tired of the wrong words

28 Jul

Last night, knitting, trying to stay awake after a swim and a long hot day, watching CNN and pondering why dogfighting is seen as a worse crime than rape. Why it’s ok for the famous to be criminals. Wondering who our children can look up to-not who they will, but who they can. Are we asking too much to have rolemodels who are are least pretending to be clean living?

130 millions dollars, and you still need to breed and kill dogs for pleasure?

An entire chain of hotels that will someday be yours, and yet you feel the need to drive drunk, act stupid and mundane and so very ordinary.

Today I see Amnesty International has no choice but to support abortion in order to help end the disgusting cycle of rape and impregnation as a weapon. Our cunts are nothing more than battlegrounds for those know no better. Everyone will come from the woodwork to fight and denounce this change in policy by amnesty, but I don’t see these same people being at all concerned about the constant terrorism experienced by women living in a world where they belong to others. I don’t see any Cardinal’s rising up to tell their people that Dafur must stop now, to help bring the government to it’s knees until change is made.

But ah, the catch. They are colored, or women, or poor, or all of these things. They are nothing more than something you’d rub off your shoes after your morning walk. They dont count-the uterus doesn’t count the vagina, it doesn’t count and least of all that woman who was raped by 25 soldiers laughing and laughing who now carries a child who burns hate into her heart-she most certainly doesn’t know.

Do we have priorities any longer? Does any one thing matter over another? Is anything ever worse? Or is it all “special” in it’s own way?  Do we, as women, even matter yet?

We are not equal. We are not even vaguely the same in the eyes of this world. We remain chattel, less than some. We are tossed aside-dogs more meaningful-DOGS.

We are not dogs.

4 Responses to “tired of the wrong words”

  1. Stu Mark July 28, 2007 at 10:54 am #

    Brilliant!! I’m sorry that it’s 2007 and someone still needs to write what you wrote, but it’s important to repeat what you wrote, to repeat it until change happens. As a feminist, as the father of a daughter, as the husband of a wife, as the brother of a sister, as the son of a mother, as a human being, I say thank you, and keep on keepin’ on.

  2. gartenfische July 28, 2007 at 2:06 pm #

    Powerful. Thank you for writing this.

    Have you read Nikolas Kristof at the New York Times? He’s a kindred spirit. Here’s a link, in case you’re interested:


    He does beautiful work, and he is courageous (well, he DOES have the NYT behind him).

  3. misspudding July 28, 2007 at 7:07 pm #

    I just read something recently that was discussing women and men who are fighting for women to go topless. I thought to myself, what a silly discussion…sure, men and women should both be able to go topless, but why do people care so much?

    But then the point came up that the only laws protecting the right of a women to bare her breasts are those in the case of nursing a child and/or strip clubs. In essence, women can only bear their breasts, in the United States, if she is being used as a tool for a child or a man. If she wants to run around topless for herself, it’s illegal.

    That hit home for me. Why the hell can’t we fucking go around topless? Oh, that’s right, because we’re not men. If men were the ones who carried babies around or had periods, you can damn well bet that there would be no problem with abortion or birth control or plan B. And women everywhere would have 20 different varieties of viagra-like medicines.

    It’s 2007. This is the civilized world, and yet, women are still light-years behind.

  4. thordora July 28, 2007 at 7:34 pm #

    Like Gloria Steinem said, and I continually reiterate-all I want is the right to be as mediocre as the average male. He boobies and all.

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