17 Jun

Vivian and her father are off watching Fantastic Four, Rosalyn and I just walked back from Crappy Tire, she’s continuing her nap after falling asleep in the stroller. (Holy crap she must have been tired! She NEVER does that!)

I’m sweaty and hot and have a headache from the sun and I think I’m getting my period which explains my freak out about my weight the other day. On CNN.com I read a story about fathers not able to be home with their kids, their partners.

And I know I’m lucky. I may bitch about Mogo from time to time, remind him to not swear too much in front of the girls, tell him to not chase them around the house 10 minutes before bed, but I am so lucky. He is here. He is a good father to his daughters, determined to not make the mistakes his father made. He plays so well with his girls, something I have trouble doing at the best of times. He teaches them about what a man should be, should look like. How a man should treat them.

My own father is someone who, despite our differences and our hard times, I love and respect very very much. He did everything he could for me, and as he has said a few times, he’d pull the moon down for me if I asked. I have no doubt of the deep love my father holds for me. I never have, even on the worst days. I’ve never forgiven him for things he’s done, because you cannot forgive something you never held against someone. We grieved, and we grieved. I only wish we had done it together.

Both of the men in my life are fathers. Both mean the world to me, and both love me to pieces back. Both adore my little girls.

I really am lucky to have all this in my life.

Happy Father’s Day Baby….and you too Dad, whatever you’re doing…

One Response to “F”

  1. Bromac June 18, 2007 at 8:22 am #

    Good Man, Mogo!

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