Four WHAT?!

26 Jul

So for Mother’s Day, I asked Mogo to get me a subscription to a cooking magazine I liked. I hemmed and hawed between Everyday Foods and Cooking Light, my two favorites.

In the end, I asked him to get me a subscription to Everyday Foods.

A few days after Mother’s Day, he went online, ordered, and was billed on his credit card.

The rest of May rolls by. No biggie. Not expecting it until June anyway.

June rolls by. Erm. That’s a little odd, but perhaps we missed the cut off.

Most of July is almost gone. Losing temper quickly. I ask Mogo when we paid, and proceed to email the company.

Your subscription will begin with the issue dated September 2007. This issue should arrive no later than September 07, 2007.


Nearly four months later you will finally start my subscription? WTF?!?! Every single magazine I’ve ever subscribed to has started, at worst, in 8 weeks. I’m now waiting for a response back answering my WTF?!?! question, since I am truly dumbfounded at the time this is taking.

Everyday Food? You just lost a customer. You have nothing listed on the order form stating that it will take an inordinate amount of time to process an ONLINE subscription. I do believe I’ll be cancelling this “subscription” (if you can call it that since it hasn’t even started) and moving it over to Cooking Light.

Which I bet I’ll get before September 7 too.


One Response to “Four WHAT?!”

  1. s@m July 26, 2007 at 8:54 pm #

    One reason I hate getting magazine subscriptions. That is an unusually long wait though. Holy crap.

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