“we laugh when our newborn cries it out”

4 Apr

Of course you do. It’s a stress reliever.

Now, I’m not sure why you’re searching for this. Do you feel guilty? Did someone tell you this is wrong? Cause it’s not.

When my daughters were infants, and I was especially cranky or sick of dealing with an infant, I’d pretend that their screams and cries were really lots of cursing. Generally, in falsetto, the conversation would go something like”

“You goddamned cocksucking bastards! I’m tired! I can’t fucking sleep you cockknockers! Fuckers!”

It relieved my stress at listening to them cry without anyone getting hurt. I sounded like an utter moron doing this, but somehow, it helped. Plus, there’s nothing funnier than saying “fuckers!” in baby talk.

Listening to a baby cry it out is quite possibly one of the most heart rending things you’ll do. We know it doesn’t feel right. We know we should gather them in our arms and snuggle them to sleep. But something had gone terribly wrong in our world, and we don’t. We trap them in a room alone, and wait for them to give up.

We give up, because we have to. Because we need to go to work. Because we want the bed back. Because we’re told it’s “bad” to “coddle” the baby. Your newborn shouldn’t cry it out yet. They need you, despite what your father in law might say.

Everyone learns to sleep eventually. And sometimes, people just need to cry. Even you.

Go to your newborn, and hold them. They don’t need to cry. They need you.

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