30 Aug

I have little to say to day than to write about the disorder that is my mind, the dis-ease that eats me inside, little by little. My outside grows larger as my inside reduces. I am a reduction sauce, and I worry that I am almost ready.

My in laws will be here in a few days, a fact that for once fills me with enormous relief. We’re exhausted-mentally, physically-we’re at the end of our stores, and we know it. Just to have someone around who not only wants to take the kids, but who are happy to do so in order to give us a day or two of quiet and peace and maybe even a morning to sleep in and get some nookie without worrying about a little face appearing at the side of the bed-now THAT is something to look forward too.

Truth be told, last year when they visited, as hard as it was, my bestest memory was when Mogo and I just went and rented 3 movies and watched them all, knowing we wouldn’t have to worry about when we got up the next day. Waking up at 8am to the glorious late summer light streaming through your mini blinds isn’t so bad if you can roll over and just stay there for a bit.

The visits sometimes make me feel more crazy, and sometimes less. They make me wonder how much easier it would be for me to get better if we lived near people who could help us on a more regular basis. Other tell me about dropping their kids off for a night with their parents, or their inlaws, and that is just so foreign to me. We can’t do it. Even when my Dad is with us, he’s in the house with us. There’s no real break to that.

So the next two weeks will be…different, and challenging. But hey, at least I’ll have something to write about!

4 Responses to “Invasion”

  1. bine August 30, 2007 at 12:56 pm #

    yay for the in-laws! i hope for all the best, that they don’t additionally stress you out but take the kids off your hands and give you a little peace and quiet.

  2. Marcela ~ August 31, 2007 at 6:12 am #

    oh enjoy the visit, like you said having someone that not only will take over a little bit of your kids but will do so happily is priceless… please try to focus on the positive of this visit and enjoy, get some peace, collect your thoughts and energy.
    Right now I’d trade places with you so bad. I’ve been sick, stomach flu or something like that, and I’m close to the end of my rope, physically, emotionally and mentally, yet I can’t give up on them, and reinforcements are not coming any time soon.
    Can I live vicariously through you and your in-laws visit??

  3. thordora August 31, 2007 at 6:36 am #

    aw Marcela. That sucks. I don’t know how you do it. Mine get stuck in front of the TV when I’m sick, since many times we can’t call in sick when the other is sick. Not the same, but still sucky.

    Feel better. 😦


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