Someone’s almost fully cooked…

2 Sep

Weedragon is only a few days from term, and she’s doing the soon to be new mom freak out. (remember that? I certainly do.)

I think she could use so words of reassurance, support and advice right now from all of us who’ve been there. The first time is cool, but listening to everyone say “oh, you’ll know” when you ask about how to tell when you’re in labour is a bit disconcerting.

2 Responses to “Someone’s almost fully cooked…”

  1. Dragon September 2, 2007 at 1:25 pm #

    Thank you, Thor.


  2. sweetsalty kate September 5, 2007 at 1:41 pm #

    Dragon, I tried to comment at your site but you’ve got one of those blogger thingies that doesn’t like non-blogger commenters, and I haven’t got time to sign up for whatever is required by google. Either that or I’m as thick as mud.

    Here’s the five-cent-tour of what I said:

    I had a vaginal gong show with near-4th degree tears, and my panoonie is just as sprightly as it was before, competely healed. Jus sayin’. You may feel like you’re risking injury to your panoonie by having a vaginal birth, but you risk injury to your abdomen (in terms of its future shape) by having a c-section. I can vouch for that, having had an emergency section for my seconds. Those muscles are cut, and the most skillful stitching can’t change that. The healing wasn’t too bad, but I never had a muffin top. I do now. Again… jus’ sayin. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.

    I hope this doesn’t sound negative, with you just on your way. You’re in for the most wonderful times ahead, despite some exhausting days. Birth is transformative, and important – but it’s just one day in your life. It pales in comparison to becoming a mama, and the joys and intensity and memories that come along with that. I’m just trying to impart to you that even the most unplanned and wild and uncontrolled experiences (like mine) … well, they fade. Well, mostly.. but I’ve got other issues.

    The things you’re worked up about now will be nothing at all, and the things that will knock you off your feet, you won’t see coming. Such is true for childbirth and parenting both. So just keep drinking water, and try to breathe deeply and just let go. It’s not just birth that’s going to take control away from you.. it’s being the mother of a child, full-stop. You’ll learn to embrace it.

    Thanks for the piggyback, thor.. I’m so lazy with commenting on god-forsaken blogger.

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