19 Jan

Apparently, fraud deserves more punishment than say, rape or child abuse. How many times do we read or hear about someone abusing their child getting 6 months probation.

Apparently, a real jail sentance requires putting a severed finger in food.

Anna Ayala got nine years. Her husband, Jaime, over 12 years. Apparently, a senior VP at Wendy’s asked the judge to “send a message that consumer fraud is a serious crime that demands a severe penalty.

So they’ve been used to set an example. I see. We don’t want anyone trying THAT trick again. Oh, and they’ve been ordered to pay 21 million in restitution to Wendy’s.

Remember that poor little girl that police all over the world were looking for due to the disgusting pornography they found on the internet? Her “father”, Matthew Mancuso, received 15 years on federal pornography charges prior to the charges regarding raping his daughter. Apparently, attempting to defraud a company is almost as serious as child porn.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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