Are manners that expensive?

7 Aug

You would think after almost 5 years in this “place” (I refuse to call it a city) I would be used to the utter lack of and disregard for common courtesy and manners. But I’m not.

ANd I don’t think I’ll ever be used to people standing there staring at my head, waiting for me to move instead of them politely saying “excuse me.” I’ll never get used to the same people getting all pissed off when you state the obvious.

I’ll never get used to living somewhere that has drivers who think cyclists belong on the sidewalk, or who get mad and CHASE said cyclist down after they have been given the finger for nearly running over said cyclist because they were NOT PAYING ANY ATTENTION.

I’ll never get used to living somewhere that contains people who, despite being faced with FOUR, count them FOUR DOORS, need to go through the one I’m struggling to get the kids and a stroller through. I love how they stand and sigh, and do nothing to use the other door, let alone help.

I’ll never get used to living somewhere which has people who rarely say please or thank you, or who block aisles and get mad at the people trying, politely, to get through. I’ll never get used to living in a place that is treated like a garbage can. I’ve never lived anywhere, including Toronto, that has so much garbage strewn about. I guess people here just don’t care.

I’ll never get used to living somewhere that will never admit that it’s not some pinnacle of maritme friendliness. Because since ther first day we moved here, we’ve had more people be ignorant or blatantly rude than we ever had anywhere we’ve ever been. Of course there are good people here. I just never see them in public. But everyone seems to act like it’s ok here, because “it’s the city”

NEWSFLASH-most cities are GREAT places to live with occasional encounters with jerks. NOT the other way around like here.

I try very hard to set an example for my children on how to act in public towards others, saying excuse me, thank you, saying hello, being NICE. It’s difficult to do when I spend my time in public wanting to scream obscenities at people. But I still try. I hold doors, I say thanks, excuse me, all that good stuff, I’m nice, in the vain attempt to get people to replicate my behaviour.

Not that it seems to help.

It’s so bloody frustrating, and ultimately sad, to live in a place where it is blatantly obvious that people don’t seem to care about others. AND don’t seem to have a grasp of how to drive.

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