Tolerance pfft….

28 Apr

There’s a thread at Blogging Baby that I refuse to continue reading.

The post was regarding some parents in MA suing their kids school because

wait for it….

GASP! They read a story about a prince who marries a prince to their children without warning.

Now personally, I don’t get the big deal. The fact that anyone gets their panties in a knot about this shit is beyond me. It’s none of my damn business, and quite frankly, it’s obvious that the “nuclear” family wasn’t doing anyone any favours, so I don’t get it. Why is it impossible for people to just keep their damn attitudes to themselves, and NOT sue people??

What’s the message these kids are getting? Don’t respect the viewpoints of others. Don’t respect gay and lesbian people, who might just be the parents of your friends. Don’t accept reality. Because honey, this IS reality, regardless of what your mistranslated, irrelevant books say. And what part of PUBLIC SCHOOL is not a given here?

What’s really got my goat lately is this constant whine of “we have to be tolerant of gays/lesbians/legion of things we don’t like, why aren’t you tolerant of us?”

For the same reason I’m not tolerant of Intelligent Design (snicker). Because it’s ASININE and a waste of my time and energy. I’m not tolerant of the KKK, or any other hate group. So why in the hell should I be tolerant of your misguided and shortsighted opinion? Why should I tolerate something that does equal hatred? When does the line get drawn in the sand saying somethings are just wrong?

50 odd years ago people began to stand up and say out loud that hating people based on race was wrong. Many people didn’t believe this, and wouldn’t tolerate this. Likely many unintelligent people still believe this. The reality is that this isn’t true. Period. We’ve established a society where everyone is equal. So would we sue the school for reading a book about interracial marriage? Doubtful. And in my mind, one and the same.

I’m a little peeved because I’m so sick of being asked to tolerate people being shortsighted, and basically stupid about piddly things like sexual preference. Do I care if Bobby has two daddies? Not really, so long as his daddies love him and take care of him. Is the secret fear maybe that gay families can do it better? That there is no monopoly on parenthood? Why do I now live in a world that requests that I be tolerant of even those beliefs that are dangerously wrong?


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