mom takes her for junk food or to the restaurant for dinner because her mom has all these ailments and doesn’t want to cook. I went over her house a couple of weeks ago and went gambling with her because I told her I would, but also told her we should gamble responsibly. Well she lost her money and asked me for money to keep on playing. I gave her twenties up to $100.00 and told her we should go home because her daughter has to eat. Well, I took them to dinner. While we were eating at the restaurant she had the nerve to ask me to pay her cable bill. I didn’t say a word because I didn’t want to trigger an episode in public. She then told me to hold off because she might work something out. Well I held out and she didn’t say anything further, so I left without giving her any money. The next week after not answering my phone calls until the following weekend she told me how does it feels not having a wife answering my phone calls. She screamed and cursed me up and down for not giving her any money. She also said she knows she lost her money gambling, but she doesn’t have a husband to fall back on and bail her out. Meanwhile I hear her daughter in the background say: mommy if I had the money I would give it to you; not like your husband. I then said but you make $20,000.00/yr more than me. She said: I knew you would say that so f*** you Bobby and hung up. My friend overheard the whole episode and it even shook him up. I finally had enough of her rollercoaster ride of one minute she loves me to the next abusing and putting me down when all I’m trying to do is help her. I can’t give any more, and it might turn out that way for you. I’m really sorry you have to go through what you are going through, but if they refuse to see they have a problem and won’t seek help for themselves, then there is nothing we can do. We must now take care of ourselves. Yes I know it hurts, but should we keep taking the abuse and ruin our health? I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you can patch things up with your wife. I would have given my wife the world if she could only see her problem and maintain responsibly, but I can’t help her because she doesn’t think she needs it. All I wanted is to have a family and do things as a family. Good luck and God bless.

  91. Fester N. Scab April 11, 2011 at 1:17 am #

    What do you do when your wife is a fucking bitch and you can’t win for losing? No matter what the fuck I do, it’s always fucked up. I get blamed for everything that goes wrong and I have anger issues. God damn yes I do have a lot of anger issues but the bitch makes them worse and I get blamed more. It’s the slippery slope of my fucking demise. I can’t feel but hatred towards her at times.

    • dennis September 4, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

      im with ya bro, it should be legal to bash the crap out of them im sure it would fix all the problems

  92. Omar May 7, 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    Hello. I have heard enough about hormones and bipolar issues and it’s getting pretty long as far as a list. I just broke up with my girlfriend of two years over issues which I thought can be corrected by communicating with her, and so far it’s has not worked. I realize that females have certain issues regarding PMS and so forth, but when a person have a loving boyfriend and just want affection at times, he just don’t get any. She apparently likes to discuss with me issues which involves her ex-husband and that’s getting on my nerves. These episodes (more than one) of hormone surges, biploar, depression or whatever it is should be evaluated by a doctor and I’ve mentioned this to he but she simply denies everything. So, after 6 months of trying, I simlpy just give up because it’s frustrating to see a person whom I love so much don’t even consider helping themselves to abate or correct the relationship. Please comment and let me know if I in fact did the right thing. Thanks!!

  93. martypark69 May 9, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    my wife is also A TOTAL FUCKIN BITCH, she nags me about chores around the house, compares me to saintly husbands(ya fuk ye one and all) sulks when I ask to go for a beer(this is after asking her to go and gettin refused) says i dont do enough with the kids but in all of this time I work 60 hours min and 80 hours max every week-fukkin bitch

  94. F.D. Head September 1, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Here’s a question? Why aren’t there any diseases where your wife feels the irrisistable desire to make you supper? To give you a massage? To take care of the kids and do some housework? Why is there only a disease that turns her into a raging cunt who wants to start fights, hit me, spend a weekend in a hotel room with my “friend” and run up a credit card bill?


    I know it’s hard! I FUCKING know it first hand. But you know what sucks worse? Is waking up in this same fucking mess 12 years later with nothing changed.

