5 May

I’m going to slam her through a window is Vivian doesn’t stop snivelling and whining and crying.

She’s been a fucking manic depressive all day long, culminating in some snotty crying about her not wanting me to forget her, and being sad that I’m going to die. She won’t stop crying, but then is miraculously fine after 5 minutes of reading some wonder woman.

I want to hurt her, and at the same time I want to crawl away, hide and cry my fucking head off. I KNOW she’s manipulating me, I know it, but somehow she finds the right way to shoot an arrow of guilt straight into my heart. I hate this. I hate it.

No wonder I’m so fucking fat. I can’t even get my head straight to deal with my kid.

I think I’ll go lay in my bed now.

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  1. bromac May 7, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    I had a bad day of self-loathing yesterday too.
    Hope you’re feeling better today (i’m not)

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