Sisters, v.1.0

29 Mar

Sun shattered and grey holds behind the door. You giggle at the bottom, twins almost, your morning starting out entwined. Like lovers you are together, one movement, one step together.

I toss in my bed, tired but hungry for your tiny arms, your grasping fingers. Your smells.

How I cannot ever forget your morning smells, musty from bed, wet outside of water. Your fingers tangle with mine, as the sunlight rises to your face-“light!” you exclaim “Light!” it’s magic working on you

Hi Mummy you mutter, your brief smiling face squished beside me, your sister stands guard, amazon in the doorway

no man shall enter to bewitch you.

One Response to “Sisters, v.1.0”

  1. bromac April 2, 2007 at 1:53 pm #

    You did an excellent job portraying the close knit relationship between sisters. I do not have any sisters but what I did relate to was the bond between siblings; the unspoken rule that they will protect each other until the end. I love the amazon line…spectacular

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