  95. dennis September 4, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    my wife has screwed my life in every way possible she has an avo out on me against her and our two daughters im constantly getting chased by the police because of her lies if they catch me i go to jail because the fucking un educated idiots believe all her lies,iv put up with her crap for 11years now its been the worst possible torture you could imagine she has convinced people that i am gay,a drug addict ,a sex addict ,a wife basher ,a thief ,the list goes on and on and i am none of these things i used to be a normal person now she has reduced me to nothing the only thing i look forward to is being fucking dead,if i was given 1 wish before i die i would wish it was legal to bash the living crap out of your bipolar wife its probably the one and only solution to stop them being evil bitches

  96. DAWGtired September 12, 2011 at 5:18 pm #


    Brother, I feel you. My wife (we’ve been married for 3 yrs) is bi-polar type I/OCD/recovering addict. Sometimes, it seems the only thing she enjoys more than abusing drugs/alcohol is abusing me. She treats our apartment like a friggin’ museum (don’t ever leave your shoes somewhere other than the spot that she deems for that day). If “I” rearrange anything, it’s out of place. But she rearranges everything, all day, every day. I can never put any object in a place of convenience for myself, b/c it is then instantly unappealing to her “expert” eye. I have tried to bring this topic up as a clearly subjective bias, and she simply ignores me or brings up whatever incident she can think of from 4yrs prior to admonish me. This of course has no bearing on the topic at hand.

    Right before we married, I started having second thoughts and broke up with her. She freaked out, hitting herself in the head and pulling out huge chunks of hair, but I stuck to my guns. Two days later, I hooked up with a girl at a bar in L.A., and never spoke to her again. We reconciled, and I told her about what had happened in L.A., just to clear the air so that we were coming back on even terms. She took this as me “cheating on her” and has NEVER let me forget it, simply b/c it suits her manipulations in our arguments. She maintains a bitch-like air of perfection, even though she has had several emotional and social relationships with men (who were interested in her physically) which were far more intimate than a drunken one-night stand. What’s worse is that they don’t even realize that she only manipulates them for what she wants, and never gives in to what they are pursuing. I don’t know if she does this to maintain her “higher-than-thou” appearance in contrast to me, or if she has simply realized that this method allows her to more effectively manipulate people.

    Although I generate the entire means for our income, she readily spends our money as though it were pocket change. If I spend money on myself for anything (gas, drinks, tools, maintenance parts) she accuses me of being selfish…and then spends all remaining money on drinks and self-medication. She talks about cigarettes and alcohol like medication, a neccessity for her to function. It disgusts me.

    When she has a “falling-out” with a friend who “refuses to see anything from her perspective”, she rarely accepts any responsibility for the arguments or her behavior. The closest thing I can compare it to is a child who has no sense of accountability. She lashes out wildly with hateful words and language, never allowing anyone to get a word in edge-wise and always has carefully prepared counter-attacks if they do. If her counters fail, she simply shouts and beats herself and cries and generates enough of a temper-tantrum effect to either get her way, or isolate herself completely from an argument that has her at a disadvantage.

    In her mind, and this is what really frustrates me, she is convinced that she is a morally upright, clean, and righteous person. That she is the ONLY morally upright, clean, and righteous person that exists. Everyone else is wrong (but only if they disagree with her). Pandering is encouraged. I’m one of the few people who calls her out on her bullshit (regularly), and this leads to many a heated argument. Its impossible to outlast her, so I usually just concede to the immovable object. She is the most pretentious, self-centered, hypocritical, frustrating, assinine, trivial person I have ever met. And I love her completely. I love her, and our 8 month old son (who really IS perfect). That is why I labor in this relationship with it’s constant turmoil and strife…labor is a part of life. As is helping others with issues. Don’t forget this James, because this shit is our mission, and things will get better. It starts with therapy, education, and medication. After that, it’s up to the two of you to establish boundaries, figure out what triggers her defensive/outrageous behaviors, and work towards healing your broken relationship. Apart from having an actual psychiatrist/psychologist (and trust me, it helps to have both) a good spiritual relationship will go a long way towards mending your issues as well. No one holds a Bipolar victim accountable to their actions like God. No one.

  97. Jun3ya November 16, 2011 at 12:25 am #

    everything on this fucking earth that has a vagina is bipolar..and a bitch..theres nothing anyone can do about it..you know how you can tell theyre bipolar?… because one minute theyre being a bitch..then the next theyre being bipolar….just put your dick in em, get yours, and move on. if not then you’ll be pulled into a shithole so big, that the rescuers in Chile cant get your ass out.

