I think my water broke…

15 Dec

We all know I never intended to become pregant.

Or rather, generally speaking, we were usually careful about it. But once we moved to the armpit, I kept having trouble getting the Pill, and we both hated other forms of BC. When I finally had a prescription, I lost it.

A week after getting pregnant, I found it again. Go figure.

Prior to doing the test, I noticed my boobs getting HUGE-I broke 3 bras, and my face broke out into this slimy mess of acne and gloss. In the dead of winter. It seemed rather unfair that after an entire summer of slime face, I was suddenly experiencing it again.

I had a slight idea that I might be pregnant. My body was odd to me, and it was very sudden.

I had to pee every 5 seconds it seemed. On a drive back to the Armpit from Halifax once, I started bitching at my brother that unless he found a bathroom very soon, we’d be pulling over so I could pee in the snow. And I was constantly nibbling on something. Constantly. I felt like a hamster or something.

I’d fall asleep watching the news, just like that.

My pregnancy was uneventful. I carried Vivian like a fat lady, not a pregnany lady. I was pregnant into the summer, which meant I could wear skirts instead of pants. Which was good, since the only pants I could find split in the ass about 6 months in. I smoked the entire time, which had the side effect of keeping the kid small. The doctor estimated 6 pounds, if that, and chastised me silently each appointment.

And no, I don’t blame him for that.

I was due August 21, according to the ultrasound. The ultrasound, where both the Dorf and I shed some quiet tears. We were unprepared, and scared, and still wondering if we wanted this child, and yet we were moved to tears by the sight of our little punisher moving in my womb. He held my hand the entire time. He took her picture to work.

I bought a pregnancy diary on Mother’s Day, 2003, and kept it as faithfully as I could. I had no history of my birth-this child would. I saw my child in my dreams, older, walking with me. I called her Vivian in the dream.

And Vivian it would be. We were convinced we were having a girl since we couldn’t figure out a boys name if we tried. The best we could settle on was Darwin.

August 10, we went to the mall to kill some time, and buy a few things. As per usual, I was infuriated by the all too familiar lack of common courtesy and sense, and was incredibly irritated by the time we got home. Sitting playing Civ II, I suddenly felt very….moist.

I went to the bathroom to discover that my giant shorts had a giant wet spot. Beyond the usual giant wet spot of pregnancy. I clearly remember saying


I searched for the mucus plug. Everything I read talked about this nasty ass plug that would come out. I had nothing but a slightly sticky wetness. I grabbed a pad, and waddled out to the living room.

“yeah, I think my water broke”

“you’re sure?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been pregnant before.”

“what do we do?”

“I don’t know!”

That went on for a few more minutes, until I finally called the local telecare line, who told me to call L&D. A bored nurse answered, telling me that if I think it’s broken, I have to come in to prevent infection.

Rationally, I know that I had 12-18 hours before that was any worry. I should have sat my ass at home. I had no contractions, but she insisted it didn’t matter, I needed to come in.

I had one last smoke, and stared at the Dorf on the back porch.

“Are we ready?” we asked ourselves “Is this it?”

We were both filled with a nervous, giddy excitement.

We gathered our stuff, and the car seat, and called a cab.

To be Continued. Here

One Response to “I think my water broke…”

  1. karriew December 15, 2006 at 4:21 pm #

    Just back to check for the rest of the story.

    Given that it is supposed to be statistically rare to actually have your water break on its own at the start of labor, I’m kind of amazed by the number of us who experienced it.

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