My boring ass life.

4 Jan

So we decided to bite the bullet, and buy a couch and fridge now, while the sales were on, instead of waiting until March for my bonus. (And March? What kind of crap is that? Christmas would be awesome, or just after the holidays.)

I digress.

The old fridge leaves, and only just before they come to take it do I get a phone call saying delivery is delayed due to the assload of snow. I was fridgeless for a day. Which is fine, if you enjoy everything being frozen solid on your porch.

Today, the glorious call comes. My fridge and couch cometh.

Or, at the very least, the fridge did. (We got this one, in black. I LURVES it.) The delivery guys took one look at the unholy design of my house and said there was no way the couch would get down into my basement. N-O means nu-uh.

sigh. Sob. All I’ve wanted for the last 8 years or so is something other than a loveseat to watch TV on. Even growing up we had loveseats. We have a wicker loveseat right now, and it isn’t the most comfortable thing. It was bought 4 years ago out of desperation. It drives us nuts.

So, we went online, bit the bullet and bought this. We’ll need to assemble it, while means that yes Virginia, it will fit through the doorways and down the stairs.

I’m hoping to squeeze and camera and maybe a tattoo out of this bonus…hopefully once all the adult things are out of the way, I can.

(Secretly, I am stoked to have a new fridge. It’s shiny and pretty and new and clean and doesn’t have that weird old fridge smell. And it’s NOT a side by side. Ah functional cubic footage, whatever did I do without you?)

I really want to reduce my consumption of stuff this year, these purchases aside. I buy too much crap, too many coffees in disposable cups, too much take out. Time will tell if I can stick to this.

4 Responses to “My boring ass life.”

  1. marcelarhodus January 4, 2008 at 9:49 pm #

    it is funny indeed when you find yourself all excited and happy about a fridge… guess it’s a sign that we’re “growing up”?? I salivate when I see a new fridge, I hate mine (it comes with the house, so we have to live with it) and I’m envying you from this side of the world (but the good kind of envy…)

    what tattoo do you want to get? where?
    I’d love to get a tattoo, but it’s a big no-no to my husband, so we agreed to not go there (I do want to stay married to him after all…), if I did get a tattoo, I’d get a coffee bean on my hip (to me coffee represents so much, such a rich culture, history and traditions behind it, not to mention that caffeine is a food group.)

  2. thordora January 4, 2008 at 9:53 pm #

    I want to get an old school heart and scroll for my mother, likely covering up the POS I have on my upper arm. (I had originally wanted to put it on the back of my neck, but I’ve since changed my mind for a few reasons, but mostly, it makes sense to cover up the crappy one I got for her with something half decent.) I want to have bluebirds of happiness holding the scroll, which will have her first name in her handwriting on it, so she’s always with me.

    I don’t like color in tattoos, but this one will be, but very old school, clear delineated colors-red’s, blue, think the color wheel.

    And no tattoos! Eeek! We got some instead of wedding rings! 🙂

  3. marcelarhodus January 5, 2008 at 6:35 am #

    how cool!
    you have your “wedding rings” tattooed?
    that is a neat idea…

    hubs can’t get tattooed in any visible place, you know cause of this job, althought it’s very common for people in this “business” it’s actually punished if you get one after you get into the “company”, it’s ok if they get hired with one or more tattoos, but once inside, if caught they can get court martialed for it.

    will you get a picture and show it once you get it done? I love the image that came to my mind when I read your description of the tattoo you’ll get, but I’m sure it’ll look better than what I’m imagining… besides I’ll live vicariously through you on that one…

    are they very expensive??

  4. thordora January 5, 2008 at 11:25 am #

    I remember someone telling me that-duh. Makes sense I suppose, and he could always get one after if he really wanted.

    We don’t have our wedding rings-we have mobius strips actually (

    I’m figuring this one will cost between 2+300 with the colors and all. Well worth it.

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