  98. Guess who January 22, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    All women are bitches. No, not always at first, but once you’ve been together or married for some time, they all turn into fucking bitches who will nag and bitch the life right out of you.

  99. Chaoslord January 24, 2012 at 12:38 pm #


    Americans are dumb.

    Selfish, ill-educated, unempathic, self centered dumbasses.

    (does not apply to all… but if this thread has anything to do with the general populous of the United States… you guys are in real trouble. Grow backbones and help the people you love. It doesn’t matter)

  100. Koalalala January 24, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Dear anyone who says they wish they had never met the person they are with who has bipolar.

    I am in a relationship with a girl, younger than me, prettier than me, way out of my league, who was diagnosed with bipolar while we were seeing each other. It was a depressive anger eruption while she was at my house that gave us the final boost to push for a diagnosis.

    I have not once thought “I wish I wasn’t here” I have never said “fuck you, you are just being a bitch” and i never will do. Because I know that it’s not her, my possum, that is being bitchy towards me… it’s the bipolar inside her head that is being bitchy. I never ever hold it against her or blame her for anything.

    She apologises to me far more than she should for what she does while in her manic of depressive phases, but I always tell her there’s no need… because there IS NO NEED.

    It’s like blaming your partner for breaking their legs in a car accident and getting pissed off with them because you have to drive them to the store. It’s a thing that has happened… if you love them, help them. Hold them when they need it, grin with them when they need it. Selfishness is only ever one way in a bipolar relationship… and it always comes from the one who is “normal”

  101. Underloved and over qualified February 16, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    My wife is selfish bubblehead delusional ungrateful bitch and a complaining mother who acts each day as though the greatest kid on earth has somehow wronged her. Shes asexual since honeymoon and if i didnt have the greatest kid in world whos happiness im more dedicated to than my own breath id pack her meager belongings collected over years of lazy paracitism and id roll her wavey ass down a hill in a barrel. She doesnt deserve a good, open, honest person with my moral compass and consideration, and gratitude for the blessing of a healthy wonderful child.b she deserves to sit in a diner with one of her other do nothing friends watching her cigarette ash cling on for dear life above her pancakes and talking about how she was meant for more in this life. My kid deserves better and so do i.

  102. motherduck March 2, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    if you have kids then remember they too have to live with her, not healthy for them to see all of her nasty crap.
    Dump her, take your kids and live.

  103. LorenAnne March 27, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I think there is nothing wrong with your wife. I think you’re a horrible person and her reactions are based solely on that. Anyone who would talk the way you do, is a disgusting person. I feel sorry for your wife being married to such a pig.

  104. Wretchedly miserable at the hands of my own bitch. May 27, 2012 at 3:01 am #

    All women are bipolar bitches one long island and a girls nite out away from eating a complete strangers pussy. They perpetuate guilt and misery on the male of the house, they are irrational emotionally compromised train wrecks who’s daddy’s despite the best of efforts couldn’t ever live up to the insane standards that change daily to suit their mood swings. Women are cheap trashy whores who because society allowed it have been given equal pay, for lessor work and far to commanding positions in the workplace over male counterparts who do ten times the work for the same money and a third of the respect due in great part to money grubbing lawyers chomping at the bit to be next in line in civil court for a slice of the sexual discrimination pie.


    Bipolar disorder is a fancy name for Bitch which was invented to justify bad behavior and promote political correctness.

  105. sonny June 7, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    I thought I was alone. This chat has made me understand that women are fucking retarted and its not me. It really is her.

  106. Bob Gatzky July 12, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    The worst problem with this whole article is the atrocious spelling!! I can get over the bi-polar part, but the spelling is unforgivable!!!!!!!!

  107. beat down July 17, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    So, after having read many of the posts above I present the following perspective for your consideration:

    With the obvious exceptions of growing a three foot unkempt beard, murdering innocent people in the name Allah just for the hell of it, and whipping out the prayer rug 5 times a day, why don’t we just all become Muslims? Just think about it. Then we could all have up to 4 crazy ass bitches at a time. None of them would have any rights AT ALL under Sharia Law. And the coup de grâce; when the crazy ass stupid fucking bitch over steps it one time to fucking many you simply say “I divorce your stupid ass” three times in succession and poof, it’s done. The fucking brain-dead, bipolar, self centered, arrogant, control freak, ungrateful, selfish, condescending, wicked bitch of the east, frigid ass cunt, bitchzilla from hell be gone!!!!!!!

