Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out

15 Nov

So this week we’ve been interviewing for my “helper”-the job isn’t exciting really, but it’s data heavy, and requires a brain. Or at least a partial brain.

I don’t interview well on either side. I find the process uncomfortable, and generally prefer to see what happens after I chat with the person, and give them an exercise that will demonstrate what they CAN do, not what they say they can do. People get nervous and weird, and I prefer to judge based on skill.

But something really annoys me, and it’s this. I have never, in an interview, had zero questions about the position, and yet a multitude of questions about the pay rate and the schedule. Poor form folks. It’s a first interview for what is basically¬†entry level reporting. If you know nothing about the product, and yet your only question is to ask me about the shift, I have some concerns. Namely, that you’re lazy and will be watching the clock. While I support a healthy dose of pooch screwing (and I am doing some today as I’m coming down with something and feel increasingly stupid) you need to at least pretend to care, pretend that you’re interested in the position.

Oh, and reading the job description is helpful as well. If I specifically ask for skills in one area, and you have none, yup, that’s a problem.

Am I getting old, or are people not looking at interviews the way I do? Either you want the job, or you don’t, period. Don’t waste my time.

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