Busy Day

24 Nov

Holiday stuff, you know-sleeping in, gingerbread houses, sucky Xmas parades.

And I mean sucky. Sure, this isn’t Toronto, but still, if the best you can do is inflatable Santa’s and lights on a truck, what’s the point? EFFORT people. EFFORT still matters.

I’m tired, and kinda cranky, so I’ll just go to bed now. kthxbai.


One Response to “Busy Day”

  1. marcelarhodus November 25, 2007 at 8:04 pm #

    sorry they did not even try for the parade… did the girls like it? sometimes even sucky stuff is exciting for them.

    enjoy the sleeping-in and the gingerbread houses đŸ™‚

    are you feeling better from the Fidel Castro cold?? I sure hope so.
    It’s Monday afternoon in Japan, and I’m slowly starting to feel better, heavily medicated of course… sigh… but feeling more energy.

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