    It is a dream I have…..

    Hey, where’s my 72 virgins?

  108. Zaekk July 22, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Bipolarity can sometimes be confused with borderline personality disorder.

    • Just Saying September 14, 2012 at 5:18 am #

      or ass boogers. LOL Asperger’s Disorder

  109. Just Saying September 14, 2012 at 5:19 am #

    Either way it is not healthy to live with one of these crazy bitches. Just dump them divorce them or do what ever it takes to get yourself out of that destructive relationship.

    Finding a women without bitch disorder once divorced is not easy. The reason is the divorce women out there are divorced for a reason. Some one already kicked them to the curb. So your choice is a widow, a self center women that lived single their whole life or shopping for a mail order bride that you can trade in after they get their green card. Life is what it is. Don’t expect roses to float out the ass of every girl that farts. It never happens.

    To sit on the internet and bitch about how bad your wife or girl friend makes you feel is lame. But, secretly thanks. At least now I can go to sleep knowing some other dumb ass has a bitch laying next to them.

    Peace out.

  110. She needs some big cock September 15, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Give it to her!

  111. Fuckin Bitch November 9, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    TLDNR, James should have fucked wife and her stupid lover. Yeah I’m here for the gangbang.

  112. Mo' trouble December 30, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    I have horses. 4 mares. The mares are never happy unless they are kicking, fussing, fighting, then they are still not happy. They are not happy when they are hungry and when I feed them they are all pissy and try to fight over the hay and grain.
    I realized one day that the mares exhibit behavior like women exhibit the same behavior.
    If you put four women in an office , it is like four mares in a barn.
    When you put one women in a house with a man, it is like putting a mare with a stallion.
    If the mare isn’t “ready” she’ll kick the hell out of the stallion when it is “ready.”
    So mares are like women and women are like mares.
    They are never happy.
    When they are happy they are looking for a way to be pissed.
    Ever wonder why stallions stand alone.
    Men have to play lead dog. Get so far out front that the women can’t bite or kick.
    Men have gotta be self sufficient and emotionally strong to deal with the women.
    Men can’t be weak or the women will run over them–it’s their way, they can’t help it.
    Women want to control men, but it is not the place of men to be under their woman.
    Only little boys are under mommy.
    Women also don’t get this point. They control their five year old boy and they
    want to exercise this same control over their man.
    What helps is for the man to realize that he doesn’t have to come to the rescue
    of the woman. He is afraid to let her fail so he helps when she calls.
    Let her try on her own. Keep focused on your hobbies, career. Don’t let
    her constant pleas for help interrupt.
    The woman will do her own thing without telling the man a thing. She won’t take any advice
    on matters that are mutally important like finances.
    But then she’ll turn around and ask the man which color of this or that is better.
    The woman will include the man in trivialities but tell him to pound sand on important matters.
    Husband and wife are still two independent beings. Women think that they are important
    and man is dumb. They think they know it all and men’s opinions are invalid.
    So, again, men be strong in yourself, seek out that which will give you strength.
    Dont’ lean on the woman. Don’t be weak.
    Also, men, learn to control your “drive.” Women will use that to try to control you. They will manipulate and deny to try to do this.
    They know they wield power in this area, but don’t let them get the upper hand.

  113. Jacob Cats March 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Its a terrible situation which I advice any young man to avoid if he can. I was dupes into married life with a bipolar bitch and its hell if there were no kids involved I’d of bailed by now, leaving everything and taking to the streets. It really is intolerable, don’t expect any support just nasty grief from those supporting bipolar bitches. A no win situation just avoid it if you can, bipolar bitches ruin lives of men.

  114. joy philip August 1, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

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  115. Christian December 23, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    Most women are fucking idiots. They have little if any grasp on reality and are simply interested in fucking with men. Their only purpose Is reproduction.

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