See Mommy

16 Aug

“Wake up seepyhead!”

roll over

“Hi Ros

Shuffles in pile of clothes. Picks up shirt

“Here’s your short”

drops shirt on my head

“Thanks Ros.”

“Here’s you shirt”

drops shorts on bed.

“Ros, come cuddle”

Drops self on bed. Here we sit for a few minutes.

Down the stairs.

“I wan cispies” Ros shakes when she gets excited. She is shaking, waiting for Rice Crispies.

“See Mommeee!” her hands high in the air as my own are full of cereal and milk and bowls, her insistant glowing face meeting mine.

“Not now Rozzie. Wait”

My girls eat. They talk. They argue over the Cinderella book until Vivian finds the other one. I get ready for work.

I eat my bagel reading the paper online.

“See MOMMEE!” Ros yells, louder now.

“Soon baby. Soon. Let Mommy eat.” Limbs are flung into my face, a leg in my ribs, a finger in my ear. I scarf back my bagel and shut of the monitor.

“Let’s get dressed Ros.”

“This one?”


“this one?”


Repeast ad nauseum, until Ros remembers her neon green skirt in the kitchen, and wants to wear it again.

“Skirt! Kitty Shirt!”

She’s dressed.

“See Mommee?”

I glance at the clock, decide to be ten minutes late.

“Yes flower. See Mommy.”

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