Take Away the Weather Network? Are you INSANE?

20 Apr

So the CRTC is “shuffling” the channels available on basic cable, and “The Weather Network” is going to need to fight to stay where they are or be relegated to cable you pay extra for, which means they’ll lose money, and advertising dollars.

The plan is to move stuff around so that “channels contribute to the social or cultural good of Canada”

um….last time I checked, the weather DOES contribute to the social good of Canada-I mean really-you want to talk to someone, break the ice up here, just talk about the weather! There’s always something to talk about-it’s too hot! It’s too cold! It’s too snowy! It’s too….something!

I love me some weather network. I leave it on while I knit. I stay glued to it when storms are approaching (always hoping for a weather bomb). I check it constantly for the local forecast. If we go somewhere in winter, I check the road forecast. My father calls the weekend forecaster,  Chris St Clair my boyfriend. He’s just…he’s funny, he’s personable and makes the weather amusing. He’s more interesting that the local newscasters!

The public comment period is now over (cause I’m SOOO up to date with stuff) but I just wanted to echo what a lot of people are saying, as well as wonder out loud how anyone could question the cultural relevance of The Weather Network to most Canadians.

3 Responses to “Take Away the Weather Network? Are you INSANE?”

  1. Kimberly April 20, 2007 at 4:31 pm #

    WHAT???? Weather Network is a public service! How can you possibly take away the Weather Network????? Disney Channel, yeah, you pay extra for that. And for the biased news reporting of your choice. But the fucking (hi Stalker! I said “fuck!” run and link it!) weather???? That’s a right!

    Ooooh, now I’m all steamed.

  2. thordora April 20, 2007 at 4:40 pm #

    EXACTLY! That’s like taking away maple syrup! BAD BAD BAD CRTC! It should be free to EVERYONE! Even the cat!

  3. thordora April 20, 2007 at 4:41 pm #

    and hey, if the stalker likes cussing, I can do a WHOLE post of cuss words….

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